Daqin Railway (601006): Poor Thermal Power Demand Shifts in June

Daqin Railway (601006): Poor Thermal Power Demand Shifts in June

In June 2019, the average daily traffic volume of the Daqin Line was 119.

40 is the lowest, which decreases by 7 every year.

78% On July 8, the company released monthly data announcement: In June 2019, the Daqin Line completed the shipment of 3582, a decrease of 7.

78%, with an average daily traffic volume of 119.

40 nominal, daily average heavy truck 82.

9 columns; From January to June 2019, the Daqin Line gradually completed the title of freight volume 21820, with an average daily volume of 120.

55 at least, a decrease of 3 per year.


We believe that the traffic fluctuations in June were mainly due to: 1) poor demand for thermal power in the southeast coast; 2) destocking at ports and replacement of factory supply inventory.

Lowered profit forecast and lowered target price to 9.


60 dollars.

The daily consumption of the downstream factories is low, the inventory is high, and the destocking of the mid-stream port makes the demand for coal transportation in June less than June, and the daily average volume of the Daqin Line is only 119.

Initially, 40 is reduced by 7 per year.

78%, a decrease of 7 from the previous quarter.


Looking back at the average daily traffic volume in 2018, except for April and October, which were less than 120 digits affected by maintenance, all other months exceeded 120 digits.

We believe that the main reasons for the fluctuation in the traffic volume in June are: 1) poor thermal power demand and total daily coal consumption; 2) port destocking; 3) factory inventory increase and replacement of inventory replacement.

In June, the average daily coal consumption of the six major power generation groups was 62.

59 for the first time, a decrease of 10 per year.

13%; Qinhuangdao inventory decreased from 640 at the beginning of the month to 527 exchange at the end of the month; coal inventory at power plants remained high, and the inventory of the six major power generation groups rose slightly from 1783 at the beginning of the month to 1789 at the end of the month.

Looking forward to July, the peak power consumption in summer overlaid by Qingang low inventory, the Daqin line traffic may return to high levels in early July, and the daily power consumption of downstream power plants is still close to the level.

On July 1-8, the daily coal consumption of the six major power plants decreased by 18 四川耍耍网 from last year.


On July 8, the inventory of the six major plants was in the 1846 period, which was 306 higher than the same period last year. The coal availability of the six major power plants reached 31 days, which was 11 days higher than the same period last year. The inventory at Qingang was at least 574, which was lower than last year’s 102.

On July 1-8, the average daily transfer volume of the Qingang-Hong Kong Railway increased by 4 from June.


We believe that the potential replenishment of the power plant’s active replenishment inventory in July is based on the high level of factory coal inventory.

Looking forward to July, we believe that 1) the demand for coal transportation is expected to increase as it enters the peak summer electricity consumption; 2) due to the reduction of Qingang inventory, the daily 南京夜网 average transportation volume of the Daqin Line, which mainly transports coal from Changsha Association, is expected to rise 125Left and right.

The competition pressure on the line is gradually showing. Based on the high yield, the “Overweight” rating is still maintained. Xi’an Bureau and Huhe Bureau have successively reduced the freight rate in 2Q19. The Menghua Line is expected to open in 4Q19, and the competition pressure of Sanxi Coal Outward Transportation is gradually showing.

We revise down the Da Qin line traffic assumptions and expect the traffic volume to be 4 in 2019/2020/2021.



5.1 billion tons of 100 million tons (previously 4.



5.1 billion tons).

Therefore, the profit forecast is lowered, and the net profit attributable to mothers is expected to be 142 in 2019-2021.55, 145.

88, 144.

7.9 billion (previous 144.

70, 146.

84, 145.

7.8 billion).

Based on 9.


0x2019PE remains unchanged, lowering target price to 9.


60 dollars.

Assume that the dividend rate for 2019-2021 is the same as for 2018 (49.

06%), the company’s dividend yield is expected to be 5.

89%, 6.

03%, 5.

98% (based on the closing price of 7/8/2019).

Maintain the “overweight” rating.

Risk reminder: The economy is going down fast, the railway transportation capacity of Mongolia, Hebei and Japan is accelerated, and the highway governance is relaxed.

Fuchun Environmental Protection (002479): Focus on the development of the main industry and build a circular economy industrial park

Fuchun Environmental Protection (002479): Focus on the development of the main industry and build a circular economy industrial park

The report summary The company’s development plan is clear, focusing on the main business to create a circular economy.

After the company merged into the thermal power plant in the park by entering into a combined heat and power industry in 1996, the company deeply cultivated the Fuyang headquarters base to create a model of solid waste (waste, sludge) disposal for coordinated power generation and combined heat and power circular economy industrial park.

Then, based on his many years of project management experience, he used outbound mergers and acquisitions to successively acquire 5 large-scale park heating projects. The average price of the mergers and acquisitions projects has achieved growth in post-merger performance under the output of the management model of listed companies.

  After exploring multiple businesses, gradually reduce the low-margin non-main business.

In addition to the company’s main cogeneration projects, the company explored non-main areas such as steel rolling, coal trading, papermaking, and packaging and paperboard sales through acquisitions and establishments from 2011 to 2014, gradually replacing the main ones from 2015.It is a non-relevant business, and it is clearly stated that it will focus on the environmental protection industry in the future and will work to build the company into a comprehensive environmental governance platform with solid waste disposal as its core.

In addition to the company’s current business of “solid waste treatment + combined heat and power”, the company developed a dioxin online monitoring device in cooperation with Zhejiang University in 2017, and entered the lithium battery recycling industry through a limited partnership fund investment in 2018.Has made achievements 无锡夜网 in the remaining areas of environmental protection.

  In the four major bases outside Fuyang, the future expansion and expansion are expected to add 620 tons / hour of heating capacity.

Except Fuyang, the other four major bases of the company have completed reconstruction or expansion projects or started reconstruction and expansion projects in recent years. The four projects are expected to increase the gas supply of 620 tons / hour, which will provide the company with future performance growth points.

