BYD (002594) Annual Report 2018 Review: New Energy Vehicles High-growth New Product Cycle Continues to Advance

BYD (002594) Annual Report 2018 Review: New Energy Vehicles High-growth New Product Cycle Continues to Advance

Company dynamics The company released its 2018 annual report and achieved a total operating income of 1,300.

5.5 billion, an annual increase of 22.

79%, net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies.

8 billion, down 31 each year.


Matters commented that the decline in performance narrowed quarter by quarter, the revenue from the automotive business increased by 34%, and the company achieved total operating revenue of 410 in 18Q4.

73 ppm, an increase of 28 in ten years.

43%, a growth rate higher than 17 in the first three quarters.

54%, 22.

60%, 20.

54%, net profit attributable to mothers12.

5.3 billion, down 1 year.

72%, a decrease smaller than -83 in the first three quarters.

09%, -66.

28%, -1.


Initial automotive business achieved revenue of 760.

07 trillion, a growth rate of 34.

23%, including 524 of new energy vehicle revenue.

220,000 yuan, an increase of 34.

21%; the mobile phone and photovoltaic business was affected by the downturn in the downstream market and the growth rate was broken down to achieve revenue of 422.

3 billion, 89.

500,000 yuan, an increase of 4.

34%, 2.

06%; sales income from other main businesses 28.

68 ppm, an increase of 5576.


Due to the decline in gross profit margins of automobiles, photovoltaics and other businesses, the annual gross profit margin in 2016 was 16.

40%, down 2.

61 points.

The reduction in the sales expense ratio improved the period expense ratio by zero.

57pct to 12.


The world’s new energy vehicle sales champion, the new product cycle continues ahead of time. The company adopted the new design language “Dragon Face”, and continued to launch the Yuan EV360, a new generation of Tang DM, a new generation of Song, Qin Pro and other models.Reached 52.

07 thousand vehicles.

The new generation of Tang DM, the new generation of Song DM, the Qin DM and other plug-in models and e5, Yuan EV and other pure electric models can sell new energy models, replacing new energy vehicle sales of 24.

The sales volume of 780,000 vehicles in the first 17 years has more than doubled, and the domestic new energy vehicle market share has been close to 北京桑拿会所 20%, and has been the world’s new energy vehicle sales champion for four consecutive years.

This year, the company will launch a new generation of Yuan EV, a new generation of Tang EV and Song Max DM, and the new product cycle continues. IGBT technology breaks through the overseas technology monopoly, and actively researches and develops SiC MOSFET companies. Since 2005, it has been laying out the IGBT industry. At present, it has become the first domestic auto company to achieve mass production of automotive-grade IGBTs.

At the end of 18, the company released IGBT4.

0 technology, compared with the mainstream IGBT in the market, IGBT4.

0 The current output capacity is increased by 15%, the comprehensive loss is reduced by 20%, and the temperature cycle life is increased by more than 10 times.

At the same time, the 重庆耍耍网 company is deploying SiC MOSFETs developed by the third-generation semiconductor material SiC. In the future, each electric vehicle will gradually install SiC electronic control, and the overall vehicle performance will be improved by 10% on the existing basis.

IGBT is the core component of the electric vehicle drive system, accounting for about 5% of the total vehicle cost, but 90% of the share is monopolized by foreign manufacturers such as Infineon, Siemens, and Mitsubishi.

The release of 0 marks the company’s further competition in the field of new energy vehicles.

The main business of the separated seat business is to promote the continuous open supply system of power battery external supply companies. It will establish a joint venture with Faurecia to separate the seat business, while promoting the external sales of power batteries, expanding customers such as Dongfeng, and signing with Changan Automobile.Strategic cooperation agreement, the two parties will jointly establish a battery factory with an annual output of 10GWh to supply power batteries for Changan.

According to the data of the power battery application branch, the company’s new energy vehicle power battery installed capacity in 2018 was 11.

43GWh, with a market share of 20.

1%, the second in the country.

The external supply of power batteries will effectively promote the company’s power battery business development.

The investment proposal estimates that the company’s net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company from 2019 to 2021 will be 40.

