The heart is gone, the disease is coming!


Understand this, you will know what real health and health!

The heart is gone, the disease is coming!
Understand this, you will know what real health and health!

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The highest state of health is to raise the heart.

Man is the most perfect structure in all living things, and the inner state affects everything outside: both the body and the external objects.

The heart is the root of the fundamental health of health.

The law is made by heart.

The heart is pure.

Health, starting from regulating heart.

To adjust your mind, you need to learn the great wisdom that the sages have given us.

The right concept is far better than the expensive drugs and dangerous surgery to help patients eliminate the disease.

Because you have the right ideas, you will have the right thinking, and you will have calm emotions and correct behavior.

In this way, many diseases can be prevented.

All medicines are palliative to the treatment of diseases, not a cure, whether it is Chinese medicine or Western medicine.

Because the root causes of all diseases are internal, it is the wrong cause of error.

The cause of the error is not removed, the root cause is still there, and the wrong result will not be extinct.

With the belief and dependence on drugs, it is better to really adjust the inner roots, but to distinguish them under the alternative of your wisdom (wisdom).

The golden mean is the fundamental principle of health.

Adapting to nature is the highest state of health.

So how can people discover that they are letting it go?

In fact, this is no simpler.

You are sick, you are not feeling well, you are not comfortable, then you are against nature.

To be able to follow the nature of nature outside, and to follow the nature of your inner destiny, these two are indispensable.

Most of the human illness is the phenomenon that the human body regulates and cleans up the body garbage. It is the state that the human body automatically adjusts the balance. Therefore, they should be regarded as normal physiological phenomena, and should not be regarded as sick.The cause is eliminated.

Therefore, when a person is sick, he must not have resentment, his heart should be stable, his heart will be smooth, his breath will be smooth, and his blood will be smooth.

The most taboo in life is a chaotic word.

If you are upset, you can interfere with the outside world, and you can disturb the blood and make it out of normal.

Annoyance, horror, worry, worry, and suspicion are all chaos. They are the root cause of short illness and longevity. They are not only chaotic when they are sick, but they are also confused when they live.

People violate the rules of health, although they may not get sick immediately, but once they form a habit, they will greatly increase their chances of getting sick.

This is the same as the traffic rules. If you violate the traffic rules, you will not necessarily have an accident, but the danger is certain.

People’s health is inseparable from two major factors: “the main engine is the machine”, and the part that the supervisor launches is called the machine.

The arrow is going to be sent out on the string, and the machine must be moved.

Everything else is like this, there is a machine.

Only by touching this machine will things happen, and the machine will not be touched. There are many other conditions and there is no way to trigger an incident.

The machine is such a thing, it is the most critical factor in the occurrence of things.

It is a point, not a face.

But touch this point, you can drive the face.

Therefore, the pathogenesis is the most critical factor in the occurrence, development and change of the disease.It can also be said that when the pathogenesis is opened, the human condition will appear and the person will enter the vicious circle of “illness”.

The opposite of the pathogenesis is “living”.

When the vitality is opened, people will enter the virtuous circle of rehabilitation.

First, the pathogenesis and vitality are two aspects of a thing, a pair of yin and yang.

When the disease machine is opened, the vitality is turned off, and the vitality is opened, and the pathogenesis will naturally begin to close.

This is dialectics.

Cancer is now equal to the death penalty in people’s minds.

In fact, if we don’t call it cancer, then for the patient, it is equivalent to leaving hope to the patient, which is equivalent to leaving a vitality.

From the facts, there is no cure.

Only your heart can not let go, willing or not to comprehend and change, all diseases from the heart, all diseases from the heart.

As long as you are alive, you will have life.

Found this vitality, cure the disease, you can recover.

It is very important to find a vitality, to treat the disease and to maintain health. It is not to be too afraid of death.

People who have long lived in their fears of fear have already hurt themselves and have insufficient yang.

This is what Taoism says. The cultivator must have the temperament of a hero.

Ren, Zhi, and Yong are indispensable.

Many serious illnesses or terminal illnesses start from it: resentment and hate.

No matter what this resentment is, it is for others, for parents, or for yourself.

When this resentment and hatred are gone, the disease will disappear together.

The most difficult thing in this world is the long-standing complaints and hate, the hate that can’t be solved, and the disease that can’t be cured.

People’s health is inseparable from two major factors: one, enough blood; two, smooth meridians (including blood vessels and channels for excreting garbage).

The blood in the human body is also a pair of yin and yang, the blood is the yin body, and the gas is the yang.

Blood is the mother of Qi, and Qi is the handsome of blood.