In addition, the company further plowed the Fuyang headquarters and tapped for supplementary demand. The company recently formed a consortium with Everbright Environmental Protection to win a bid for the PPP project for domestic waste incineration and disposal in the circular economy industrial park in Fuyang District, Hangzhou. After the project is put into operation, it will become a new performance growth point for the company.
  The company has stable earnings and a low debt ratio and good cash flow.

In the past three years, Fuchun Environmental Protection’s gross profit margin has stabilized at about 20%, and its profitability has been relatively stable.

The company’s asset-liability ratio remained at around 37% in 2015-2017. With the increase of monetary fund holders in 2018, the asset-liability ratio dropped to 31.

39%, the asset-liability ratio is at the highest level in the industry, the risk factor is small, and it is not troubled by the current difficulty of financing.

Since the company’s listing, the net cash flow from operating activities has been in a state of net inflows, the cash flow is in good condition, and the funds are operating in an orderly manner, which injects strong guarantees for the company’s stable development.

  Investment suggestion We are optimistic about the company’s main business development model of “solid waste treatment + combined heat and power”. It is estimated that the company’s total revenue for 2019-2021 will be 39.

40, 46.

09, 53.

20,000 yuan, net profit attributable to mother 3.

10, 3.

61, 4.

150,000 yuan, corresponding to EPS 0.


40, 0.

46 yuan, give a buy rating.

  Risk reminder 1. The performance of the target of merger and acquisition is lower than expected; 2. The listed company withdraws goodwill impairment for other reasons; 3. The production of downstream customers affected by environmental supervision is lower than expected.

Zhou Dasheng (002867) 2019Q3 Review: Maintaining a Steady Store Opening Speed Speeding Revenue Growth

Zhou Dasheng (002867) 2019Q3 Review: Maintaining a Steady Store Opening Speed Speeding Revenue Growth

The company released 2019Q3 results: cumulative revenue of 38.

1 ‰, ten years +7.

6%; realized attributable net profit of 7.

27 ppm, +22 a year.


Among them, Q3 achieved revenue of 14 in a single quarter.

2 ‰, +0 for one year.

The 2% growth rate has improved from the previous quarter (Q1 and Q2 growth rates were 17 respectively.

0%, 8.

9%), achieving net attributable profits2.

52 ppm, +4 for ten years.

3% (Q1, Q2 growth rate is 20 respectively.

8%, 46.


In terms of business, the growth rate of offline channels shows a rapid trend, and offline self-operated stores gradually increase their revenue by +1.

9% (8 in the first half).

2%), and the accumulated revenue of franchise stores increased by +4.

0% (8 in the first half).

7%); online channel growth accelerated, revenue increased by 40.


Although the supply chain services and small loan financial services still have a small revenue volume, they have achieved rapid growth of 36% and 1554%.

Maintain a fast store opening speed, and the number of closed stores has increased over the years.

Franchise store 2019Q1?
In Q3, there was a net increase of 88, 143, and 194, of which 279 new stores opened in the single quarter (256 in the same period last year) and 85 closed (54 in the same period last year).

Self-operated store 2019Q1?
In Q3, there was a net increase of -6, -1, and -6 respectively. At the end of September, the company opened a total of 3,498 franchise stores and 289 self-operated stores, totaling 3,787.

In Q3, the gross profit margin for a single quarter was extended by 0.

9 pct, but a decrease from the previous month (we estimate that it is related to the increase in promotional efforts); Q3 single season expense ratio decreased by more than 1.

6 pct to 11.

0%, of which: the sales rate fell to 0 in half a year.

3pct to 8.

2%; management + R & D expenses are downgraded for ten years.

47 pct to 2.

4%; due to the reduction in exchange cash loss and the increase in interest income each year, the financial rate decreased by 0.

83 pct to 0.


The increase in gross profit margin and the decrease in expense ratio increased the increase rate of net profit attributable to a single quarter by zero.

7 pct to 17.

Investment rating and expectation The growth rate of the jewelry industry in the second half of 2019 showed the expected trend. In September, the retail sales of the gold and silver jewelry companies which replaced the above increased by 0.
6% of which 7?
The growth rate in September was -1.

6%, -7% and -6.


Affected by the industry boom, the company’s Q3 performance growth has improved.

However, we are still optimistic about the company’s competitive advantages in product development and channel resources, as well as outstanding dealer management and support systems.

What do we expect the company 2019?
In 2021, the company will realize an income of RMB 53.62 / 62 million and a profit of 9.



0 million yuan, a growth rate of 19.



7%, earnings per share 1.



8 yuan, corresponding to PE valuation 16/13/12 times, maintaining the “recommended” level.

Risk reminder: the industry’s economy continues to weaken, and the 苏州夜网论坛 company’s store opening plan does not meet expectations

Emotional color of love keywords

Emotional color of love keywords

Shy: If the word love is without shyness, it becomes like flirting. If a woman is without shyness, it is easy to be classified as a slut.

You have to understand-without shyness, a woman will look like a veteran Fengyue, while a man will be more like a prodigal son. Such a pair of men and women is not in love but in business.

Don’t think that a woman with all kinds of styles is equal to a woman with coquettishness. A variety of true style is a kind of affectionate and innocent gesture between a girl and a woman.

The women who fascinate men are always embracing the pipa half-faced. In love, it is crucial to know proper shyness.

  Understanding: Unbelievable words are undoubtedly the key link. If the two sides do not understand each other, all love will have to be declared broken.

When it comes to breakups, men and women are likely to come down to one: she (he) doesn’t understand me!

Men and women who do n’t understand each other can be sweet and loving, but men and women who do n’t understand each other can only be strangers, so you understand that you must understand it!

  Tolerance: There is no perfect person in the righteous words, naturally there are no perfect lovers.

Know how to tolerate the other party’s shortcomings, and help him or her overcome or correct, then you are a hundred percent lovers who have mastered the secret of winning secrets in love.

  Jealous: If you are not jealous when you are in love, it means that you don’t love deeply enough.

But if you are too jealous when you are in love, it can only be Lao Yan.