7.3 billion, 49.

2.5 billion, 58.

5.6 billion yuan, corresponding to an EPS of 1.

49 yuan, 1.

81 yuan, 2.

15 yuan, the corresponding PE is 37 times, 30 times, 25 times, the first coverage, given the “overweight” rating.

Risks indicate that car sales are less than expected; risks from changes in industry policies.

ST Aixu (600732): A leader in photovoltaic cells with rapid growth in performance and capacity

ST Aixu (600732): A leader in photovoltaic cells with rapid growth in performance and capacity

Event: Ai Xu announced its 2019 annual report, reporting that a series of companies achieved revenue of 60.

69 trillion, an increase of 47.

74%; net profit attributable to mothers5.

8.5 billion, an increase of 69.

61%; realized non-net profit deduction4.

90 trillion, the same increase of 92.

47%; net operating cash flow of 15.

8.7 billion, an increase of 62.

43%; expected average return on net assets is 32.

22%, an increase of 4.


Leading photovoltaic cell companies with strong technical strength: In 2019, the company underwent major asset reorganization, asset placement for real estate development and operation, solar cell asset placement, and the company’s main business changed to high-efficiency solar cell R & D, manufacturing, and sales.

In 2019, the global photovoltaic replenishment installed capacity was about 120GW, with an annual growth rate of more than 20%. The company actively expanded overseas markets and gradually achieved single-crystal perc cell sales of 59.

100,000 yuan, an increase of 88.

24%; sales 6.

79GW, with the same increase of 121.

96%; gross profit margin 17.

51% twice a year.

37pcs; overseas sales reached 20.

49 trillion, with an increase of 412.

02%, overseas income accounts for 33%.

79%, according to customs 深圳桑拿网 data, the company’s national battery exports in 2019 ranked first.

The company is strong in battery technology, not only has realized the world’s first mass production of 210mm large-size batteries, but also has a deep accumulation of new battery mass production technologies such as laminated batteries, HIT, IBC, HBC, TOPCON.

In addition, through refined management and intelligent manufacturing technology, the company has effectively ensured a stable improvement in product quality and a reduction in production costs. The industry-leading level of monocrystalline perc battery mass production conversion efficiency and non-silicon costs has been achieved.

The production capacity and the construction of the R & D center have been advanced simultaneously, and the leader has further improved the integration: the company’s 武汉夜生活网 production capacity has continued to expand and currently has three production bases in Foshan, Yiwu and Tianjin. As of the end of 2019, the company has PERC battery production capacity.

2GW, of which Foshan 1.

6GW, Yiwu 3.

8GW, Tianjin 3.

At the same time, the company plans to produce 22 GW of high-efficiency crystalline silicon solar cells by the end of 2020, 32 GW by the end of 2021, and 45 GW by the end of 2022.

The company also announced that it plans to issue non-public offerings to no more than 35 specific investors for no more than five.

4.9 billion shares raised 25.25 billion, of which 14.

500 million US dollars invested in Yiwu Phase III with an annual output of 4.

3GW high-efficiency crystalline silicon cell project, construction of 3 million USD photovoltaic R & D center, 7.

500 million to supplement working capital.

In addition, the company also announced that it will invest 3.

An annual output of 20,000 yuan will be built in Tianjin.

6GW high-efficiency silicon-based solar cell project.

  After the completion of the Yiwu Phase III and Tianjin projects, the company will use its own technical advantages, location advantages and cost advantages to further increase market share. At the same time, the construction of photovoltaic research and development centers will further consolidate the company’s technical advantages and form more mass-produced products.Technical reserves. Equity incentive guarantees the company’s performance to grow rapidly in the medium and long term: The company announced that it intends to grant 36 million stock returns and exercise price of 11 to 287 directors, executives and core backbones.

22 yuan / share, short-term company performance indicators for annual assessment, from 2020-2023, after deducting non-return to the mother’s net profit reached 6 respectively.

68 trillion, 8 trillion, 11 trillion.

Performance evaluation indicators will effectively ensure that the company maintains rapid performance growth in the medium and long term.

