Your other half will be a profession

Your other half will be a profession

If you have an only child, would you send him to a supplementary class?

  An analysis of a violin B changing magic class C drawing class D baseball team E gifted education tuition class: you can know the ideal marriage object in your mind!

Latent psychology says that for women, sons are substitutes for husbands.

In this way, from wanting your child to be someone, it represents what your husband ‘s ideal career is.

  ★ A, the violin class violin requires exquisite technology and delicate soul, full-hearted dedication can show beautiful music, and wholehearted intervention, can’t be a bit sloppy. What you like is a person with concentration spirit.You have a sense of security and it is worth all your heart.

In addition, the violin can be thought of as the human body.

Learning the violin can also remind people of auscultation, operation, etc., your favorite object is a doctor who performs precision surgery on the human body.

Also, your ideal marriage partner is a physician.

  ★ B. Changing the magic class Changing the magic class is a variety of happy skills, representing the combination of serving the crowd and art, full of smiles, joys, and all kinds of humor in life. They are particularly expressive and feel on the stage, Their stage is life, and experience endless fun in performance art, you need the feeling of facing the attention of the crowd, surrounded by magnesium lights from time to time; professionally, it refers to comedians and entertainers, etc.An eye-catching crowd.

Don’t you want to marry a famous artist and singer?

The life of Mrs. Star is very exciting!

  ★ C, painting class represents the longing for freedom, the pursuit of an unrestrained life, the innocence of innocence, the special sensibility of those who like painting, the keen intuition, the rich artistic cells, the taste and appreciation of beauty, elegant, elegant and elegantelegant.

Because painting can freely express what you want to do or feel, it is also a sustenance of personal emotions.

The professions we can associate with are freelance photographers, advertising designers and other professions that can freely use imagination.

In addition, people such as explorers are also ideal targets for your future.

  ★ D, baseball baseball is a very outstanding teamwork sport. Everyone must stick to his post and exert his collective strength to defeat the enemy.

Although you don’t need to highlight your personal strengths, it is important to cooperate with each other. You don’t need to be outstanding. As long as you have a relatively stable job, a plain life is what you yearn for. It is good to be happy together. There is nothing.Too much to ask.

Those who choose this answer are likely to want to marry a person who works for a white-collar civil servant or a stable class organization, and maybe a school teacher can also fall into your choice.

  ★ E, gifted education tuition classes were born in order to let children stand out in the fierce joint entrance exam war.

You potentially hope that the other half of you is a fierce figure, at least also a dragon among people, who has a prominent position in a certain business field, belongs to the role of leader, and you enjoy it at the material level of life.

In the real world, it is to take the lead and want to have a place in the society as its goal, so the most suitable choice for your marriage object is the manager or young candidate of a trading company.