Beijing detoxification center opens all free yoga detoxification for the first time

Beijing detoxification center opens all free yoga detoxification for the first time

The Beijing Times reported on April 16 that the reporter entered the first day of the forced isolation detoxification center in Beijing’s Tiantang River yesterday and learned about the process of forced detoxification.

Different from the former detoxification through labor camp, in the new compulsory detoxification mode, the main task of the addicts is to participate in various detoxification activities, and even to practice drug addiction through yoga.

  There is a classroom on the second floor of the Comprehensive Building of the “Drugs” Test Detoxification Center, which includes KTV private rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms.

“This is a drug testing room for psychological rehabilitation,” said Zheng Wenhui, a psychological counselor, where detoxification personnel conduct desensitization testing and treatment of psychological dependence on drugs.

  In the KTV private room simulation environment, a highly simulated heroin and methamphetamine model are placed on the coffee table.

“Drug users are in an environment where they used drugs before, and there will be some emotional changes.

Zheng Wenhui said that once there was a drug addict who always used chewing gum foil, and he couldn’t help but want to use drugs as soon as he saw the gum.

The drug testing room is to simulate the environment of drug users. Once the stimulation is repeated, the drug users will not have the urge to take drugs when they are exposed to this environment again.

  ”After the drug addict sees these simulated drugs, if there is no psychological fluctuation, it means that he has successfully desensitized.

“The psychological changes of detoxification personnel will be expressed through body temperature and myoelectricity. These performances will be reflected on the tester through the conductive reflection connected to the head and fingers of the detoxified person.1.

“Below 0”, Zheng Wenhui said, the instrument will record the results of repeated tests of “drug” tests by drug addicts, and then analyze the psychological dependence of drug addicts on drugs.

  Vent treatment Some ventilators need to vent their emotions when they encounter psychological problems, so there is a vent treatment room in the drug rehabilitation center.

The four walls of the treatment room are thick soft-packed openings, with tumbler dummies, rubber balls, etc., to ensure that the drug addicts do not hurt themselves or hurt others when they vent.

“But we do not encourage them to use too much violence to reduce stress,” said Zheng Wenhui. After the drug addicts vent, they will conduct psychological counseling to guide them to relieve stress in a more peaceful way.

  Yoga detoxification According to Wang Fenghe, deputy director of the education department of the detoxification center, all detoxification personnel will receive a comprehensive physical examination and psychological test after entering the detoxification center.
  Later, the detoxification center will develop courses based on the physical condition of the detoxification personnel. These courses include Tai Chi, Ba Duan Jin, Wu Qin Xi and Yoga.

At present, many female drug addicts in detox centers are taking yoga classes.

“Yoga works both physically and calmly, and it works well.

Wang Fenghe said that yoga classes are scheduled every morning.

  The drug control law, which was implemented on June 1, last year, is free of charge. The “Anti-drug Law”, which was implemented on June 1 last year, abolished the previous model of reeducation through labor camp.

Immediately after, the Beijing Tiantanghe Compulsory Isolation and Detoxification Center was established, and on July 1 last year, the drug addicts were officially treated.

“With the medium refractive index as the boundary, drug addicts in the west are placed in the Heavenly River Detoxification Center, and those in the east are placed in the compulsory detoxification agency of the Municipal Public Security Bureau.

“Xu Zhigang, director of the Administrative Management Section of the Tiantanghe Forced Isolation Detoxification Center in Beijing, told reporters.

  According to reports, the detoxification facility is designed to treat more than 1,000 people. Currently, there are more than 300 compulsory detoxification personnel, of which more than 70 are women.

“All the personnel were sent by the public security organs. We are just an executive agency and we cannot take in casually.

Xu Zhigang said that drug addicts will report to the public security organs themselves or their family members, and then the public security organs will confirm whether they are drug addicts and then decide whether they need to make a compulsory detoxification decision.

According to regulations, detoxification personnel are free to eat and live in detoxification centers.

  Different from the life of detoxification detoxification laborers in the past, it is not the same as the former detoxification detoxification. They only have very little labor, and also some rehabilitation work such as embroidery, fish farming, greening and vegetable cultivation.Used for physical training, psychotherapy, and class study.