Investment suggestion: We expect the company’s revenue growth from 2020 to 2022 to be 60%, 68%, and 35%, and its net profit growth to be 81%, 44%, and 34%, respectively.Investment rating with 6-month target price of 14.

5 yuan.

Risk warning: PV installations exceed expectations, and production expansion progress exceeds expectations.

Anheng Information (688023): Information security dark horse overtaking on a curve

Anheng Information (688023): Information security dark horse overtaking on a curve

Investment Highlights: Dark horses that are being watched by the industry and capital markets.

Shareholders shine: Jack Ma’s direct investment in Ali Ventures.

Product excellence: The company’s fist products are in the first echelon of the industry.

Strong service capability: Anheng appears in the security services of top conferences.

Lead the industry development: lead the drafting of 9 national standards and participate in the formulation of 4 security industry standards.

Rise of fame: Independently host security industry conferences.

Bright results: Revenue, net profit attributable to mothers increased rapidly, and cash flow continued to be positive.

  How to become a rising star?

The company has entered the security market through fist products that meet customer needs, and has targeted large customers such as public security and government from the beginning; strategically deployed the security service market to undertake security services for top conferences; and hosted various high-end industry summits to establish brand effects.
The company has gradually formed three core competitiveness: technology, accumulation of major customers, and brand.

  New markets, new models, cornering opportunities for medium-sized safety companies.

Information security has ushered in a golden period in history, but for medium-sized enterprises, it is extremely large to want to surpass the leader in mature hardware market segments.

The biggest space in the future lies in new products and new scenarios. The most beneficial models are solutions and services. This is an opportunity for medium-sized safety companies to overtake on the curve.

  The company’s “new scene, new platform” revenue accounted for over 50%.

Emerging security platforms and security services account for nearly half of the revenue, which has become the company’s new growth driver and future focus.

The security platform’s compound growth rate for 2016-2018 was 185.

78%, the compound growth rate of security services for 2016-2018 was 55.


  Channels help open up the national market.

From the perspective of the company’s development stage, volume and customer accumulation, vigorously developing channels is the best strategy.

The chief endorsement role of the company’s government customers laid the foundation for channel expansion.

  Expected operating income for 2019-2021.

02, 12.

69, 17.

710,000 yuan, net profit 杭州桑拿 attributable to mother is 0.

90, 1.


6.6 billion.

Using PEG estimates, the target market value is 4.5 billion; using PE estimates, the target market value is 4.1 billion.

The company’s target city size is 41-45 trillion, with a total share capital of 0 after the public offering.

7.4 billion shares, corresponding to a sustainable 55.


81 yuan.

  New stock premium effect: According to historical data statistics, new stocks in the 30 days before listing have obvious premium characteristics. According to the new computer stock statistics in 2018: the premium rate is 53% -71%, so the possible price range for the company in the initial listing period is 84.


99 yuan.

  Risk Warning: The development of the security industry is less than expected.

  Special Note: The reasonable deviation range predicted 杭州桑拿 in this report is not the initial price performance at the time of listing, but the reasonable price range under the condition that the existing market environment remains basically unchanged.

Drinking coffee may help prevent liver cancer

Drinking coffee may help prevent liver cancer

Japanese researchers have found good news about coffee: Drinking coffee may help prevent common liver cancer.

  A survey of 90,000 Japanese people showed that people who drink coffee daily or almost every day are half as likely to develop liver cancer as people who never drink coffee; drinking one or two cups of coffee a day can help prevent liver cancer, Drinking 3 to 4 cups will increase its preventive effect.

  Animal experiments have also shown that coffee has a preventive effect on liver cancer.

So a research team at the National Cancer Center in Tokyo conducted a 10-year public health survey to prove whether coffee has an effect on liver cancer.

Studies have reported that in these 10 years, people who have never drank coffee or drank less coffee have had 547 cases per 100,000 people with liver cancer.

2 cases, while the number of people who drink coffee every day is only 214 per 100,000 people.

6 cases.

  Other studies have found that the caffeine in coffee stimulates the nerves of the substitute and turns sober.

Caffeine can also worsen the symptoms of menopause or the replacement of certain antibiotics.

