Aerobic boxing-the killer

Aerobic boxing-the killer

Kickboxing was launched by European boxers and professional aerobics athletes. Its specific forms are a mix of boxing, karate, taekwondo, and even some dance moves, combined with intense music to become a unique styleAerobics.

Due to its instantaneous explosive power, large body size and exercise volume compared to traditional aerobics, boxing exercise is especially suitable for young people who are pregnant with too much accumulation. It can be called an effective “slimming” exercise.

  Fighting exercises can be varied, including straight, upper, pendulum, forward kick, suction kick, side kick, side kick, and other combat actions. Passing music to swing both fists, the action is vigorous and powerful.

The fitness instructor tells us that when punching, the shoulders should be used to pull out the punches. Keep looking at the target before completing punches and kicks. Avoid elbows and knees. Excessive force should be avoided.Large and dislocated, avoiding torsional movements.

The perfect combination of speed and strength is required for each action. It must be fast and explosive, so the entire complete boxing exercise will consume 600 calories per second, which is a pair of aerobics.

While exercising every muscle in the whole body, it will strengthen joint mobility, body flexibility and reaction agility.

  What’s more important is that during the martial arts exercises, you need to raise your breath, lift your chest, abdomen, and jaw, tighten your hands in front of your face, and keep breathing normally, but don’t hold your breath.

He mobilized Qi from Dan Tian, contained in dark colors, and the armor focused on bursting out power.

Otherwise, the movement will be soft, neither strength nor beauty, nor weight loss.

Adhering to the air in the chest is itself a contraction and exercise of the abdominal muscles. In addition, it fully mobilizes the muscles. In particular, almost all movements in boxing require the waist and abdomen to maintain balance and strength.Abdominal exercise is very sufficient.

  In addition, when boxing calls for punches, the abdominal muscles contract and yell. Not only can you train your waist and abs, which are not easy to use, punch out hard, yelling is a good way to relieve your emotions.Give vents and relieve stress.

  National coach Han Wei reminds everyone that if you want to try, you must pay attention to protecting the tendons and ligaments to avoid strains. You should warm up for 10 minutes before exercising, let the joints and muscles relax, and then start punching. If you find muscles after exercising,Soreness is best iced immediately.

Kickboxing exercise intensity, leg fatigue, local pain and discomfort, dizziness, too fast heart rate, etc., it is best to stop practicing.

  Combat aerobics precautions: (1) Insufficient warm-up time and insufficient physical compression.

During the class, the legs should be pressed every 15-20 minutes (2) the abdomen, the jaw should be tightened, both hands fists in front of the face (defensive posture) to keep breathing, not holding your breath (3) to avoid continuous training like professional athletes,Exercises with high and low exercise should be alternated. (4) Failure to twist forward during side kicks will cause pressure to concentrate on the knees, and toes will hurt the wound. Torsion should be twisted towards the toes to reduce the side pressure of complications (5)Alignment should not be rigid to ease cushioning.

Raise the starting point when turning around, otherwise you will sprain the cruciate ligament (6) When punching, you should pull the punch out of your shoulder. Keep looking at the target (7) before completing punching and kicking. Avoid after the crowded room.Kick (8) Avoid elbows and knees with excessive force; avoid dislocation due to excessive movements during dodging or slamming movements, and avoid twisting movements (9) Stop practicing if the following conditions occur (leg fatigue, human bodyLocal pain, discomfort, dizziness, excessive heart rate, etc.)

Traditional Chinese medicine spring gunpowder is the key to symptomatic diet

Traditional Chinese medicine spring gunpowder is the key to symptomatic diet

Although spring is just around the corner, the topic of getting angry is gradually getting worse. Many people are really aware of the windy and dry spring in the north, and sometimes they feel very dry about how to replenish their water. In addition, the office is not dry and dry”Tangle yourself”.

How to better solve this phenomenon also needs to distinguish the nature of the fire.

Let ‘s take a look at it and see if you win.

  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that there is a difference between virtual fire and real fire. Real fire refers to heat-positive heat and excessive heat. The virtual fire is mostly caused by internal injuries and strains, such as chronic illness and exhaustion of gas, and excessive strain.

The real fire treatment adopts the method of clearing heat and lowering fire, and the virtual fire treatment adopts the tonic method.

