[How to make freshly ground soybean milk on the street]

[How to make freshly ground soybean milk on the street]

Walking in the streets and streets in the morning, we can often see some fresh soymilk being sold. The freshly soymilk tastes particularly good and its nutritional value is particularly high. Moreover, customers can watch the owner’s operation and be able to keep the qualityQuality and hygiene, and the current soymilk usually includes beans, so that people can eat more coarse grains, so how is freshly made soymilk on the street made?

Method / Step 1 Soybean processing: Wash the proper amount of soybeans with water, remove the empty and bad ones, put them into a pressure cooker and press them to ripen.

2 Peanut processing is best made with small peanuts, raw, fried in the pot until the flavor comes out, the taste is no, it is best to use a low fire when fried, do not fry it, fry it out of the pot for later use.

3 walnut processing remove the shell of walnuts, if you want to grind soy milk delicious and walnut flavor, then fry dried walnut kernels, if you want high nutrition, or do not want to be in trouble, then peel the walnuts on standby.

The 4th Noriko Noriko is best to buy wet ones. If you ca n’t buy them, use dry or supermarket bags, and wash them with water.

5 Start processing Put all the prepared materials into a commercial cooking machine cup, add an appropriate amount of boiling water, and add a spoonful of steamed rice. The water covers the two fingers of the material, which is 20 grams.Start to grind after turning on, it will look good in 5 to 10 minutes. Here I want to explain, do not put too much steamed rice, depending on the actual situation, this rice is mainly used for thickening, or you can leave it.I teach it based on the processing methods on the market. I like sweetness in the end, just add white sugar or other sugars.

Add the soft beans to the blender cup, add more water without bean noodles (the purpose is to stir more evenly) and stir. The 1500 watt smoothie blender generally takes only 3 minutes to work well. If you wantFor a better taste, add more water and beat for a few minutes, then add an appropriate amount of water (based on personal taste) and boil for about 5 minutes. Just cook the beans (use a pressure cooker if you want to use it).Bean noodle water is mixed in a blender, and the stirring time is determined according to the horsepower of the blender. Generally 1500W hits 2?
6 minutes, 1000W hit 10?
In 15 minutes, a few hundred watts (such as a domestic soymilk machine) can be played for 20,30 minutes.

Note: When cooking soy milk, the foam on the surface of the soy milk is likely to cause “false boiling”. In fact, the temperature at this time is less than 100 degrees, and at the same time, the undercooked soy milk replaces human poisoning.The above is allowed.