Drinking too much coffee will cause miscarriage.

But research has also shown that caffeine-based skin creams reduce the risk of skin cancer in mice.

Insufficient nutrition is easy to get sick

Insufficient nutrition is easy to get sick

Core tip: Do you often feel unfocused and tired?

Do you have white spots on your nails and slow wound healing?

Do you often get infected and get sick again?

Do you often lose your temper for no reason?

. That is most likely due to the lack of corresponding nutrients in the body.

  Lack of nutrients such as vitamins and trace elements can cause many illnesses and discomforts.

Knowing the harms and symptoms of nutritional deficiencies can help you prescribe the right medicine and take timely food or medicine supplements.

The latest article in the British “Daily Mail” summarized the seven signals of physical deficiency and their countermeasures.

  Fatigue: Iron deficiency.

  Iron is an important part of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is insufficiently fed and fatigue reactions such as inattention can occur.

Multiple studies abroad show that iron deficiency is the most common malnutrition problem, and 18% of women have iron deficiency due to physiological reasons.

People with iron deficiency should usually eat more red meat, eggs and green leafy vegetables.

  Itchy skin: zinc deficiency.

  While the skin is itching and the wound is healing slowly, white spots on the nail may be a zinc deficiency.

Zinc benefits the formation of new cells and enzymes and is critical for wound healing.

The World Health Organization estimates that approximately one-third of the world’s population is zinc deficient, especially children with poor diet, pregnant women and the elderly, and vegetarians.

Zinc supplementation eats whole grain food, crab and red meat, 200 grams of beef can meet the zinc demand for a day.

  Constant infection: selenium deficiency.

  People who get sick frequently and who are constantly infected may be deficient in selenium.

Italian nutritionist Dr. Sarah Schenkner said that selenium can improve immunity, prevent cell damage and fight cancer.

The selenium content in fruits, garlic and mushrooms is considerable; shrimp, fish and other aquatic products are rich in selenium.

  Worry: magnesium deficiency.

  Worry, irritability is a common problem among “workers” in modern cities.

And magnesium can help the body convert food into energy.

It is good for bone health. At the same time, magnesium is also related to human muscle contraction and temperature regulation.

Studies have found that eating 90 grams of spinach can meet 75% of the daily magnesium requirement.

Almonds and whole grain breads also contain some magnesium.

  Indigestion: defective fiber.

  Plasma fiber is the “scavenger” of the human body, which can effectively treat constipation, hemorrhoids, and prevent colon cancer and rectal cancer.

With the improvement of living standards, food is becoming more and more refined, but the amount of fiber replacement is getting lower and lower, so more and more people with poor digestion should be replaced. People who replace fiber should strengthen the replacement of coarse grains.Eat fruits and vegetables.

  Mouth ulcers: lack of vitamin A.

  According to Dr Elizabeth Wichsebaum of the British Nutrition Foundation, vitamin A helps fight penetration, improves vision in dark light, and maintains skin health.

You can usually eat more animal liver, eggs and yogurt to make up for vitamin A deficiency.

Aerobic boxing-the killer

Aerobic boxing-the killer

Kickboxing was launched by European boxers and professional aerobics athletes. Its specific forms are a mix of boxing, karate, taekwondo, and even some dance moves, combined with intense music to become a unique styleAerobics.

Due to its instantaneous explosive power, large body size and exercise volume compared to traditional aerobics, boxing exercise is especially suitable for young people who are pregnant with too much accumulation. It can be called an effective “slimming” exercise.

  Fighting exercises can be varied, including straight, upper, pendulum, forward kick, suction kick, side kick, side kick, and other combat actions. Passing music to swing both fists, the action is vigorous and powerful.

The fitness instructor tells us that when punching, the shoulders should be used to pull out the punches. Keep looking at the target before completing punches and kicks. Avoid elbows and knees. Excessive force should be avoided.Large and dislocated, avoiding torsional movements.

The perfect combination of speed and strength is required for each action. It must be fast and explosive, so the entire complete boxing exercise will consume 600 calories per second, which is a pair of aerobics.