  In addition to physical rehabilitation, psychological rehabilitation is more important.

“Heart addiction is hard to get rid of!

“The so-called detoxification treatment, Xu Zhigang lamented.

In Tiantanghe, there are 9 national second-level psychological counselors and more than 20 national third-level psychological counselors. They are mainly responsible for the psychological rehabilitation of the forbidden personnel.

  ”We have only two cases where the forbidden personnel have experienced symptoms of physical dependence,” Xu Zhigang said. If the forbidden personnel have emotionally out of control, they will be forced to close the room or use a restraint bed as much as possible to prevent him from harming others orSelf-harm-but some of these coercive measures have never had a chance to be used.

Chinese Psychological Perspective

Chinese Psychological Perspective

There have been ten top Chinese oral surveys about the Chinese people. “Depressed”, “boring”, and “boring” were shortlisted.

Mantras represent a person’s speaking style and habits. These mantras that seem to come out of the brain without going through the brain can actually reflect our inner world.

In real life, there are indeed many people who feel that their lives are “boring.”

The students complained that school was “dark”, and the office workers felt that the work was “dark”, which made the old people who had left the empty nest seem to have more reasons to sigh that they were “dark”.

  From the perspective of society as a whole, the single value orientation and the utilitarian life goal gradually gradually make Chinese people feel “boring.”

When most people in China only have houses, cars and tickets in their Chinese dreams, everyone is driven by material desires. The issues that everyone cares about are only whether they can make money or not, and those who ca n’t make money or gainThings that are of interest are set aside.

But if you think about it, we can really feel “powerful”, make our souls “joy”, and make us feel “interesting” things that are not related to utilitarianism, so we can chat with family members, play with children, and do housework for loved onesOr engage in hobbies.

  However, when you have to ask “useful and useless” in everything, everything in life becomes a tool: learning becomes a tool for getting work, work becomes a tool for making money . so the cycle goes, life eventually becomes a toolWe gradually lose the ability to enjoy.

Imagine, if the food is just to fill your stomach, who else will go to taste it?

When everyone was wrapped in the tide of the society and rushed forward, we felt like we were being “lived”, just like the marathon runners who were forced to participate. It was impossible to stop and actually overdue and liveThe initiative is gradually eroding, how can you feel “powerful” if you can’t enjoy life?

  It ‘s understandable to say a few words of “boring” occasionally, but saying “boring” often doesn’t help ease the mood, but makes life more boring.

Because “weak” reinforces the “victim mentality”, it tells us that it is not that we do n’t know how to taste, but that the chefs do not do well.

In such complaints and sighs, we forgot that we could learn to cook.

When an active person feels “poor” occasionally, they immediately think of another question: “How to make life interesting?

“Therefore,” different “change becomes an excuse for refusing to change, and there is only one proof that you desire happiness, and that is what you have done to pursue happiness.

Whitening war 2010 blowing practical wind

Whitening war 2010 blowing practical wind

The sun is getting stronger and stronger, but it ‘s more and more obvious to you. In this year, the whitening families have put aside the impractical gimmicks of high technology and exaggeration in the past, and they have even really turned into practical and practical ones.direction.

  How to make whitening packages Compared to the previous talk about technological innovation, many brands this year have really recommended whitening packages this season, and recommend combinations of existing products according to different needs of customers. So sisley is the main recommendation for 3 months.It is a whitening lotion set and a whitening brightening mask set, and Lancome’s main whitening 3 Zhenbao this year: Instant Whitening Jelly Mask, Precise Whitening Essence and Clear Collagen Sunscreen Milk, which is also a collagen brand.The clear collagen sunscreen milk prevents collagen from turning yellow, collagen fibers become brittle, and increases the skin’s resistance.

  Quickly mask popular masking questions that are highly inquiries from customers plus the popular BB cream on the market. In April Lancome will also launch new products: BB Deep Isolation, Soft Concealer and Milky Clear Cream.The former has a better effect on concealer marks, while the other has a uniform monochrome, naturally brightening effect.

  ”The ideal fair complexion for Asian women is tan, brown, green, and more pink.