Let ‘s take a look at how to distinguish between fire and deficiency and taking some proprietary Chinese medicine to reduce fire.

  The real fire refers to the syndrome of yang heat hyperactivity and hyperthermia, and the liver and gallbladder and gastrointestinal real fire are more common.

Symptoms include high fever, headache, red eyes, thirst, cold drinks, irritability, abdominal pain, constipation, yellow urine, red tongue, dry yellow fur or thorns, real pulse, even vomiting blood, nosebleeds, etc.

For the treatment of bitter cold, the principles and methods of clearing heat and detoxifying, and purifying fires should be adopted.

Deficiency fires are mostly caused by internal injuries and strains, such as chronic illness and exhaustion of exhaustion, excessive strains, which can lead to maladjustment of the internal organs, weakness and internal heat, and internal heat boots becoming virtual fires.

  It is also possible to distinguish between real fire and virtual fire, so how to distinguish it?

  Look at the stool: dry stool, red tongue is a real fire; dry stool, pale tongue, white tongue is a virtual fire; weak stool or diarrhea indicates that there is cold in the body, which is a virtual fire.

  Look at the urine: the color of the urine is yellow, the smell is heavy, and the tongue is red at the same time, it is a real fire; the color of the urine is light and clear, indicating that there is cold in the body, which is a virtual fire.

  Look at fever: If the body has fever symptoms, the temperature exceeds 37.

At 5 ° C, the whole body is hot and thirsty. This is a large internal heat, which is a real fire. When the fever is cold, the hands and feet are cold, the body is cold and hot, and you do not want to drink water.

  According to different pathogenesis, virtual fire is generally further divided into two symptoms of yin deficiency and fire deficiency.

Yin deficiency, fire, and fire are mostly manifested as hot flashes throughout the body, night sweats, weight loss, dry mouth and throat, five upsets, restlessness, red tongue, no moss, and pulse count.

Treatment should be based on the principle of Shengjinyangxue, nourishing yin and reducing fire.

Those with qi deficiency and fire dysfunction showed dryness in the whole body, especially at noon, fear of cold and wind, heat and fear of cold, tiredness and weakness, shortness of breath, spontaneous perspiration, urine clearing, weak pulse, pale tongue and thin fur.

Treatment should be based on the principles of Buzhong Yiqi, strengthening kidneys and rejuvenating yang, and warming and removing heat.

  If you are also experiencing the above phenomenon, then hurry up and “fire it?
“(1) Qingrejiedu: such as chrysanthemums, cucumbers, isatis roots, tomatoes, bamboo shoots, mung beans, tofu, celery, coriander, water chestnut, purslane, lily, etc., have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, suitable for a variety of real fire symptoms.

  (2) Bitter cold-making fires: such as bitter gourd, bitter vegetable, fern, loofah, field snail, eggplant, millet, buckwheat, rabbit meat, field chicken, etc., can be cold and sexual heat and reduce fire, mostly for real fire.

  (3) Wet and diarrhea fires: such as winter melon, watermelon, barley, lentils, barley, amaranth, melon, red beans, black fish, duck meat, carp, catfish, loach, lettuce, green bean sprouts, chicken gold, etc., suitable for eachThis kind of fire syndrome.
  (4) Capture real fire: Rhubarb, Zhimu, Coptis chinensis, Cotinus coggygria, banana, celery, potato, sesame, peach kernel, jellyfish, white radish, etc., suitable for short yellow urine, dry stool, bitter mouth, and bloatingSymptoms of anorexia.

  (5) Liangxue convergence blood: such as lotus root, pear, coriander, habitat, fungus, yellow glutinous rice, glutinous rice, coriander powder, amaranth, corn fiber, mango, eel, bamboo leaves, white grass root, purslane, etc., can be used for epistaxis, Blood in the stool, urine in the urine, bleeding gums and other cases of blood heat.

  (6) Ganwen heat-removing category: such as Codonopsis, Atractylodes, Cabbage, Litchi, Chestnut, Jujube, Walnut Kernel, Lily, Black Sesame, Bird’s Nest, Bee Milk, Sorghum, Fennel, Sword Bean, Mustard, Cherry, Pomegranate, Black PlumEtc., suitable for the condition of Qi deficiency and fire.