While exercising every muscle in the whole body, it will strengthen joint mobility, body flexibility and reaction agility.

  What’s more important is that during the martial arts exercises, you need to raise your breath, lift your chest, abdomen, and jaw, tighten your hands in front of your face, and keep breathing normally, but don’t hold your breath.

He mobilized Qi from Dan Tian, contained in dark colors, and the armor focused on bursting out power.

Otherwise, the movement will be soft, neither strength nor beauty, nor weight loss.

Adhering to the air in the chest is itself a contraction and exercise of the abdominal muscles. In addition, it fully mobilizes the muscles. In particular, almost all movements in boxing require the waist and abdomen to maintain balance and strength.Abdominal exercise is very sufficient.

  In addition, when boxing calls for punches, the abdominal muscles contract and yell. Not only can you train your waist and abs, which are not easy to use, punch out hard, yelling is a good way to relieve your emotions.Give vents and relieve stress.

  National coach Han Wei reminds everyone that if you want to try, you must pay attention to protecting the tendons and ligaments to avoid strains. You should warm up for 10 minutes before exercising, let the joints and muscles relax, and then start punching. If you find muscles after exercising,Soreness is best iced immediately.

Kickboxing exercise intensity, leg fatigue, local pain and discomfort, dizziness, too fast heart rate, etc., it is best to stop practicing.

  Combat aerobics precautions: (1) Insufficient warm-up time and insufficient physical compression.

During the class, the legs should be pressed every 15-20 minutes (2) the abdomen, the jaw should be tightened, both hands fists in front of the face (defensive posture) to keep breathing, not holding your breath (3) to avoid continuous training like professional athletes,Exercises with high and low exercise should be alternated. (4) Failure to twist forward during side kicks will cause pressure to concentrate on the knees, and toes will hurt the wound. Torsion should be twisted towards the toes to reduce the side pressure of complications (5)Alignment should not be rigid to ease cushioning.

Raise the starting point when turning around, otherwise you will sprain the cruciate ligament (6) When punching, you should pull the punch out of your shoulder. Keep looking at the target (7) before completing punching and kicking. Avoid after the crowded room.Kick (8) Avoid elbows and knees with excessive force; avoid dislocation due to excessive movements during dodging or slamming movements, and avoid twisting movements (9) Stop practicing if the following conditions occur (leg fatigue, human bodyLocal pain, discomfort, dizziness, excessive heart rate, etc.)

Punish three computer crimes to be a beautiful computer family

Punish three computer crimes to be a beautiful computer family

Most people today are more or less in contact with computers, especially OLs who work in office buildings. The first thing that comes to the company every day is to turn on the computer.

Maybe you haven’t noticed that under the radiation of the computer, your original smooth and delicate skin has slowly left you. When you wake up, your skin has been besieged by multiple skin problems.

  The three sins of the computer adult acne, pigmentation, abnormal skin dryness and unreasonable many acne, some peculiar pigmentation, sometimes even itching and peeling for several days, the face is dark . these are not healthyThe “computer skin” brings you bad effects. Therefore, computer families are often troubled by three major problems: acne, dull skin, bags under the eyes, and dark circles.

Computer damage to the skin occurs unknowingly, and once it explodes, it is relatively complicated to save it.

Therefore, computer skin care is better than cure.

  1 Fighting acne action perspective threatens the static electricity generated by the computer when it is turned on.

The surface of the fluorescent screen absorbs a lot of dust and dirt in the air. We are close to the computer. A lot of dust will also fall on the skin, making the skin dirty, pores clogged, gradually thickening, acne breeding, and attacking beautifully successfully.

  Break Through Threats * Make sure the display is clean Before you turn on the screen every day, wipe the fluorescent screen with a clean, fine flannel to reduce the dust on it.

  * After the thorough cleaning work, the first task is to cleanse, replace different series of cleansing milks according to the skin type, wash the face thoroughly with warm water and cleansing liquid, wash away the electrostatically adsorbed dirt, and apply mild skin care.Product to relax the skin.

A deep mask treatment can be done once a week to deeply cleanse and moisturize the skin.