Being jealous is not the key, how much you can eat is the most important.

Woman, do appetizing vinegar in love, but not burn vinegar in love!

  Coquetry: Neutral men like women who coquettish, which makes them feel more like men and more proactive.

But blindly coquetry becomes willful, and wayward women, most men are afraid to avoid it.

If you have to believe it, then gamble on love and try it!

  Cheating: The men who are derogatory to the world are disdainful to women all over the world, and the two-hearted women are equally disgusting to men.

Although women can cheer up: Men playing cheating is a concept of pleasure, but women often play cheating in order to find the most suitable object in comparison.

It depends on how deep your skills are.

Of course, in love, once a cheating phenomenon occurs, 99% of the time, the love is over!

  Test: The derogatory word should be regarded as a neutral word, but nowadays, as long as it is linked to the “test”, it is mostly finished.

After all, you have to test to show that you are not confident and have some doubts about love and yourself.

Therefore, continuous experimentation will only prove one result-the previous doubts became one by one!

Again: don’t test love, because love can’t stand the test!

The fitness pattern is still the same, so that the muscles will only increase!

The fitness pattern is still the same, so that the muscles will only increase!

During your health training, muscles will undergo a variety of changes. When you master the principles and techniques of these changes, you must be able to use the right method at the right time to allow fast muscle growth.

  Change is the key to improving the effectiveness of fitness training.

The new exercise makes the muscle work harder and stimulates it to grow again. It can correct weaknesses that are formed when you repeatedly practice the same action.

  Starting today, add changes to the movements you are familiar with.

In the following pages, three variations of 10 traditional exercises are introduced.

You just need to add some simple changes while doing these actions in accordance with traditional standards, you can create a new way to practice, and get a new physique.


Squat movements change Squat Squat puts focus on the forefoot and the heel tries to raise.

Keep your heels raised throughout the movement.

  Advantages: This exercise can not only effectively train the calf, but also can improve the weakest part of the quadriceps, which is the median femoris, in a targeted manner.

  Use your elbow to bend the barbell to hold the barbell with your elbows instead of carrying it on your shoulders.

Hold your upper arm against your chest throughout the procedure.

  Advantages: This action can not only develop the entire body, but also increase the weight of the biceps in a targeted manner, enabling you to bend and lift more weight.

  Straight arm support Squats on top of the head, straight arm supports barbell, elbows straight.

Keep this position throughout the squat.

  Pros: This exercise will help you perform better when doing standard squats.

It’s also great for sculpted body.


Dumbbell bench press movement changes The bird’s bench press movement starts from the support directly above the chest, and the palm extends.

Lower the dumbbell like a dumbbell bird, and do not bend the elbow joint until the dumbbell is lowered to half position.

At this time, replace the dumbbell to tilt and lower it like a bench press, then lower it to the lowest point and then push it up correctly.

  Pros: This exercise can withstand additional loads than dumbbell birds and stimulate retina growth.

  Rotate the bench press dumbbells with their palms facing each other at the lowest point, and slowly rotate their wrists inward until they reach the palms.

  Advantages: Rotation can reduce the participation of diabetic triceps while expanding the range of motion, and expand the pectoral muscles to show greater potential.

Usually, the upper arm can be rotated slightly, which is also one of the important functions of the pectoralis major.

  The exercise ball bench press process is exactly the same as the standard bench press, except that the exercise is performed on the exercise ball, not on the bench.

During the action, the head, vertical and main axis are inserted into the ball, but the lower rear end is suspended.

Always lift the ladder so that a straight line runs from the main axis to the top.

  Advantages: This exercise can focus on training the muscles that maintain balance, which are difficult to practice in traditional exercises.

As the balance muscles increase, so does the standard bench press performance.


Variations of deadlift movements Waterberg deadlifts insert the pins of the barbell rack at about the same height as the alignment and place the barbell two steps away from the barbell rack.

Start doing deadlifts, and immediately after pulling to the highest point, place the barbell on the barbell rack in two steps.

Don’t pause, then pull up the barbell, then take two steps back, then drop the barbell and return to the starting position.

  Pros: This action is very practical.

Your chest and lower limbs are well trained as you move forward and backward.

It usually improves your ability to lift heavy objects from the floor and above your knees.

  Do this with a single arm deadlift. Stand in front of the barbell instead of the normal deadlift.Squat down, hold the middle of the barbell with your right hand, and pull up firmly. The main shaft stays straight during the movement.

  Advantages: This action can exercise all the main “pull” muscles-biceps femoris, hips and biceps, and thus enhance grip.

  Use a 25-pound barbell instead of a 45-pound barbell for extended deadlift exercises.

  Advantages: This change increases the range of motion, can exercise more muscle fibers, and has a better training effect.


Variations in curls One-arm barbell curls Use the right hand to hold the barbell (this exercise is more difficult) or the middle of the curler (this exercise is easier), then perform curl exercises.

  Advantages: This action can strongly stimulate the balance muscle group and forearm through leverage, so that the biceps brachii grows rapidly.

  Towel curls Use one end of the towel to tie the dumbbells, hold the other end of the towel tight, and practice the curls.

  Advantages: This exercise can transfer the load during the movement, and apply stimulus to the slender biceps completely different from ordinary curls.

  Hold a dumbbell in each of the static curls, stop when the right arm is bent to 90 degrees of the elbow, and then use the left arm to do a normal curl.

After completing a set, exchange carbon dioxide, and use the right arm to do ordinary curls while statically insisting.

  Advantages: The elbow joint is the most difficult position in the curling at 90 degrees. At this point, static persistence can apply more intense stimulation to the biceps.

The advantage of this exercise is to break the sticking points in ordinary curls.


Changes in the movement of the supine triceps contraction At the beginning of the supine rotation triceps flexion and extension movement, a part of the straightened and raised hand is moved forward, instead of facing the palms as in ordinary movements.

The forearm rotates inwardly while the dumbbell is lowering, and the palm of the hand is facing the ear when descending to the lowest point.

