Part of which beggar, did not listen to the words of Chen Yi Yi.


  They large group of beggars, and finally divided into bits and pieces of several small portions.
  Chen Yiyi most fish hear the words, he took younger brother, along with big brother went here with Liu.
  Later, I heard outside completely chaotic, a lot of people have died of the injury casualties.
  Fish was very fortunate listening to Chen Yi Yi, then they are not to be affected by war.
  Chen Yiyi stay the night, the fish could not resist: “Lady, fish do not say nice words, but not his wife so long how much fat?”
  Chen Yiyi heard suddenly opened a laugh, “I am not told you yet?Now there is no lady, and you call me sister later.”
  Hey fish smiled, a little embarrassed sister cried.
  Chen Yi Yi with 杭州夜网three children explained: “The sister had a baby belly, it will become so fat.”
  In fact, Chen Yiyi not fat, even if she was pregnant not fat.
  Because she knows Chu cut is a natural body cold, afraid of his stomach genetic constitution.
  So only outside their own tiers wrapped up, even if she is not cold obviously have to wrap the stomach.
  Because of this, she now looks like a sluggish fat.
  Apart from a small three children spent a little guy, the other two children are very honest.
  Knowing Chen Yiyi pregnant after, Chen Yi Yi think of ways to get up the body to eat every day.
  But they are, after all, three children, who had not much money, but also because they have bought the yard ran out.

  As he is not a malicious Xiao letter, then look after the.


  Xiao letter would hit him in the face with facts.
  He’s the father of many smart people, ah, also noted the implicit seats on Pearl seemed poor, there is speculation that he was faint, and may He clear about, but considering the relationship He Qinghe Pearl, he did not say so, just a little reminder of what Pearl, should pay attention to this man hidden seats.
  Xiao letter calm and said, “I probably undercut the seats right at home.”
  ”I home are thinking of expanding to come here, it is the first business before, but customers choose us.”Xiao letter without any pride, but rather a matter of course.
  He father appreciate her attitude, do not feel this is what I home to offend, “Business is war, who is destined to be nothing of, and ability is not a shame.”
  I home is great, but not all-powerful, unbeaten myth.

Chapter 36 true and false daughter
  Xi’s no real loss, but a loss of face, I home glory for decades, especially in Xunyang, have not eaten such a loss.
  But also I home-grandson and personally responsible for the transfer of small business in the city.
  Implicit in this vein seats seats Viagra has long been home in the end product, so the family, no one would dare to say what the next plane, but in private gloat.
  Study, hidden seats but this time looking at his men sent investigation He sunny experience, it home in Xunyang as large, almost black and white can be said to steal some shady things also have a special person do, even to the small city, seat implicit enumeration is not difficult to think what.
  After reading some hidden seats distressed.
  It sunny experience is very special,
  Compared to ordinary Fangqing past, now hidden by the seat witnessed her become more like after sharpening from the gravel pearl, dazzling brilliance.
  What went through much pain to make her look into this in just a few months, pressure is applied to her deliberately He pearl, or Pearl He Jia preference for this is simply not the daughter of.
  ”He Pearl.”Hidden Mouzhong seats across a trace of dark,
  Xiao letter did not know what she was thinking about the people, it is to know, and she was to concentrate on the development of ‘roots’ of a product under it, and ‘roots’ is similar, but北京养生会所 compared to Yang Yung beauty effect, more emphasis on eliminate all kinds of scars, whether it is a natural body print, or acquired scars caused by burns, so that, for an instant customer base also expanded.

  Qi Jing calmly said: “If two Huangxiong can keep quiet, solitary nature will take two to be Huangxiong, and all are to follow the ancestors.If two Huangxiong played other thoughts, solitary will be lenient on them, leaving them a life.”