  Say goodbye to the skin’s dullness and the threat of the computer’s static electricity. At the same time it adsorbs the dust and dirt in the air, it also adsorbs the moisture on the surface of the skin and dehydrates the epidermis.

Over time, there will be a vicious cycle of dry skin becoming more and more dry, oily skin becoming more and more dry inside, and more and more oily outside. At the same time, the emitted radiation directly irradiates the skin and penetrates face to face, easily causing skin dullness andSpots are produced.

  Breaking through the threat * moisturizing and hydrating pay attention to increasing skin moisture, ensuring sufficient drinking water every day, insisting on using moisturizing toner, to prevent water loss.

  * Skin protection You can try to use some skin care products with sun protection effect, such as whitening moisturizing barrier cream, protective milk, etc., which can isolate the skin from dust and radiation.

In addition, using a foundation with a breathable function can also build a barrier between the skin and the outside.

At the same time, you should often use skin care products with antioxidant functions, such as lotions or creams containing vitamin E, vitamin C.

  Alleviate eye problems. Perspective threatens computer-generated radiation to damage the skin and eyes. Due to repeated use of eyes, stalemate and tension, fatigue around the eyes, dryness, tingling, aging, and relaxation come one after another.The habit of staying up late makes bags under the eyes, dark circles, and fine lines around the eyes quietly develop and gradually increase.

  Break Through Threats * Relax and Rest If you don’t want the skin on your eyes to age quickly, don’t fight continuously, especially don’t stay up all night online.

“Activate” your eyeballs regularly, lift your eyes to look into the distance, and then drip eye protection with a soothing function.

  * Choose eye mask or eye cream for eye care.

After work, you can take a hot bath and apply eye cream that promotes blood circulation around the eyes, such as OLAY’s focus whitening double essence eye cream, and then use the middle finger of your hands and the ring of your ring finger to massage with an area of the corner of the eye.2-3 minutes, and finally apply a 15-minute mask or eye mask, such as Inami’s gel eye mask, can effectively prevent the appearance of eye problems.

  You can also DIY some of your own care methods: slice cucumbers or potatoes, apply honey or yogurt to your eyes, and close your eyes for a few minutes to relieve eye fatigue and nourish the skin around the eyes.

  Computer family care tips * Internal adjustment l often drink green tea, the tea polyphenols in green tea have a strong antioxidant effect; often drink fresh fruit juice and lettuce juice, fresh fruit juice and lettuce juice is the “cleanser” of the human body, accelerate skinCell metabolism; 2 is important for supercomputer families to increase nutrition.

Vitamin B complex is good for mental workers.

If you sleep late and the quality of your sleep is not good, you should eat more animal livers, fresh fruits and vegetables, including vitamin B family.

If the diet is difficult to protect, it is recommended to take a multivitamin supplement one day, such as good storage.

  * External culture can replace liquid crystal displays. The radiation of liquid crystal displays is much less than that of flat-screen displays. 2 A green plant (such as a prickly pear) can be placed next to the computer to absorb radiation; 3 drink more water, which not only gives the body andThe skin replenishes moisture and makes you have to go to the bathroom at regular intervals to take advantage of your lower back; 4 exercise every 30-60 minutes, back and forth, clockwise and counterclockwise for 1-2 minutes, which can promote blood circulation in the face,Brightening the complexion can also prevent cervical spondylosis, which is easy to get for the computer family.

  Finally, we must ensure adequate sleep, happily body, proper exercise, relieve the beauty threat of the computer, and be a healthy and beautiful computer family!

Skin tenderness first step to remove aging cutin

Skin tenderness first step to remove aging cutin

Want to have smooth and clean skin?

Summer is here, and the skin’s metabolism is accelerating. If the skin wastes and dirt are not cleaned in time, they will build up, and finally make the skin dull and dull.

According to an expert from the Laser Beauty Center of the Air Force General Hospital, the first step to keep the skin smooth and soft in the hot summer is to remove the aging cuticles.

  The stratum corneum is the outermost layer of the skin and has the function of protecting the skin.

The stratum corneum of healthy skin is regularly divided and replaced on average every 28 days. However, due to external factors, old dead horny skin will adhere to the new horny skin, which will cause dry skin, dehydration and dark yellow.