  Advantages: This change provides a new way to exercise the triceps, it expands the range of motion and can exercise different parts of the triceps.

  Flex your left arm laterally and hold a dumbbell above your left shoulder.

Keep your upper arms still and lower the dumbbells forward.

Stop before the dumbbells touch the body, then return to the starting position.

  Pros: This exercise uses more weight than regular exercises to stimulate different muscle fibers and increase strength.

  The supine arm is flexed and stretched on the floor, with both hands holding the crank barbell above the head, straight.

Keep your upper arm still, lower the barbell back to the lowest point, hold it for 2 seconds, and then return to the starting position.

  Pros: It is more comfortable to lie on the floor, you can use more weight, and take care of muscle fibers that are difficult to practice.


Changes in lunge squat movement Box lunge squat stands about 6 inches (1 inch = 2).

54 cm) tall box or step two feet in front of the step, step forward with your right foot, step on the box, and start doing lunge squats.

  Advantages: This change makes it easier for you to keep the spindle straight while expanding the range of motion.

  The stepping exercise is diagonally correct, with your right foot in front, stepping on a 12-inch box, and your left foot in the back, stepping on the floor.

While keeping your right foot still, cross your chest with your left leg to complete a lunge squat.

  Advantages: The focus of this change is on the squatting stage, so that the hip muscles are also involved in exerting force. It can also improve the ability to slow down and cushion, which is the basis of many sports.

  Support lunge squats. Hold dumbbells on your head like a dumbbell press, straighten up, and practice lunge squats while maintaining this position.

  Advantages: This exercise can exercise the lower limbs, upper limbs and waist at the same time.


Pull-up motion changes Side pull-ups hold the barbell up with the left hand at the same width as the shoulders, right hand at a pair of shoulder widths, and then pull up.

  Advantages: This action helps to eliminate the double power imbalance that is common in people.

  Alternate pull-ups first pull up to the right, the chin comes into contact with the right hand, and then pulls up to the left.

  Advantages: The load of this concentrated change is at the top, which can increase the unilateral force in a targeted manner.

  Exercise ball pull-ups Use the thighs and calves to clamp the exercise ball to the back of the knee joint and keep this position pulled up.

  Advantages: When walking, the human gluteal muscles, biceps femoris and calves naturally contract at the same time.
And this exercise can make these muscles contract synchronously through pull-ups.

Dumbbells Alternate Pressing and lifting Alternate weightlifting Hand-held double-headed cervical spine stretches into the shoulders, bends the knees moderately, squats, and straightens the left-hand dumbbells upwards while straightening your legsWeight by weight).
Restore, and then do the same with the right arm.

  Advantages: This movement can strengthen the whole body.

  Rotate the main shaft to the right while pushing up with the swivel lift, and turn the main shaft back to the original position while lowering the dumbbell.

Then practice left again in the same way.

  Advantages: The upper body’s ability to rotate is very important in the movement, and this action can just exercise this.

  The upper oblique press is lying on the upper oblique bench press, and the dumbbell is pushed upward obliquely.

  Advantages: This exercise improves the deltoid muscle while keeping the upper end always tense.


Changes in the movement of the Roman-style deadlift Narrow grip Roman-style deadlift exercises have the same grip width as the shoulder width, and slowly bend forward while the knee joint angle is unchanged, and the adjacent natural arches.

Lower the barbell until it exceeds one level.

  Advantages: This change stimulates the latissimus dorsi and biceps femoris more than ordinary movements.

  The wide grip Roman style deadlift is like a snatch, with a two-way shoulder-width grip.

  Advantages: The wider the grip, the lower the barbell to the same position, the longer the barbell needs to be moved, which increases the range of motion and muscle stimulation.

  The one-leg Roman deadlift lifted one leg and leaned behind the other.

Single leg throughout the exercise.

  Pros: This change helps eliminate the imbalance in the strength of the legs.

In addition, because you practice with one leg, you can use more weight, so the grip will not become an obstacle.


The movement of leaning over a rowing boat alternates rowing using dumbbells to do this exercise.

Keep your upper body still and pull up only the top dumbbells at a time.

  Advantages: Alternating action power The body is balanced by the rotating force.

So it’s both a good hip exercise and a good waist exercise.

  One-leg rowing raises one leg and leans behind the other.

Single leg throughout the exercise.

  Pros: It is great for improving balance.

One-leg rowing press with one foot in one foot and a dumbbell in the left hand.

The upper body posture is the same as that of ordinary rowing, the torso is parallel to the ground, and the back arches naturally.

Pull up the dumbbells while rowing, and straighten your left arm while fractured torso.

In the end position, the left arm is perpendicular to the ground.

After step by step, practice on the other side.

  Pros: This is a comprehensive exercise for the upper limbs, which can practice the waist and the entire hip.

  Of course, for a fitness program and a fitness program that is repeated throughout the year, the exerciser can easily enter the posture state, other muscles cannot be effectively exercised, and physical development is not balanced.

So it’s good to have more fitness tricks.

Food is the answer to these unscientific

Food is the answer to these unscientific

Food-speaking grammar is predominantly passed on to others, unless there is a scientific basis.

  From the point of view of modern nutrition knowledge and TCM theory, although there are some defects in the combination of some foods, they generally do not cause serious consequences.

  We encourage eating all-around.

  Miscellaneous and safer The original text about food is widely spread among the people, sometimes in newspapers and on the Internet, and related books are at the forefront of life book sales rankings.

  Food grammar is a component of Chinese health culture, and it is a summary of gradual dietary health care practices and life experiences.

These claims mainly come from the ancient medical books such as “Dietary Materia Medica”, “Compendium of Materia Medica”, “Drinking and Drinking”.

  Ancient books about health care are considered classics, largely because they are ancient and rare, but this does not mean that they are scientific and authoritative.

Some food combinations have certain defects, which can be explained using modern nutrition knowledge and TCM therapies, but it is certain that the so-called food phase grams generally do not cause serious consequences.

  The following is a detailed analysis of some of the widely circulated food-related statements. Let ‘s take a look at them, which are facts.