“This is a research sample of Shu Uemura’s Tokyo laboratory. At the same time, in the new whitening series launched this year, it is also specially selected to adjust and modify the six primary muscle colors of the skin like a substitute plate, bid farewell to the small flower face, and even the skin.

  Biotherm’s star product net translucent repair cream also incorporates intelligent dimming technology to create a smooth and beautiful skin. There are five colors to choose from. The newly launched blue isolation replaces the translucent effect than the commonly used purple.

  ”A lot of customers have taken concealer as an essential step for whitening.

While adjusting within, this is a more effective and less risky step.

“A senior person said.

  Don’t be pale and shiny “Compared to the previous requirement of whiteness, or even the effect of paleness, more customers now care about healthy skin and whiteness.

“The relevant person in charge of Biotherm said,” This is the most obvious change in customers’ attitude towards whitening in the recent past.

In the cosmetics area of Hangzhou Mansion, I saw several customers who did not forget to add a sentence “don’t just white” when asking about whitening products, asking them to ask about the moisturizing degree and whether their skin looks healthy.

Netizen “Tingzhu” chose Clarins’ clear and whitening daytime protection on the forum book: skin becoming watery and transparent is the fairness effect she wants to achieve.

Beauty experts teach you to make medicine powder safely

Beauty experts teach you to make “medicine powder” safely

It is understood that at present, most of the drug counters in Shunde are from French brands. For example, Vichy has special counters in Dashen Linqinghui Store, Neptune Star Runfa Store, and a small pharmacy in Yoshinoshima. La Roche-Posay also has counters in some pharmacies; there are also counters in Watsons CanopyAvene, most of these counters only appeared in the Shunde market in recent weeks.
  Planning motive: cosmetics are also sold in pharmacies?
In recent weeks, if you go to pharmacies such as Dashenlin and Neptune, you will find that pharmacies now also have cosmetics counters. In fact, this is what makeup people often call “medicine makeup”.
  The earliest contact with cosmeceuticals was Big Beauty’s “Beauty King”. Every time I went to Japan, Big S was always lost in the cosmeceutical shop, but was brainwashed by cosmeceuticals, but I watched beauty programs such as “Woman My Biggest”.
Cosmeceuticals have become a buzzword in the skin care field. People who like to use cosmeceuticals are called “medication powders”. To be a professional “medication powders”, it is necessary to study well. Senior “medication powders” not only use medicines, but also buy cosmeceuticals.It’s quite a set.
  This is an exclusive plan to learn about “medicine makeup” and see what skin care tricks “medicine powders” have.
  The term investigating peony makeup is relatively new to many Shunde consumers.
The reporter randomly surveyed some consumers who were buying cosmetics at Yoshinoshima and Tianyoucheng cosmetics counters, as well as friends around them. 37 respondents did not know “medicine makeup” at all, accounting for more than 90%.
Two interviewees said that they had heard of it, but they did n’t know the definition of cosmeceuticals, and one respondent knew it and was using it.
  Being unfamiliar with “cosmetics” does not mean that you are new to cosmeceutical brands.
When reporters mentioned drug brands such as Vichy and Avene, most of the respondents who had said they didn’t know “medicine” suddenly realized, “I know.”
“” Used it before.
“. Vicci can be said to be a well-known cosmeceutical brand among consumers in Shunde.
  European and American drug cosmetics brand counters are more familiar with Shunde consumers’ drug cosmetics, and the Shunde drug cosmetic market is not well developed, to a certain extent, most of the drug cosmetic counters only appeared in the past two weeks.
  It is understood that at present, most of the drug counters in Shunde are from French brands. For example, Vichy has special counters in Dashen Linqinghui Store, Neptune Star Runfa Store, and a small pharmacy in Yoshinoshima. La Roche-Posay also has counters in some pharmacies; there are also counters in Watsons Canopy stores.Avene, most of these counters only appeared in the Shunde market in recent weeks.
Other cosmeceutical brand counters also include cosmeceuticals from Australian white doctors, olay and other cosmetics brands. In some shopping malls, supermarkets and drug stores, you can also see some of the cosmeceuticals sold by Nivea, Runzitang, Xue Perfect and other brands.