This will never protect the skin, but will affect the health of the skin.

Therefore, regular removal of excess aging cutin is an important step to make the skin smooth and fair.

  Clean the face carefully before exfoliating, it is best to exfoliate before the moisture at both ends is dry.

The strength must be gentle, and slowly rubbing gently in a circle.

After the massage, rinse with water and then perform maintenance.

After exfoliating, you must pay attention to moisturizing and sun protection. Sensitive skin should also use skin care products before doing moisturizing work.

  The exfoliation of the body is performed in different regions.

You can first handle the elbows, shrink, and thicken some parts of the soles of the feet with keratin. Then apply a towel for 10-15 minutes before exfoliating.

Body exfoliating products all contain scrub particles, these particles will be dissolved in contact with water, so the dry exfoliating effect on rough parts will be better.

Other parts can be exfoliated after the body gets wet.

Most exfoliating products contain fruit acids, such as lactic acid, carbolic acid, glycolic acid, and salicylic acid. These fruit acids have the effect of softening, removing cutin, promoting the growth of collagen fibers in the body, and improving the darkening of the skin.Spots, acne, make the skin delicate and fair.

Cooking rice, steaming is more nutritious

Cooking rice, steaming is more nutritious

Everyone knows that vegetables need to be fried quickly to save vitamins, and soup should not be cooked for more than an hour and a half to avoid loss of nutrients.

Similarly, choosing the right way to cook rice can also help you retain the “delicate” vitamin B1 and other nutrients in the rice.

  People usually use rice to cook or steam, and steamed rice is divided into bowl steamed rice and steamed rice.

So, which method can better preserve vitamins?

To cook rice, add rice to clear water, boil it with a high heat, and then simmer it with a warm fire.

At this time, water has a dissolving effect, so there are quite a few doping substances in the rice soup, such as vitamin B1, vitamin C, and minerals such as calcium and phosphorus.

However, due to the long cooking time, the vitamin B1 in the degraded water will partially escape through the rise of water temperature and evaporation of water, which will lead to the loss of nutrients in the rice.

  And steamed rice can provide double insurance for nutrients.

Using a bowl with a lid and adding water to the pot to steam can ensure that the water vapor in the pot only “circles” around the bowl and cannot take away the nutrition of the rice in the bowl. This is a guarantee.

Or boil the rice until it is half-cooked, then remove the water and steam it, and then drink the rice soup alone.

In this way, the rice soup is not heated for a long time, and the nutrition is preserved more, which is also an insurance.

But if the rice soup is discarded without drinking (fishing), it is a big waste.

  In addition, the taste of white rice is monotonous, we do not prevent adding a “pattern” in it to make rice with a special flavor.

Such as the fragrant green tea rice, both the color and fragrance are good, and it has the functions of removing greasy, cleansing, eating food and preventing diseases; adding a few chopped hawthorn, the taste is not only fragrant, but also prevents the nutrients from being destroyed; add a little vinegarRice is easy to store and prevent gnawing, and the flavor is stronger; half-ripe cooked rice can be added with a few drops of white wine, steamed for a while with simmer, and can be eaten; if peas, carrots and corn kernels are added, the color is bright and attractive,It also provides vitamins and antioxidants.

How is pregnant woman drinking milk right?

How is pregnant woman drinking milk right?

During pregnancy, you need to add enough folic acid, DHA and other ingredients to ensure the nutritional needs of your child and yourself, make your baby healthier and smarter, and ensure that your colleagues who provide nutrition for your baby’s growth can make themselves healthier and help them have a better foundation for recovery after delivery.

Too much milk powder for pregnant women The reasonable proportion and reasonable amount needed during pregnancy, you need to drink milk powder properly to be healthier, so how do you drink milk powder for pregnant women to be healthy?

  How to drink milk for pregnant women?


Don’t take pregnant women’s milk as water. Generally speaking, the product description of pregnant women’s milk will recommend that mothers drink 1 every day?
2 cups.