  ”Fu Huang waiting for you to wake up and tell him to put these words.”Heng Yu smiled, waved his hand punching Qi Jing, turned away.
  ”Where to go Tutor?”Qi Jing do not quite understand, behind Heng Yu asked one.
  ”His Royal Highness is going to solve some troubles, but also to His Majesty some more peace of mind.”Heng Yu did not turn around, but stopped slightly tilted his head, leaving such a sentence, then left again.
  Qi Jing thoughtfully, he looked up to see, only to find that balance jade figure has disappeared into his line of sight.
  Such as Qi Jing Ling backtrack when attendance palace, light sleep Qi Ling has been waking up.He did not see Heng-yu, are not asked: “what Tutor?”
  ”Tutor said to solve the troubles as Er Chen, Fu Huang also make some more peace of mind.”Qi Jing repeat something, just think of him and Tutor of dialogue between Qi Jing flash of light react –
  He will certainly be someone in that the two Huangxiong he w深圳桑拿网on the crown prince bit dissatisfied heart, secretly do a lot of little tricks, Tutor which is to suppress those people as much as it troubles him clean up.
  After figured Qi Jing, Qi Ling sat down next to, laments: “Fu Huang, there Tutor assisted you in your side, you kind of feel what it?”
  So everything is material to the first, powerful people can only look up to his assistant, will be what kind of feelings do.
  Qi Ling although just woke up, but eyebrows still remained a bit tired of the color.He originally wanted to sleep for a while, but after hearing this question Qi Jing suddenly began Tanxing.
  ”Bumpy road ahead, fearless.”
  ”Because you always win Tutor?”
  People always win, will be able to bring strong confidence, consciously or unconsciously, people always rely on her to trust.
  Qi Jing silent moment, his lips slightly moved, did not speak tangled.Qi Ling inclusive and soft eyes fell Qi Jing him, waiting for him below.

  Xuan sneer or two and a half: “So you recognized me, I thought you did not recognize the blind.”


  ”Know, recognize, Bo Shungong the year award sub-class painter’s style-day closure, always keep in mind Caomin.”Zhu Yusheng afraid to say slow, and against the Lord.
  Not only that, he has come back, Qin Hao thundered: “Evil Acts!Not quickly come to his knees and his son Bo Shungong students kow都市体验网tow to apologize!”
  Qin Hao face instantly pale, his whole person crumbling.
  He looked at the half-mysterious, and looked at the ginger Rou Qin Ye, Zhu Yu finally eyes off him, is very difficult to say: “Teacher, you do not joke and students?”
  Mysterious half raised his eyebrows, Zhu Yu scared the ghosts of big run, rub he got up, a slap on the face cover calls in the past toward the Qin Hao.
  ”You’re not a child suspected of Bo Shungong?”Zhu Yu Qin Hao pressing knees, he knelt down and followed from a.
  ”Bo Shungong child may not know, this Qin Hao dull unbearable, did you want to worship me as a teacher, I do not want to accept him this, he knelt to see in two days and nights in points outside the Church, I had just reluctantly accept this people.”
  ”Despite that the person in front of me good equipment to sell clever, on the outside was actually the name of my name abuses, not today I come Qingzhou trip, I do not know anything.”
  Zhu Yu can be so brazen, nothing more than taking over the pages, the black into white.
  Rou Jiang laugh: “That day school exam Moon Lake Taiwan, Zhu Yu Long Branch Church is not the case it.”
  Zhu Yu flattering with a smile: “Ginger little beauty may not know, this whole Lai Qinhao past in front of me that a lot of the other younger brother is not, and said he ruined Wang Zi Zheng Qin master name, I wholeheartedly admire this master Qin Zheng plus that day by the Qin Hao blinded, had just more than a turn iron into steel, some verbal excesses.”
  Jiang Rou really special so quickly spit!
  She really 南宁夜网never seen such a cheap person, even to operate this show, it is indeed not stand.
  Zuo Xuan hands behind half-step down, standing in front of Zhu Yu, condescending look at him.
  Zhu Yu heart not the end, very uneasy: “Bo Shungong child, you.”
  Semi-mysterious heels, and a vicious kick, the man kicked to the ground.
  ”Do not give me these” mysterious half-sneer, shot from the side Toshihaya very ruthless, “What are you thinking, I know very!”

  Two children on the wrists and ankles, are hemp rope to Le broken skin, especially Hsiao Hung Sheng little hands, full of wounds.


  Qi tert gave the children to handle the wound.
  Small children who give their children drugs to wipe himself, when, by the way also helped Hsiao Hung Sheng put a dirty little face to wipe clean.
  Wipe his face, his appearance had only exposed the.
  Laurie see Xia南宁桑拿论坛o Hong Sheng looks, though, the child is young, but also looks extremely handsome, look out, after he and other adults must have been a thousand miles to pick a good-looking man.
  Look like a warm-third of September, seven like Xiao Yu, this should be their son.
  Another, also looks very quiet and delicate, beautiful appearance, certainly not an ordinary people’s children, is a small Xiao Hou Fu Seiko’s son.
  The two children, at the moment is still no clear idea why the brothers to the palace to be brought back, in Laurie seems, is simply hot potato general.
  At this time, the palace also look at the Shaw Brothers Hong Sheng looks up.
  ”Oh, boy, it really is our little disciple!”
  ”Yes, there is something just his face, so it looks so beautiful, at the moment, little face wiped clean, look out, it really is with our good disciple and her husband, like so ugly!”
  Palace listened to the words of two brothers.
  Qi t:.
  Tong drugs are:.
  These sensible adult children are thinking, but fortunately, the moment the child did not wake up yet, or, after listening to this insane Palace Brothers, then, young mind, I do not know how much damage was affected by it!