Insufficient gas, easy to get silted diseases, such as tumors, blood clots, etc.; gas is too much, easy to get cerebral hemorrhage and other diseases.

Therefore, only when the blood and blood balance, people can be healthy.

Life is mainly based on blood circulation, qi stagnation can block blood, blood resistance can be poisoned as cancer as a tumor, all of which are blood circulation.

Qi is the main, and the blood is smooth.

All diseases are caused by qi stagnation, qi stagnation inside, and liver injury.

The law of salvation is to get rid of it.

And the elimination must be two: one, find its roots, its roots in the heart, the heart is all self-chemical; second, with the medicine stone, massage to help it dispel, help blood circulation.

When people are short of gas, they can’t blindly qi, otherwise it will affect their health.

If it is because of lack of blood, you need to first fill the blood, because blood is the mother of gas, otherwise it will become a dry burning utensil; if it is because of stasis, it can increase blood and blood.

This can achieve the effect of qi.

There are two taboos in exercise: First, you can’t exercise when your blood is not enough; Second, you can’t exercise in a dirty environment.

The role of exercise is twofold: first, increase the running speed of blood and blood, and promote the excretion of waste in the body; second, open the pores of the skin and absorb the essence of the earth.

Gas to blood, blood to qi, two and one.

When a mortal person looks at it for a long time, it will hurt the blood, and it will be a long-term injury, a long-standing injury, a long-standing injury, a long-term injury, and a seven-love six-sex will hurt the heart and hurt the heart.

More than hurt the liver, more lascivious kidney, eat more and hurt the spleen and stomach.

If you have thoughts while sleeping, you can’t sleep. Don’t turn your mind on your pillow. This is the most consuming.

At noon is the heart, at this time you can take a walk for a quarter of an hour, close your eyes and raise your spirits, then your heart is strong.A method of cultivating physiology: Resting the law and sitting in the bed, lying down on the bed, putting the body down, melting yourself, not using a little force, as if there is no such body.

Breathing goes with the flow, and the heart does not allow it to use a little force. It is hard to use it together.

Put your mind on your foot, this is to ignite the fire, lead the water upwards, and naturally the whole body is smooth.

The nature of the environment is self-evident.

This is why people in the deep forests of the fresh air will raise the truth of dysentery.

Because the subtle matter (negative ions) in the deep forests and old forests will be absorbed into the human body through the deep breathing of people in the relaxed state, thus nourishing the internal organs and rejuvenating.

There is also an important point that ordinary people don’t know. It is that people breathe through the nose and mouth. Every pore of the human body can breathe, and it is they who absorb the essence of the heavens and the earth.

Under the state of relaxation, deep breathing can understand the exchange of human and heaven and earth.

In the inhalation, in addition to the lungs inhaling, the whole body is in the body to cross the sputum, that is, to release the human air to the heavens and the earth; while the lungs are exhaling, the actual person is absorbing the heavens and the earth through the pores of the whole body.The air.

Remember, we occasionally diarrhea, sneezing, coughing, fever, etc. are all our own body repair system at work, do not abuse drugs when these symptoms appear, otherwise these drugs will destroy your own repair function.

Once your repair function is weakened or lost, you give your fate to these drugs.

As long as the symptoms are not serious, the best way is to calm down and calm down and let your own repair system to complete the repair of the disease.

Therefore, each of us must use drugs with caution and restore the function of our own repair system. This is the true way of health.

Man is a physiologically unified animal, and the body and mind form the whole of man.

The body is the carrier of the soul, and the mind is the conductor of the body.

If there is a problem with the command system, the various organs of the body will not work well.

The body is an appearance of the mind. If we classify the disease as a problem with the body, we treat the symptoms, and we will always solve the symptoms, and there is no real reason behind the symptoms.

When the disease comes to the disease, the disease does not come, and the disease is still coming, but it only temporarily solves the problem.

Who is deciding our lives?

Who is determining our body?

In fact, each of us has a “medical doctor” in the body, and “the doctor” is where we can see.

For example, we have blood on our body, but there is no blood flow, and the blood will solidify itself.


It is our own self-healing ability.

We don’t need to tell the blood to let it solidify quickly, and the wound will heal quickly.

This is the “medical doctor”, his strength is the most powerful.

Taoism believes that this is the “Tao”; Buddhism believes that this is “as come”, then why does our “Tao” not work?

Because of apostasy.

How can “Tao” work?

It is to go back to the “Tao” and return to the “Tao” of rehabilitation.

When we really return, the “Tao” will work. The self-healing ability and recovery ability of the body will start, and our body will be naturally healthy.

I hope that you can have this confidence and be healthy and happy all your life!