It is understood that there are many counters for French medicine and cosmetics, thanks to its better distribution of drugstore channels in China.
  Hong Kong, Macao, Japan and South Korea are popular places to buy cosmeceuticals. Compared with cosmetics counters, the popularity of cosmeceutical counters is a bit weak, and only the Watsons cosmeceutical counters are slightly more popular.
Dashen Lin, a shopping guide, said that cosmeceuticals are generally sold in hospitals, pharmacies, and beauty salons, and many consumers are not familiar with the special sales channels of cosmeceuticals and traditional shopping methods for cosmetics.
In addition, Mr. Lu of Daqingshen Linqinghui Store told reporters that French medicines and cosmetics such as Vichy and La Roche-Posay are expensive and not as well sold as domestically produced medicines from foreign brands. Facial cleansers and toners are less expensive.
The reporter saw a La Roche-Posay 50ml sunscreen for nearly 300 yuan, and can not enjoy the member price.
Manager Zhang of Dashenlin said that more drug makeup brands will be introduced in the future. Currently, its Daliang Qinghui store, Longjiang and Xingtan stores all have drug makeup counters.
  Although there are not many local sources for purchasing cosmeceuticals, most Shunde “medicine powders” like to buy from Hong Kong, Macao, Japan and South Korea.
The reporter learned from Shunde’s tour guides who are in charge of the above routes that Hong Kong’s Longcheng Pharmacy, SASA, and Bonjour are the main places for “cosmetic powders” to buy cosmeceuticals; although the cosmeceutical market in Japan is very developed, ShundeGo to Japan to buy electronics and deep-sea fish oil and other products.
Because they can’t go often, Shunde consumers buy a large amount of cosmeceuticals at one time, which usually costs tens of thousands of yuan.
  The term Q & A 药 妆 is relatively new to most Shunde people, including professional physicians or skin professionals in beauty shops.
The reporters found some professional promoters of drug makeup counters, and listened to the positive solutions of drug makeup they learned during the training.
  What is cosmeceutical?
  It can be understood as a cosmetic with pharmaceutical effect.
A more professional explanation is that the functional cosmetics that are exclusively sold through the drug sales channel are skin care products developed by doctors based on common skin problems such as dryness, excessive melanin, and obvious wrinkles.
  Cosmeceuticals, personal care products, and professional beauty products are all cosmetics.
Cosmeceuticals have a conditioning effect on some common skin problems, but cannot replace the therapeutic properties of medicines.
  The difference between cosmeceuticals and medicines?
  The concentration of the active ingredient of the medicine is high, and the treatment effect is fast and obvious, but sometimes it has side effects.
The concentration of active ingredients in cosmeceuticals is slightly lower, and it has the effects of repairing, conditioning and supporting medicine.
Its medicinal properties are mild, and most of the data now confirm that there are no side effects of medicated makeup.
  The difference between cosmeceuticals and cosmetics?
  Cosmeceuticals are subdivided from the cosmetics industry. Cosmetics are purely cosmetic effects and have no function to improve the condition of the skin surface. Cosmeceuticals, while taking into account the effect of makeup, often add various natural or artificial agents according to special purposes., Such as vitamins, amino acids, trace elements, anti-histamines, ultraviolet absorbers, antiperspirants, etc., have certain prevention, conditioning and maintenance functions on the skin.Cosmetics can be bought in shopping malls, supermarkets, and specialty stores, while cosmeceuticals can only be purchased in hospitals, drug stores, beauty stores, drug stores and other places.

  The popular medicated makeup A method hot spring skin care hot spring water is very famous in France. It has magical effects and can treat skin diseases.

Hot spring water contains a variety of minerals, which can be a great product to help skin metabolism and supplement trace elements.

At present, several well-known mineral skin care brands, such as La Roche-Posay, Biotherm, Vichy, and Avene, are mostly named after their hot springs, each with its own characteristics.

  The hot spring water used by Weizi Weizi is a sulfated hot spring water. It is currently the best cosmeceutical brand in Chinese pharmacies, and it is also the first cosmeceutical brand sold in Shunde pharmacy.

There are many counters in Shunde, which are the drug and makeup brands familiar to Shunde “medicine powders”.