Expectant mothers should not increase their intake without authorization, otherwise it will easily cause the implantation of certain nutrient elements to exceed standards, and will be harmful to health.

If you want to add more water by drinking pregnant women’s milk powder, do not prevent putting less milk powder each time, add more water, flush a little, thinner, so that you can drink a few more glasses a day.


The formula for pregnant women does not meet all nutritional requirements. The formula for pregnant women is only for most expectant mothers. If there are pregnant women with anemia, severe calcium deficiency and other conditions, they should also take iron and calcium supplements according to the doctor’s diagnosis according to their physical conditions.
However, be sure to let your doctor know that you are drinking maternal milk at the same time, and make sure that all the nutrients are taken within a safe range.


You can also drink pregnant women’s milk after giving birth. It is easier to absorb pregnant women’s milk than drinking soup. It is aimed at expectant mothers, and many brands are also suitable for breastfeeding mothers.

And drinking maternal milk after birth is easier to absorb than drinking soup.


Pregnancy milk powder and multivitamins cannot be eaten together. If you strictly follow the instructions of pregnant woman milk powder, you can basically meet the requirements of expectant mothers on various nutritional elements.

If you take multiple vitamins at the same time, it will cause some nutrients to be excessive.

If long-term intake of certain nutrients is too much, it is not good for the health of the fetus and expectant mother.

For example, if vitamin A is overdose, severe malformations of high blood pressure can result.

  How to choose milk powder for pregnant women?


Try more and find your favorite taste. There are many varieties of pregnant women’s milk powder now. Don’t choose a big bottle blindly, only to find that you don’t like it when you go home. It is even difficult to swallow.

Many brands will distribute free trial packages through supermarkets, shopping malls or magazine channels, which does not prevent two more brands from trying them out.

You can also go to the website to see that everyone is drinking some brand of pregnant women’s milk powder.

Make a decision before trying.


Milk powder for pregnant women is selected according to the purpose, adding a lot of nutritional ingredients, and different maternal milk powders add different things.

You can choose pregnant women’s milk powder according to your own needs. For example, you want to use pregnant women’s milk powder instead of the multivitamins you usually eat.


Not all expectant mothers are suitable for pregnant women with long-term gestational diabetes. It is best to consult a doctor before choosing a pregnant woman’s milk.

Prospective mothers who are overweight and who have gained too much weight should also consider carefully before choosing pregnant women’s milk powder, because pregnant women’s milk powder and multivitamin content, trace content and content are relatively high.


Expectant mothers with severe morning sickness may wish to try the milk powder of pregnant women, which has a severe reaction during pregnancy, often nausea, vomiting, and easy to cause malnutrition.

Drinking milk for pregnant women can supplement many lost nutrients.

And compared with multi-dimensional tablets and fresh milk, pregnant women’s milk powder is easier to replenish, with minimal burden on the digestive tract.

However, it should be reminded that expectant mothers with severe morning sickness, it is best to choose a light milk powder for pregnant women.

  After choosing the right maternal milk powder, expectant mothers need to drink it.

  Netizen: Pregnant women can drink milk powder this way when they are uncomfortable and have a meal with black sesame paste (black sesame is processed by themselves).
More nutrition than eating cookies and bread.
——— At the time of Zhuoya’s postpartum period, before going to bed, give the child a drink of milk. This will quickly replenish the body’s moisture, and the milk will fall quickly, 4 hours laterThere was enough milk for the child.

———– Mother Yinger: Other women who drink yoghurt and milk supplements for pregnant women are not pregnant women who have overreacted pregnancy. It is better to drink yoghurt and milk for calcium supplementation.

  Milk itself is rich in calcium and easily absorbed by the body. Therefore, it is best for pregnant women to drink 250-500 ml of milk every day, which leads to an increase in calcium demand during pregnancy.

Yogurt is made from fresh milk fermented by lactic acid bacteria, and its nutritional value is the same as fresh milk. It also inhibits the proliferation of spoilage bacteria and reduces the role of toxins in the body.

  In the second and third trimester of pregnancy, the daily calcium intake of pregnant women has increased, so it is recommended that when choosing dairy products, it is best to drink milk and yogurt alternately.