  Pumpkin and mutton are difficult to digest with the same food, which can cause indigestion and other symptoms such as bloating.

  Scientific analysis is said to be from the Compendium of Materia Medica: “Pumpkin cannot be eaten with mutton, which is discouraging.

The reason is that pumpkin can supplement qi, mutton hot tonic, and both supplements can cause chest tightness, bloating and other symptoms.

  But according to modern nutrition, pumpkin and mutton are a good match.

Lamb is high in protein and rich in minerals and vitamins.

Pumpkin’s nutritional content is relatively complete, especially carotene, high sugar content, reduced protein and trace content, regular eating can effectively prevent high blood pressure, diabetes and high blood pressure, and improve the human immune system.

  Here, I especially recommend lamb pumpkin stuffed dumplings to friends who don’t like lamb stuffed dumplings.

After this combination, the radon of lamb in the dumpling stuffing is absorbed in the special scent of pumpkin. It has an unusually delicious taste, which is suitable for the frail elderly, children and patients with chronic diseases.

  Dog meat and garlic can be detoxified. Dog meat and garlic can be detoxified.

  Scientific analysis In the Compendium of Materia Medica, there is a statement that “dog meat and garlic are harmful to others”.

The reason is that dog meat is hot and garlic is irritating. The same food can help the fire, but garlic dog meat is a very common Korean dish. It is also often used by residents of Guizhou, Guangxi, Hunan, Guangdong and other places.Public.

  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that dog meat is a hot food, which has the effects of tonifying qi, warming the kidneys and helping the yang, strengthening strength, and nourishing the blood vessels. It can be used for the elderly’s weakness symptoms. Eating dog meat in some winters can enhance the cold resistance of the elderly.

Modern nutrition believes that the quality of protein in dog meat is excellent, and the proportion of globulin is broken, which can enhance the disease resistance and cell vitality of the human body, but also enhance the physical fitness, promote blood circulation and improve sexual function.

  Garlic is found in fresh garlic.

This allicin is a sulfur-containing amino acid, which can be converted into allicin after being decomposed by garlic enzyme. Allicin has various physiological functions such as sterilization, but if it is replaced in excess, it will cause adverse effects on the body, such as upset stomach or diarrhea.
The average recommended daily consumption of fresh garlic is 3?
5 grams, if eaten in large quantities, the reconstituted mucosa will stimulate, congestion and edema of blood vessels in the body.

  Because garlic’s volatile substances can inhibit gastric secretion and dog meat is hot, if you eat fresh garlic in large quantities when eating dog meat, it may cause substitution and is not conducive to the digestion and absorption of dog meat. Therefore, you will not eat large quantities of fresh garlic when eating dog meat., But if the dog is fried with garlic, garlic or garlic seedlings do not need to worry about.

  Milk and fruit juice are the best reason to drink milk and fruit juice together, the protein in milk will meet the fruit acid and vitamin C in the fruit juice and coagulate into pieces, affecting digestion and absorption, which will cause abdominal distension, abdominal pain, diarrhea, etc.symptom.
  Scientific analysis is actually not a cause for concern, because stomach acid is more acidic than fruit acid in fruit juice. If the protein will precipitate and not absorb after the acid meets, isn’t it possible that all proteins are not absorbed?

  The reason why potatoes and beef are generally different when digesting stomach acid is different, so it will prolong the residence time of food in the stomach and cause gastrointestinal disorders.

  Scientific analysis of the human body’s digestion of different foods, absorption does occur faster or slower, but this does not mean that only digesting and absorbing foods at the same time will help protect gastrointestinal function.

In fact, beef is rich in nutrients and its drawbacks are rough meat, poor taste, and more difficult to digest. Potatoes are rich in vitamins and starches, which not only make the taste better, but can supplement the indigestibility of beef, but do not eat fat.Sprouted potatoes and potato skins.

  The reason why carrots and white radishes are relatively high is that vitamin C content in white radish, but carrots contain an enzyme that can greatly destroy vitamin C.

  Scientific analysis is that most foods actually contain a variety of enzymes, which are catalysts for biochemical reactions, but enzymes are very afraid of heat and can be easily destroyed during the heating process of cooking.

  Therefore, it is not reasonable to say that the enzymes in carrots can destroy vitamin C in white radish, or that the enzymes in cucumber can destroy vitamin C in tomatoes, peppers, and citrus.

  The main function of glutinous rice is to warm the spleen and stomach, so some spleen and stomach are deficient. People who often have diarrhea can eat a good diet, but eating with chicken can cause physical discomfort.

  Scientific analysis of glutinous rice chicken is a steamed dish.

Its processing temperature is 100 ° C, so it does not generate any new harmful substances.
The glutinous rice chicken also has a protein complementation effect, so as long as it is not eaten too much or it is not clean after eating, it will not generally cause physical overcoming. However, it should be noted that glutinous rice is not easy to digest, and should be avoided after eating too much oilEat a lot of sticky rice.
  In general, if you eat fried foods and boiled fish that have been heated many times, it will easily cause repeated discomfort.

Because such foods can produce harmful peroxides.

  Reasons for boiled eggs in tea leaves The acid in tea can be combined with iron in eggs, and the long sticks stimulate the gastric mucosa and are not conducive to the absorption of iron in eggs.

  Scientific analysis of this statement is a manifestation of nutritional understanding. Although tannins in tea can be combined with minerals and proteins such as iron, to a certain extent, it can hinder the absorption of trace elements and proteins.Will cause the human body to use minerals, because eggs are not suitable for iron supplements, lean meat and animal liver.

The iron absorption rate in eggs is only 3%, because the high phosphoprotein in egg yolk prevents iron absorption, and has nothing to do with tea.

  Because food manufacturers add nitrite to processed meat products such as ham, bacon, and bacon to prevent food spoilage and botox growth.

When nitrates meet organic acids (such as lactic acid, citric acid, tartaric acid, malic acid, etc.), they will turn into carcinogenic nitrosamines.