  Miss Li, a medium consultant, recommends Vichy Oil Conditioning Day Cream. She thinks that Vichy products contain natural plant ingredients to replace the skin. She is oily skin. The plant ingredients contained in the day cream are helpful for controlling oil and improving oily skin.

  ● Star products: oil-shrinking series, including cleansing gel, cleansing and astringent water, moisturizing soothing spray, deep-water moisturizing eye cream, repairing day cream, night cream and so on.

  ● Sales channels: pharmacies.

It is available in pharmacies such as Shunde’s Daeshen Linqinghui Store and Neptune Star Runfa Store.

  ● Selling point: Contains natural plant ingredients, which can improve the six major problems of small red spots caused by strong oil secretion, uneven skin texture, enlarged pores, partial shine, acne, and blackheads. It is suitable for oily and combination skin.

  ● Price: 60 yuan?
200 yuan

Uncontrolled diet can easily lead to big belly

Uncontrolled diet can easily lead to big belly

[Guide]Age increases and metabolism slows down.

There are many reasons for the big belly, and the ratio of male to female is the same.

Causes of big belly include genetics, frequent eating of fat food, lack of exercise and poor endocrine.

  For example, chocolate, fried food or starchy foods will make the problem even worse. Insufficient exercise will also increase the belly, especially for military civilians. Due to the shortened working hours, most of them are lacking.Exercise, causing adults to accumulate in the lower body, so that the intestines are formed; as for the problem of poor endocrine, it means that a person’s body’s metabolism is slow, or it is easy to be excited, and it is easy to get hungry, resulting in more and more eating, thus forming obesity.

  According to the Chinese human body shape, if the male waist circumference is 90 cm and the female waist circumference is 80 cm or more, it is advisable to take care of the diet and exercise more to avoid abdominal obesity.

  Eating nightingale is one of the causes of obesity. People with big belly must maintain a balanced diet. The daily intake from their aunt should be 30%. In addition to reducing the consumption of some starchy and high-sugar foods, it is best not to eat supper.Because you sleep when you are full, you will hinder digestion, and your belly will not form consciously.

  Drinking soup after a meal is also obesity. One of the reasons is that eating too fast will already be full when the brain has not responded, so you will keep eating until the brain has not issued a full order.

In order to coordinate the brain and stomach, you can put down the chopsticks while chewing, until you swallow it and then pick it up.

Essential weapon for walking the workplace

Essential weapon for walking the workplace

Workplaces are like rivers and lakes. When you walk in the workplace, you must always prepare a few weapons.

The following are some quite powerful magical tools and sharp tools summarized from Jin Yong’s martial arts novels, which are worthy of reference.


Common weapon for Shaolin masters.

The broom is an ordinary utensil, which can be obtained from local materials, has strong concealment, and is extremely powerful after years of practice.

Newcomers in the workplace are the most jealous of laziness. They must be aware of what they can do and start with small things such as water and sweeping.

  Beiming magic.

The talents learned by Dali Group, Shao Zongyu and others can learn other people’s internal skills and make themselves a generation of masters.

Beiming magic can be understood as a learning ability.

Most successful professionals are good at learning, learning from books, combat and even opponents.

  Yirong surgery.

On the surface, the secret technique of beautiful girl A Zhu in the workplace, A Zhu has used this technique to confuse many people.

In the workplace, everyone imagines Linghu Chong and Yang Guo acting rashly, but that requires strong strength to back them up.

These heroes have made a name for themselves before they became famous. Why are they smiling and crying?

It is necessary for professionals to practice a little bit of perseverance, show more respect to their bosses, and smile more at customers.

  The lion roared.

The Shaolin Group ‘s secret technique is hard work.

Jiuxiang is not afraid that the era of deep alleys is gone. It is important to fight in the workplace. Kung fu is important, but it is also indispensable-sometimes it can directly bring benefits in external battles, and it can better show talents and performance in internal competition.

  Falling Dragons Eighteen Palms.

The secret skills of Hong Qigong, Guo Jing, and other professionals in the workplace are extremely powerful.

If you want to be proud of yourself, the most important thing is your own strength.

Once you have practiced the eighteen palms of the dragon, regardless of whether he is the son of Ouyang or Murong, all of them are “falling sons.”