  1619 Chongqing Shigeyoshi boy

  ”Nan Gongxiong, you find two children where?”
  Laurie finally spoke up to ask.
  Laurie met with the two children, naturally thought, how to see how the two children two brothers like the palace over to the captive.
  Laurie can also feel wrong child, why, kids coat gone?Wear so thin, apparently out cold for a long time, was nipped.
  Palace brothers even took captive two children, that does not mean the child’s clothes so fond of, ah!
  ”Just pick up street.”
  ”These two boy, lying in the snow it.”
  ”You meet these kids, this way they dress, who injured?”

  Qin teacher inside the school out of the name of justice, but added that they need not fear.


  I cometh soon, it will still class time, that means a math class to the classroom after more than Bong declared his intentions, teacher release also put neatly, I brought into the office and saw almost laugh out loud music, Goodfellas previously in front of him like a lion two girls, are now being left standing in the corner teachers.
  He strongly pressing smile mouth, just like I do not know the same thing, in all seriousness, “Qin teacher, you have to find me something??”Qin teacher has been a high school freshman band, Yufeng Gang transferred to this school, Qin teacher is his teacher, to take care of him quite a lot, so he has been very respect for the teacher Qin.
  Chen Xue Feng Yu tightly staring, hoping that he can look to the side, but unfortunately, it winks aside the blind, I ignore the whole Bong, single-minded in Qin teacher’s body.
  Qin teacher nodded, “the teacher is not looking for you something else, you have previously second lesson came to our class to find Nguyen rain classmates and the way the British students it??”
  Yu Feng nodded, “I am come that they both have things!”
  ”I received a report of students, you and Ruan rain, as well as the way the British three-piece chaos virgin girlfriend relationship!”
  ”Wronged ah!I 比窦娥还冤 vain ah!”I cry day he sent instructions to wipe,” business There is then the task because our class basketball games, our sophomore male students play basketball much, not enough to scrape together five people, I then down, so that Cheng Ying students to help, which bastard calf talkin behind, we say bad things about, say, I do not Zousi him!”
  Qin teacher carefully observed at more than Bong, see he did not mean to lie, this opening, “This is a school teacher office, where swearing is not Luanjiang!”
  I clenched his fists Bong gas, angrily said, “Qin teacher, my character is that you know best, but I want to know who complain chaos behind, look on your face, I can leave him a tone, let him breathe two days!”
  Yu Feng good grades, is for all to see, while he is out of the children from the compound, amazing hand, there is the original campus when hobo stopping school female students, many times more than Bong siege for female students, it also gives Bong more than in the school foundation status.
  Qin teacher coughed, “Who will tell of strong, you do not need to know, well, where did your thing, and you go back!”
  Yu Feng put away the white teeth, Min Zhaochun, “Qin teacher, you these words I can not agree, there are people who I reported chaos at the male-female relationships, but also, and I would not mind, do you hoodwinked children!”Paused.” What’s more, the way the British Nguyen rain and two men, one was my brother, I kissed a sister, I want to know, what Yanzhuo people, even to blind to this point??”
  As he spoke, also deliberately against Nguyen rain and the way the British two winked, schematic, I’m helping you do something good to say, not quick to thank me later down!
  Pro sister Nguyen rain ” .”
  Brother of the way the British “.”
  Rolling calf, who wants to when you kiss my sister, a brother???
  As for Chen Xue, a face is pale, her have some confused, brother Bong know in the end, still do not know??She knows I Bong many years, natural straight Bong experience before I start with how ruthless, if true to her brother Bong under the dead hand, Chen Xue worry about some support for it.
  Qin teacher This is a long story, he knocked on the preparation of this on the table, “I deal was done, the results will give you a natural, do not worry, I, as a teacher, will not cover up a bad student, and certainly not It will be wronged a good student!”
  ”I naturally believe your!”I Bong blanket with a mouth white teeth,” so that students know that if you took the punishment I am not satisfied, I may have to be settled with fists up!”He said this time, but also specifically looked at Chen Xue, just floating one, but let Chen Xue covered with a stiff, throat gone dry,” Feng brother, and I would not mind it!”She would not finish, the door slammed shut the office.
  Nguyen rain the first time that the original Yu Feng in school so arrogant.
  But why, Qin teacher also feel that this child is a no北京夜网rmal reaction.