  Scientific analysis As long as it is a qualified product, the content of nitrite added to meat products and canned foods is within a safe range, and the amount of nitrite contained in it is more than a bowl of overnight stir-fry.Less, and foods containing organic acids abound, such as oranges, grapefruits, lemons, bayberry, apples and so on.

It is impossible for people to give up fruit and yogurt because of eating meat products and canned foods with added nitrite.

  Of course, pickled, wax products contain, in addition to nitrite, other excessive amounts of salt and other harmful substances, so it is best to eat less or not.

  Chicken and sesame seeds may cause death.

  Scientific analysis of chicken and sesame are nutrient nutrients and favorite foods.

Chicken and sesame with the same food will not produce any adverse reactions, and will not cause death.

  Chicken contains high-quality protein, saturated and unsaturated fatty acids.

Sesame contains plant-based unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E and rich calcium.

Consumption of sesame has a good promotion effect on the metabolism, antioxidant and fat reduction of human adults.

The famous Sesame Chicken Tenderloin, Chicken Sesame Sticks and Weird Chicken, these replacements are all examples of a good combination of chicken and sesame.

In the south of the south, there is a tradition of maternal eating sesame oil chicken while confinement, and sesame oil chicken is regarded as the best nutritional product for maternal recovery.

What exactly is love?

What exactly is love?

Medical experts say: those with high blood pressure are not suitable, and love is high, and hypertension is high; those with high fear are not suitable, and love causes dizziness.

Love is a cold, and people infected with love viruses can neither hide themselves nor others.

  Historians say: the love of primitive society is born as a totem, “you live for me”; the medieval love frame is a knight to save the beauty, “I die for you”; the love model in feudal society is talented, affectionate,We die together “; the label of modern love is” As long as I love, whether you have an object or not, whether you are married or not.

  The writer said: I urge my friends to write a love letter rather than take a bit of trouble to write “love”, there is “heart” in it, love cannot be without heart, simplified words I do not know why “heart” is simplifiedYes, but fortunately there is a “friend”.

  Archeologists say: Love is like water, and it is difficult to cover the ground; love is like porcelain, broken and difficult to recover; love is like unearthed cultural relics, old and fresh.

  Meteorologists say: Love is not afraid of darkness, the darker corners of the park are, the more lovers go there; love is not afraid of heat, sometimes even 40 ° C, lovers have to post it together; love is not afraid of cold, lovers still date outdoors.

Popular folk burdock health, nourishing yin and tonifying kidney, 8 practices, play the best health effect

Popular folk burdock health, nourishing yin and tonifying kidney, 8 practices, play the best health effect

Burdock is a compositae herb.

According to the Dictionary of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the burdock is warm, sweet and non-toxic. It has the functions of clearing away heat and detoxifying dampness, invigorating the spleen and appetizing laxative, nourishing yin and nourishing the kidney and replenishing qi. It is a natural healthy food for reducing blood and kidney.

At present, in Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States and Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Guangzhou, Jiangsu, Shandong and other places are popular in a burdock vegetable health care regimen, many patients with chronic intractable diseases often eat calves and gradually recover the body.

Burdock, root crop, root vegetable, burdock, is a compositae.

According to the Dictionary of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the burdock is warm, sweet and non-toxic. It has the functions of clearing away heat and detoxifying dampness, invigorating the spleen and appetizing laxative, nourishing yin and nourishing the kidney and replenishing qi. It is a natural healthy food for reducing blood and kidney.

The nutrition of the burdock is quite abundant. According to the analysis, the burdock root protein, amino acids, multivitamins, mineral elements and the unique inulin in the compositae.

Regular consumption of burdock can lower blood fat, prevent constipation, have better preventive effects on hypertension, diabetes and rectal cancer, and have anti-aging and improve human immunity.

The following is a folk popular burdock diet: 100 grams of burdock pork belly soup, 1 fat pig belly, soybean meal, scallion and appropriate amount.

Practice: first wash the pork belly, pig belly and burdock in the boiling pot at the same time, cook until the pork belly will be cooked, then add scallion, cardamom, salt seasoning, remove the pork belly and cut into pieces.

Efficacy: spleen and qi, suitable for diabetes.

The burdock kelp has 100 grams of yak, 30 grams of kelp, and 15 grams of cassia.

Practice: Add the burdock silk, kelp and Cassia to the pot, add the right amount of water, and cook the soup to the Cassia (the burdock is edible) Serve.

Efficacy: Qinggan Huatan, suitable for conjunctivitis, high blood pressure, liver fire caused by facial red headache.

Burdock Duzhong 羹 羹 蒡 100 grams, 鹌鹑 3, Eucommia 30 grams, 60 grams of Chinese yam, 15 grams of medlar, ginger 8 grams, red dates 5 grams, salt amount.

Practice: first wash the cockroach with burdock, eucommia, medlar, go nuclear jujube, ginger into the pot, add some water, boil with martial fire, then switch to simmer for 3 hours, add salt to taste.

Efficacy: tonic liver and kidney, strong kidney and bone.

Suitable for stroke sequelae.

Burdock vegetable soup 20 grams of dried burdock or 150 grams of fresh burdock, 250 grams of white radish (with leaves), 250 grams of carrots, mushrooms 3?
5, candied dates 1?
2, ginger juice, can add salt according to the taste.

Practice: Put the raw materials into the pot and add water 500?
650 ml, after the fire is boiled, use a slight fire for about 60 minutes.

Efficacy: laxative, lipid-lowering, beauty and anti-aging, especially for liver disease, diabetes, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, stroke, long-term survival of cancer patients.

Burdock Snow Lotus Soup (2?
4 people) burdock (dry) 50 grams, snow lotus 2?
3, 30 grams of black beans, mushrooms 3?
5, candied dates 1?
3, meat (pig, beef, lamb similar)) 250 grams, dried tangerine peel, ginger itself.

Practice: Put the raw materials into the pot and add water 500?
650 ml, after the fire is boiled, use a slight fire for 60 minutes.

Efficacy: Bushen Yiqi, physical fitness, mediation of endocrine, yin deficiency.