  Sunflower Collection.

The unbeaten skill of the East in the workplace.

Ambiguous sex is a taboo in the workplace. In order to make no mistakes in this regard, the Eastern Undefeated is called the most brutal solution-wielding the sword from the palace, and the magic is accomplished.

In the workplace, people should practise the Sunflower Book to keep themselves clean.

  Soft hedgehog.

Ms. Huang Rong’s self-defense device.

This thing is soft and close, but it can protect you well when attacked, and counter the dark hands.

Yang Kang, the president of Jinuo Group, who is known for his deep-seated and deep-handedness, planted under this one.

When you walk in the workplace, you must not have a heart that is harmful to you, and you cannot be absent from it.

  Tai Chi.

Wudang Group founder Zhang Sanfeng’s stunt was carried forward by Mingjiao CEO Zhang Wuji.

This skill pays attention to Rou Kegang.

In addition to offensive and defensive battles, workplace professionals must coordinate relationships, resolve conflicts, and connect feelings.

The real workplace Niu Ren are all Tai Chi masters, simplifying the resolution of contradictions, repeating the rifts, uniting the team into a family, a long blow is invincible, invincible.

The benefits of medicated diet are taboo

The benefits of medicated diet are taboo

Medicinal diet uses Chinese medicinal materials as raw materials, is compatible with a certain formula, is processed through special processing, and then matches with specific foods, and then undergoes casting. It is a special form of medicine and food.

  The medicine of the motherland has the saying of “same source of medicine and food”.

When choosing to use medicated diet, we should pay attention to the contraindications between drugs and food, that is, the biased attributes of drugs and food. If improperly matched, it can replace the medicinal effect, thereby affecting the medicated diet.

For example: Radish avoids ginseng, mutton avoids Pinellia ternata, calamus, pork buckwheat plum, bellflower, etc.

In addition, the seasoning of medicated diet must be based on the principle of maintaining the natural flavor of the medicinal materials in the medicated diet, and avoid covering or destroying the sexual flavor of the medicinal ingredients, so as not to destroy or lose the efficacy of the medicinal herbs.

  The choice of medicated diet should be based on people, places, and time. Avoid simple use and blind use.

For example, the elderly have less blood and vitality, and the vitality is diminished. When choosing a medicated diet, the liver and kidney should be the main choice. In children, the vitality is strong, but the blood and blood are not enough, and the internal organs are delicate.
In addition, the choice of medicated diet should be seasonal and chronological.

Such as cold in spring, most of the symptoms of wind temperature, you should choose a cool and cool table, clearing heat and detoxification; fever in the summer, most of the evidence of summer dampness, you should choose sweating and relieving the table, dampening heat.

Regarding health and tonic diet, it is advisable to upgrade in spring, clear in summer, flat in autumn, and nourish in winter.

  The choice of medicated diet should understand the nature of the disease.

Fever disease should use cold medicated diet, avoid hot products; Fever disease should use warm medicated diet, avoid salty cold products.

Weak spleen and stomach, indigestion, avoid greasy food; ulcers, swelling, poisonous, allergic skin diseases avoid fish, shrimp, crab, wine, pig head, onion, leek and other foods that are easy to move, help fire, and produce sputum, so as not to aggravate the disease.
  Medicinal diet is an important part of the motherland’s medicine, and it should be selected and used according to different personal constitutions.

Understanding and mastering its contraindications is of great importance and practical significance for the use of medicated diets.

How is pregnant woman drinking milk right?

How is pregnant woman drinking milk right?

During pregnancy, you need to add enough folic acid, DHA and other ingredients to ensure the nutritional needs of your child and yourself, make your baby healthier and smarter, and ensure that your colleagues who provide nutrition for your baby’s growth can make themselves healthier and help them have a better foundation for recovery after delivery.

Too much milk powder for pregnant women The reasonable proportion and reasonable amount needed during pregnancy, you need to drink milk powder properly to be healthier, so how do you drink milk powder for pregnant women to be healthy?

  How to drink milk for pregnant women?


Don’t take pregnant women’s milk as water. Generally speaking, the product description of pregnant women’s milk will recommend that mothers drink 1 every day?
2 cups.