  Life has been so hard, big summer there are many mountains and rivers have not been to her, sh都市体验网e wants to be a joy and uninhibited people.


  So, on the way forget it.
  She should put their long-term view of some, if had finished this life in the big summer, we can return to modern?
  She was carries such expectations, to become the first big summer beauty, then learning to do, and then earn money tour of Sichuan, Zhu Zhi Buding also go along with the flow of rivers and lakes some insight.
  Big brother is doomed virtuous and talented person, your fate can not be made, where she is good enough for the.
  Its not a good result, she can not make that Crosses and other things, depending on the status of chiefs have for their loved ones, she can not make it more so on the bad feelings of the two means.
  Even relatives did not want to have to do, she How painful?
  So I thought, although my heart still heavy, but always feel better.
  Jiang Rou bronze mirrors from the inside to see the flow Zhu, mouth hoist a sweet smile: “Zhu stream, you see me now Gengu also appropriate to learn fist?If OK, then, can you teach me the recipe for self-defense?”
  Both made up my mind, the coming days, Jiang Rou do not want their idle down.
  She wanted to learn a lot of things straightTo learn there is no idle time.
  Zhu Jiang Rou flow squeezed shoulder: “little lady has been practicing dancing, flexible body bone good, but I will are partial hidden weapon, I see little lady Emei thorn so good, or I teach a little lady acupuncture bar.”
  Jiang Rou smile on his face deep dash: “Well, I will carefully studied.”
  After two quarters of an hour, he touched her ginger Rou appear in the flower hall.
  Hua Ting inside, interest rates nine Yan bare upper body, back carrying a spiked thorns, spikes stud and some have punctured the flesh, bright red blood oozing little.
  See young girl came in, eyes light up, apart from anything else plop one knee in front of her.

  Qinjing Run slender fingers tap the screen, a rapid return: “To be a good two hours to be increased to three hours, I did not count them generous enough to breach the.”


  Forest Creek thinking y北京夜网ou have a point, but I say to you: “You suddenly just leave, or how long the Internet will spray.”
  Qinjing Run in the entertainment circle, though they have the top-level traffic, but people more than non-red, as long as he did, a little thing can enlarge?Times, then made headlines for many users on the product.
  Of course like likes, dislikes will naturally find ways of black, Qinjing Run has grown used to the sound of the Internet is no longer a concern.
  Linxi: “Chen brother kept calling me, is certainly going to ask you where to go, how can I go back?I expected him to anger will burn my bald.”
  - Chen Xu is Qinjing Run broker.
  Qinjing Run: “You tell him I came to my little lover.”
  Linxi: “.”
  Reply message being poked keyboard assistant, Qinjing Run Suddenly we heard the sound, looked up and saw the door open across the baby girl, covered with white cloth in front of a man out.
  Qinjing Run frown, he remembered across this suite has been unoccupied.
  Before they feared that if it was to live in, people do not know to live in. What kind of character, so want to buy it across the apartment together, ginger sleep unhappy stopped them.
  In desperation, he had to sleep in accordance with the ginger.
  When people across the move in?
  He carefully looked at the man, Made, feel familiar, as if seen in what.
  ”Mian Mian?”Qi Yan book out loud, he heard a voice outside, thought it was the ginger back to sleep until after the sound of shouting did not get a response, he would not know who to sleep ginger.
  Man’s eyebrows subtle screwed down.
  Qinjing Run eyes fell on his face from his book Qi Yan plaster right hand, and instantly react, this is the last person at the reception, baby daughter accidentally break the other hand who.
  Qi Yan book was wearing a light-blocking glasses, wear more formal, and now a house coat looks like some big difference, resulting in a Qinjing Run time did not recognize the.
  and many more –
  Qinjing Run down the phone, looked at the book Qi Yan, looked at the baby daughter behind the door, frowning: “You already know and Mian Mian?”
  Qinjing Run an opening, Qi Yan book will know who he is – at the reception, Jiang explained his sleep, she is an elder Qinjing Run.
  He is now invisible to the eye, especially in sensitive hearing, listening able to distinguish objects, naturally, can distinguish people.