Beef broth beef soup 500 grams, 50 grams of burdock (dry), ginger similar.

Practice: Wash the diced beef, slice the ginger, and put it into the corrugated with other ingredients. After boiling, simmer 2?
3 hours, can be eaten after seasoning.

Efficacy: Buzhong Yiqi, nourish the spleen and stomach, strengthen the body and bones.

100 grams of squid soup squid, 100 grams of burdock, kelp amount.

Practice: peeled and sliced burdock, add squid and kelp, simmer and simmer.

Efficacy: can improve calf swelling, adolescent chest pain, through the milk and fetus, phlegm and cough, blood pressure, spleen and Qi, can prevent arteriosclerosis, iodine deficiency, beriberi.
The burdock mountain broth is 500 grams of burdock, 15 grams of hawthorn, 300 grams of yam, 1 carrot, 2 tablespoons of salt.

Practice: Wash the burdock with peeled skin, cut the hob block, dip in the light salt water; peel the carrot, cut the hob block; cut the yam.

The hawthorn is quickly washed with water, and it is boiled with burdock, carrot and yam. Add 5 bowls of water to boil. Turn to low heat until the sirloin is soft and seasoned with salt.

Efficacy: anti-cancer anti-aging, detoxification to help digestion, lower cholesterol.

Indigestion, absorption of insufficiency, suitable for eating this soup.

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Uncontrolled diet can easily lead to big belly

Uncontrolled diet can easily lead to big belly

[Guide]Age increases and metabolism slows down.

There are many reasons for the big belly, and the ratio of male to female is the same.

Causes of big belly include genetics, frequent eating of fat food, lack of exercise and poor endocrine.

  For example, chocolate, fried food or starchy foods will make the problem even worse. Insufficient exercise will also increase the belly, especially for military civilians. Due to the shortened working hours, most of them are lacking.Exercise, causing adults to accumulate in the lower body, so that the intestines are formed; as for the problem of poor endocrine, it means that a person’s body’s metabolism is slow, or it is easy to be excited, and it is easy to get hungry, resulting in more and more eating, thus forming obesity.

  According to the Chinese human body shape, if the male waist circumference is 90 cm and the female waist circumference is 80 cm or more, it is advisable to take care of the diet and exercise more to avoid abdominal obesity.

  Eating nightingale is one of the causes of obesity. People with big belly must maintain a balanced diet. The daily intake from their aunt should be 30%. In addition to reducing the consumption of some starchy and high-sugar foods, it is best not to eat supper.Because you sleep when you are full, you will hinder digestion, and your belly will not form consciously.

  Drinking soup after a meal is also obesity. One of the reasons is that eating too fast will already be full when the brain has not responded, so you will keep eating until the brain has not issued a full order.

In order to coordinate the brain and stomach, you can put down the chopsticks while chewing, until you swallow it and then pick it up.

The heart is gone, the disease is coming!


Understand this, you will know what real health and health!

The heart is gone, the disease is coming!
Understand this, you will know what real health and health!

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The highest state of health is to raise the heart.

Man is the most perfect structure in all living things, and the inner state affects everything outside: both the body and the external objects.

The heart is the root of the fundamental health of health.

The law is made by heart.

The heart is pure.

Health, starting from regulating heart.

To adjust your mind, you need to learn the great wisdom that the sages have given us.

The right concept is far better than the expensive drugs and dangerous surgery to help patients eliminate the disease.

Because you have the right ideas, you will have the right thinking, and you will have calm emotions and correct behavior.

In this way, many diseases can be prevented.

All medicines are palliative to the treatment of diseases, not a cure, whether it is Chinese medicine or Western medicine.

Because the root causes of all diseases are internal, it is the wrong cause of error.

The cause of the error is not removed, the root cause is still there, and the wrong result will not be extinct.

With the belief and dependence on drugs, it is better to really adjust the inner roots, but to distinguish them under the alternative of your wisdom (wisdom).

The golden mean is the fundamental principle of health.

Adapting to nature is the highest state of health.

So how can people discover that they are letting it go?

In fact, this is no simpler.

You are sick, you are not feeling well, you are not comfortable, then you are against nature.

To be able to follow the nature of nature outside, and to follow the nature of your inner destiny, these two are indispensable.

Most of the human illness is the phenomenon that the human body regulates and cleans up the body garbage. It is the state that the human body automatically adjusts the balance. Therefore, they should be regarded as normal physiological phenomena, and should not be regarded as sick.The cause is eliminated.

Therefore, when a person is sick, he must not have resentment, his heart should be stable, his heart will be smooth, his breath will be smooth, and his blood will be smooth.

The most taboo in life is a chaotic word.

If you are upset, you can interfere with the outside world, and you can disturb the blood and make it out of normal.

Annoyance, horror, worry, worry, and suspicion are all chaos. They are the root cause of short illness and longevity. They are not only chaotic when they are sick, but they are also confused when they live.

People violate the rules of health, although they may not get sick immediately, but once they form a habit, they will greatly increase their chances of getting sick.

This is the same as the traffic rules. If you violate the traffic rules, you will not necessarily have an accident, but the danger is certain.

People’s health is inseparable from two major factors: “the main engine is the machine”, and the part that the supervisor launches is called the machine.

The arrow is going to be sent out on the string, and the machine must be moved.

Everything else is like this, there is a machine.

Only by touching this machine will things happen, and the machine will not be touched. There are many other conditions and there is no way to trigger an incident.

The machine is such a thing, it is the most critical factor in the occurrence of things.

It is a point, not a face.

But touch this point, you can drive the face.

Therefore, the pathogenesis is the most critical factor in the occurrence, development and change of the disease.It can also be said that when the pathogenesis is opened, the human condition will appear and the person will enter the vicious circle of “illness”.

The opposite of the pathogenesis is “living”.

When the vitality is opened, people will enter the virtuous circle of rehabilitation.

First, the pathogenesis and vitality are two aspects of a thing, a pair of yin and yang.