Expectant mothers should not increase their intake without authorization, otherwise it will easily cause the implantation of certain nutrient elements to exceed standards, and will be harmful to health.

If you want to add more water by drinking pregnant women’s milk powder, do not prevent putting less milk powder each time, add more water, flush a little, thinner, so that you can drink a few more glasses a day.


The formula for pregnant women does not meet all nutritional requirements. The formula for pregnant women is only for most expectant mothers. If there are pregnant women with anemia, severe calcium deficiency and other conditions, they should also take iron and calcium supplements according to the doctor’s diagnosis according to their physical conditions.
However, be sure to let your doctor know that you are drinking maternal milk at the same time, and make sure that all the nutrients are taken within a safe range.


You can also drink pregnant women’s milk after giving birth. It is easier to absorb pregnant women’s milk than drinking soup. It is aimed at expectant mothers, and many brands are also suitable for breastfeeding mothers.

And drinking maternal milk after birth is easier to absorb than drinking soup.


Pregnancy milk powder and multivitamins cannot be eaten together. If you strictly follow the instructions of pregnant woman milk powder, you can basically meet the requirements of expectant mothers on various nutritional elements.

If you take multiple vitamins at the same time, it will cause some nutrients to be excessive.

If long-term intake of certain nutrients is too much, it is not good for the health of the fetus and expectant mother.

For example, if vitamin A is overdose, severe malformations of high blood pressure can result.

  How to choose milk powder for pregnant women?


Try more and find your favorite taste. There are many varieties of pregnant women’s milk powder now. Don’t choose a big bottle blindly, only to find that you don’t like it when you go home. It is even difficult to swallow.

Many brands will distribute free trial packages through supermarkets, shopping malls or magazine channels, which does not prevent two more brands from trying them out.

You can also go to the website to see that everyone is drinking some brand of pregnant women’s milk powder.

Make a decision before trying.


Milk powder for pregnant women is selected according to the purpose, adding a lot of nutritional ingredients, and different maternal milk powders add different things.

You can choose pregnant women’s milk powder according to your own needs. For example, you want to use pregnant women’s milk powder instead of the multivitamins you usually eat.


Not all expectant mothers are suitable for pregnant women with long-term gestational diabetes. It is best to consult a doctor before choosing a pregnant woman’s milk.

Prospective mothers who are overweight and who have gained too much weight should also consider carefully before choosing pregnant women’s milk powder, because pregnant women’s milk powder and multivitamin content, trace content and content are relatively high.


Expectant mothers with severe morning sickness may wish to try the milk powder of pregnant women, which has a severe reaction during pregnancy, often nausea, vomiting, and easy to cause malnutrition.

Drinking milk for pregnant women can supplement many lost nutrients.

And compared with multi-dimensional tablets and fresh milk, pregnant women’s milk powder is easier to replenish, with minimal burden on the digestive tract.

However, it should be reminded that expectant mothers with severe morning sickness, it is best to choose a light milk powder for pregnant women.

  After choosing the right maternal milk powder, expectant mothers need to drink it.

  Netizen: Pregnant women can drink milk powder this way when they are uncomfortable and have a meal with black sesame paste (black sesame is processed by themselves).
More nutrition than eating cookies and bread.
——— At the time of Zhuoya’s postpartum period, before going to bed, give the child a drink of milk. This will quickly replenish the body’s moisture, and the milk will fall quickly, 4 hours laterThere was enough milk for the child.

———– Mother Yinger: Other women who drink yoghurt and milk supplements for pregnant women are not pregnant women who have overreacted pregnancy. It is better to drink yoghurt and milk for calcium supplementation.

  Milk itself is rich in calcium and easily absorbed by the body. Therefore, it is best for pregnant women to drink 250-500 ml of milk every day, which leads to an increase in calcium demand during pregnancy.

Yogurt is made from fresh milk fermented by lactic acid bacteria, and its nutritional value is the same as fresh milk. It also inhibits the proliferation of spoilage bacteria and reduces the role of toxins in the body.

  In the second and third trimester of pregnancy, the daily calcium intake of pregnant women has increased, so it is recommended that when choosing dairy products, it is best to drink milk and yogurt alternately.