  Listen they said Liu Xinglin Lane restaurant food, Ruan Xiao also move the heart.


  Past this famous restaurant in the capital, the boss quite a bit of experience legendary, reportedly a former southern canal to help the small club, and later the family was the enemy killed, only that he left an only child so.Later, he had his revenge, it incognito to the capital, with good skills and a part of everyday contacts, opened thi深圳桑拿网s restaurant Xinglin, will blend together and the capital of southern cuisine, the restaurant put the capital to build into the first between the years first floor.
  After my grandmother died, Ruan Xiao nowhere pondering thoughts of my grandmother and southern, attracted here to eat twice a southern dish, the taste is very authentic, red eyes every time to go home.
  The big rich people, tea has always been a hobby, GENOTYPES coming, and actually sit in the lobby restaurant was full to the brim.Fortunately, Zhou princes of the face is enough, to go to the third floor of the box.
  Not for a while, a variety of refreshments and snacks are coming up, melon seeds, peanuts, mung bean cake, candy beans, yellow crab, also on the waiter Mingqian Longjing Lianghu rare, one by one the guests pour.
  Look at these kind of familiar snacks, Ruan Xiao very happy: “Brother, that time packaged with the past two to grandmother.”
  ”Ok.”Xiao Heng also be the mouth, the surface was a bit absent-minded, looking out from time to time to cast a glance.
  Pick a curtain, someone came in, was a young woman of sixteen or seventeen, a gorgeous big red Xiaoao and eight dress, posture willowy, face, such as peach, leisurely to their slightly in front of a blessing: ” Liu Liu small woman, seen of you son.”
  Xiao Heng also face a hi, but the barely restrain live, modesty sat motionless in situ.
  Xiao Nguye北京夜网n suddenly realized: her older brother was heart sprout in spring, with the likes of the girl.
  Author has to say: slag and science learning tyrants first round of the contest, a draw.
  This chapter has a red envelope, more than 15 words fairies ready to take a red envelope ha ~ ~
  [Note] taken from the “Book of Songs” in the “phase rat”
  [Note] taken from the “Analects of Confucius”

Chapter 9

Chapter 20


  The sonorous slap in the face.北京夜网
  If the whole world was quiet.
  Bai Mu rain caught off guard, was beaten lateral side of the face, then lifted when she was bewildered and shocked, actually also thought up a time to be angry, but burst into angrily demanded: “Do you actually dare I??!!!”
  Shen Yu and so is her words, hand back, Yang head high, cold channel: “play is that you, I, as the queen, the mother of a country, what you tolerate this and other trouble villain in the eyes!”
  Too, which did not show that people are still out of it!
  Bai Mu burst into rain, and finally react, she was surprised to be hit, Shen Yu was surprised to be hit!!!Damn, the script is simply not a period!
  She immediately reached out to fight back, but the hand just to go out, he was grabbed Shen Yu, motioned her to look at the teacher with his eyes, took a deep breath a few white Mu 深圳桑拿网rain, barely suppress monstrous slave fire.
  Because of her inner mood swings at this time is too great, resulting in facial expression gradually twisted up.
  Shen Yu sit and watch her change, then laughed out loud hum, swing open her hand and turned away without looking back.
  Performance is over –
  Two invigilator does not mean to give applause.
  Shen Yu, a look of calm came back, wearing glasses, stand in front of the teacher, waiting for their reviews.
  Bai Mu burst into rain, even though my heart could cheerfully strangle Shen Yu, but it can only be endured.
  ”Although the story is very ordinary, but the two of you played pretty good, Shen Yu queen waved hit of the moment, emotional grasp is in place, although sheTo play this dignity slap, but she could foresee difficulties after the slap shot, will have to face, the speech was great.”
  ”Mu rain this time makes me very amazing, especially after being a fan slap in the face, when the expression up, real, vivid, usually appears in honing the crew of great help to your acting.”
  Finally, they were getting A + grades.
  Later I learned that this time it was only two A + only.
  Just one out of the classroom, white Muyu Li engraved fell, raising his hand to want to go to fan slap in the face of Shen Yu, Yu Shen well prepared, grabbed her hand and sneered: “I think you should thank me fishes, not hit me.”