When the disease machine is opened, the vitality is turned off, and the vitality is opened, and the pathogenesis will naturally begin to close.

This is dialectics.

Cancer is now equal to the death penalty in people’s minds.

In fact, if we don’t call it cancer, then for the patient, it is equivalent to leaving hope to the patient, which is equivalent to leaving a vitality.

From the facts, there is no cure.

Only your heart can not let go, willing or not to comprehend and change, all diseases from the heart, all diseases from the heart.

As long as you are alive, you will have life.

Found this vitality, cure the disease, you can recover.

It is very important to find a vitality, to treat the disease and to maintain health. It is not to be too afraid of death.

People who have long lived in their fears of fear have already hurt themselves and have insufficient yang.

This is what Taoism says. The cultivator must have the temperament of a hero.

Ren, Zhi, and Yong are indispensable.

Many serious illnesses or terminal illnesses start from it: resentment and hate.

No matter what this resentment is, it is for others, for parents, or for yourself.

When this resentment and hatred are gone, the disease will disappear together.

The most difficult thing in this world is the long-standing complaints and hate, the hate that can’t be solved, and the disease that can’t be cured.

People’s health is inseparable from two major factors: one, enough blood; two, smooth meridians (including blood vessels and channels for excreting garbage).

The blood in the human body is also a pair of yin and yang, the blood is the yin body, and the gas is the yang.

Blood is the mother of Qi, and Qi is the handsome of blood.

Insufficient gas, easy to get silted diseases, such as tumors, blood clots, etc.; gas is too much, easy to get cerebral hemorrhage and other diseases.

Therefore, only when the blood and blood balance, people can be healthy.

Life is mainly based on blood circulation, qi stagnation can block blood, blood resistance can be poisoned as cancer as a tumor, all of which are blood circulation.

Qi is the main, and the blood is smooth.

All diseases are caused by qi stagnation, qi stagnation inside, and liver injury.

The law of salvation is to get rid of it.

And the elimination must be two: one, find its roots, its roots in the heart, the heart is all self-chemical; second, with the medicine stone, massage to help it dispel, help blood circulation.

When people are short of gas, they can’t blindly qi, otherwise it will affect their health.

If it is because of lack of blood, you need to first fill the blood, because blood is the mother of gas, otherwise it will become a dry burning utensil; if it is because of stasis, it can increase blood and blood.

This can achieve the effect of qi.

There are two taboos in exercise: First, you can’t exercise when your blood is not enough; Second, you can’t exercise in a dirty environment.

The role of exercise is twofold: first, increase the running speed of blood and blood, and promote the excretion of waste in the body; second, open the pores of the skin and absorb the essence of the earth.

Gas to blood, blood to qi, two and one.

When a mortal person looks at it for a long time, it will hurt the blood, and it will be a long-term injury, a long-standing injury, a long-standing injury, a long-term injury, and a seven-love six-sex will hurt the heart and hurt the heart.

More than hurt the liver, more lascivious kidney, eat more and hurt the spleen and stomach.

If you have thoughts while sleeping, you can’t sleep. Don’t turn your mind on your pillow. This is the most consuming.

At noon is the heart, at this time you can take a walk for a quarter of an hour, close your eyes and raise your spirits, then your heart is strong.A method of cultivating physiology: Resting the law and sitting in the bed, lying down on the bed, putting the body down, melting yourself, not using a little force, as if there is no such body.

Breathing goes with the flow, and the heart does not allow it to use a little force. It is hard to use it together.

Put your mind on your foot, this is to ignite the fire, lead the water upwards, and naturally the whole body is smooth.

The nature of the environment is self-evident.

This is why people in the deep forests of the fresh air will raise the truth of dysentery.

Because the subtle matter (negative ions) in the deep forests and old forests will be absorbed into the human body through the deep breathing of people in the relaxed state, thus nourishing the internal organs and rejuvenating.

There is also an important point that ordinary people don’t know. It is that people breathe through the nose and mouth. Every pore of the human body can breathe, and it is they who absorb the essence of the heavens and the earth.

Under the state of relaxation, deep breathing can understand the exchange of human and heaven and earth.

In the inhalation, in addition to the lungs inhaling, the whole body is in the body to cross the sputum, that is, to release the human air to the heavens and the earth; while the lungs are exhaling, the actual person is absorbing the heavens and the earth through the pores of the whole body.The air.

Remember, we occasionally diarrhea, sneezing, coughing, fever, etc. are all our own body repair system at work, do not abuse drugs when these symptoms appear, otherwise these drugs will destroy your own repair function.

Once your repair function is weakened or lost, you give your fate to these drugs.

As long as the symptoms are not serious, the best way is to calm down and calm down and let your own repair system to complete the repair of the disease.

Therefore, each of us must use drugs with caution and restore the function of our own repair system. This is the true way of health.

Man is a physiologically unified animal, and the body and mind form the whole of man.

The body is the carrier of the soul, and the mind is the conductor of the body.

If there is a problem with the command system, the various organs of the body will not work well.

The body is an appearance of the mind. If we classify the disease as a problem with the body, we treat the symptoms, and we will always solve the symptoms, and there is no real reason behind the symptoms.

When the disease comes to the disease, the disease does not come, and the disease is still coming, but it only temporarily solves the problem.

Who is deciding our lives?

Who is determining our body?

In fact, each of us has a “medical doctor” in the body, and “the doctor” is where we can see.

For example, we have blood on our body, but there is no blood flow, and the blood will solidify itself.


It is our own self-healing ability.

We don’t need to tell the blood to let it solidify quickly, and the wound will heal quickly.

This is the “medical doctor”, his strength is the most powerful.

Taoism believes that this is the “Tao”; Buddhism believes that this is “as come”, then why does our “Tao” not work?

Because of apostasy.

How can “Tao” work?

It is to go back to the “Tao” and return to the “Tao” of rehabilitation.

When we really return, the “Tao” will work. The self-healing ability and recovery ability of the body will start, and our body will be naturally healthy.

I hope that you can have this confidence and be healthy and happy all your life!