Ten Unbeatable Quotes in the Workplace

Ten Unbeatable Quotes in the Workplace

With regard to the work explained by your boss, “do it now” indicates that you are efficient and decisive.

When you encounter a bad situation, you do not report to your boss angrily, or you can calmly come out behind, showing that you will not be confused.

  First, respond to the work explained by the boss: “I’ll do it immediately”!

  Second, when transmitting bad news: “We seem to have encountered some situations .” Third, embody the team spirit: “×× ‘s idea is really good!

“Fourth, if you are asked some business questions that you do n’t know, or do n’t understand,” Let me think about it carefully, would you accept me two points ago? ”

“Five, please colleagues to help:” This project is really not possible without you!

“Six, a male colleague tells you a funny joke that makes you embarrassed:” This kind of statement doesn’t seem to be suitable for speaking in the office!

“Seven, the work is too heavy, and I asked my boss to reduce the workload:” I know this matter is very important, we do not hinder the line of work at hand, click on the order to do it, okay?

“I admit my fault:” I was negligent for a while, but fortunately . “Nine, when I found the topic, I had to break the cold:” I would like to know what you think of this thing . “Ten, facing criticism:” Thank youYou tell me, I will consider your suggestion carefully.

These ten sentences roughly deal with the situation in the office.

With regard to the work explained by your boss, “do it now” indicates that you are efficient and decisive.
When you encounter a bad situation, you do not report to your boss angrily, or you can calmly come out behind, showing that you will not be confused.

Easy to make buttocks every day

Easy to make buttocks every day

Women want to have an S-shaped figure, and one of the keys is to raise their hips.

So what better way to help us raise our hips?

Here is a simple way to easily have a hip-up, for your reference.

Standing squats are best assisted by elastic ropes or skipping ropes. If not, they can also be done empty-handed.

First, spread your feet and step on the elastic rope with shoulder width. Hold the rope on your shoulders with both hands and squat downwards so that the thigh and calf are about 90 degrees. After standing for 8 seconds, stand still.
Depending on how many times you should do it, please adjust according to your personal circumstances.

Doing housework to shape your buttocks Doing housework is one of the most important ways to exercise your body and reflect your family life.

When sweeping or mopping, hold the broom or mop handle firmly with both hands, and try to push it farther away. In this way, the pedaling force will naturally increase, and the intensity of exercise will also increase.better.

Massage the palms of the hands with the palms and push them down from the belly button with moderate strength, then focus the aunt pushing and burn through the lymph movement.

Move the feces to the tibia, then push up from the back of the thighs, move the feces to the back position, then drag your hands forward, pull your hands up, and remember this feeling subconsciously.

While watching TV, put your foot on the sofa, and then watch the TV, feel the whole body dynamics, the special focus is on the side, as long as the shoulders are strong, keep this posture, to control the time of the TV series, youYour knees will lift significantly.

Wearing high heels to raise hips and abdomen often wearing high heels can not only make women look taller, in fact, it can also exercise the hips and tighten the abdominal muscles.

According to American studies, women who walk in high heels unconsciously close their hips and abdomen, effectively strengthening their shoulder and abdominal muscles.

MM who wants to thin hips can walk slowly for 30 minutes in high heels every day, which will have unexpected results.

High leg warming in spring, keep doing 100 high leg lifts a day, which can not only exercise the body but also achieve a good hip lifting effect, and this exercise is particularly suitable for spring exercise, can be easily completed at home.

Stepping forwards and backwards can also be assisted by elastic ropes or skipping ropes.

After stepping on the rope, step forward and backward with your feet, and then squat so that the thighs and lower legs of the front and back feet are at 90 degrees.

She often climbs stairs to keep the perfect hip line. According to surveys, the sisters in Shancheng have the highest ass, because the terrain of Chongqing makes people climb the mountain every day.

Make up your mind, from now on, every day in class or home, as long as there is a staircase, you must use climbing. Don’t make lazy elevators. The perfect hip shape is shaped every day.

Push the legs together, hold your hands inside, straighten your legs, tilt them forward for 10 seconds, and then move closer to the wall for 10 seconds. Repeat. This will not only make the sculpture tilt, but also the effect of abdomen.level.