  (7) Nourishing Yin and reducing fire: such as soft-shelled turtle, kelp, laver, sea cucumber, spinach, pig blood, pork liver, brown sugar, black chicken, pumpkin, clams, white fungus, etc., mostly used for Yin deficiency and fire, five upset fever, flushing night sweats,Can’t wait for the night.

  (8) Filling and quenching: such as black beans, yam, peanuts, milk, barley kernels, white fungus, pigeon eggs, quail, bird meat, catfish, mutton, dog meat, leek, mulberry, etc., suitable for weak viscera and yangGive examples of various false fire symptoms.

9 Symptoms Describe Your Urgent Detox

9 Symptoms Describe Your Urgent Detox

If you have the following nine problems in your life, be alert!

Explain that your body has exceeded the toxin level, and you must take measures quickly!

  Constipation: If you defecate more than 3 days or more, you may have constipation.

According to the symptoms, constipation can be divided into two types: habitual constipation and occasional constipation.

The large intestine forms feces and controls defecation, which is one of the main channels for the human body to excessively excrete toxins.

If the poison is stored in the body, it will affect the operation of the spleen and stomach, cause complications of the large intestine, and cause initial incompatibility and constipation.

Long-term constipation, feces cannot be excreted in time, and a large amount of toxins will be accumulated. These toxins will be absorbed by the human body, and will cause secondary symptoms such as gastrointestinal upset, bad breath, and stains, resulting in weakened human function and decreased resistance.

  Obesity: If your weight is 20% above the standard weight, or your body mass index[weight (kg) / body fat (square meters)]is greater than 24, it is considered obese.

Obesity is a disease of excess nutrition. If long-term excessive consumption of high-fat, high-transfer foods, toxins in the body will breed, causing the body to become unbalanced and cause obesity.

In addition to the weakness, inconvenience of movement, asthma during movement, palpitations, fear of hyperhidrosis or low back pain, lower extremity joint pain and other symptoms, most of them have sugar, trace, water and other substance metabolism and endocrine disorders.

  Melasma: Endocrine changes, long-term oral contraceptives, liver disease, tumors, chronic alcoholism, and sun exposure are all causes of melasma.

Everyone expects to have a beautiful face, but I do n’t know since when your shell has yellowish brown or pale black patches, and those patches are pattern-like or butterfly-shaped patches, which make the skin lose its originalWatery gloss.

  Acne: Acne is a chronic inflammatory skin disease with hair follicles and sebaceous glands.

Various toxins produce a large amount of toxic substances under the action of bacteria, which endangers the whole body through blood circulation; and when the discharge is blocked, it will leak through the skin and leak, making the skin rough and acne.

In addition, trace element deficiencies, mental stress, high aunt or high blood sugar diet are all causes of acne.

So we cannot just pay attention to the work of “face” and ignore the “environmental protection” in the body.

  Bad breath: Bad breath is a symptom of bad smell in the mouth. It is mostly caused by the accumulation of heat in the lungs, spleen, stomach, or indigestion of the food. These things are accumulated in the body for a long time and become toxic.

Gluttony spicy food or overeating, excessive fatigue, hot feelings of fever, depression of fire, or certain oral diseases, such as oral ulcers, dental caries, and digestive diseases can cause unpleasant breath.

  Itchy skin: The skin is the body’s largest detoxifying organ. The sweat glands and sebaceous glands on the skin can expel toxins that other organs cannot solve by sweating.

External stimuli, irregular life, mental stress, and endocrine disorders that weaken this function of the skin can cause itching.

Chronic gastritis: It is a variety of chronic gastric mucosal inflammatory lesions caused by uncontrolled diet, weak spleen and stomach, and excessive work and rest, forming a symptom of poison in the body and impaired blood circulation.

  Duodenal ulcer: endogenous poison of depression, anger, liver stagnation and qi stagnation, inadequate diet, hunger and satiety, eating spicy and other things, and foreign poisons caused by tobacco and alcohol can cause twelveDuodenal ulcer.

  Initial irritable syndrome: Refers to the excessive response to stimuli in the body or the occurrence of abnormal phenomena, resulting in sluggish blood flow, unobstructed detoxification channels, and the retention of multiple toxins in the body.

The main features are abdominal discomfort or abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea, and constipation.

  Eczema: It is caused by digestive diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, mental stress, or various physical and chemical stimuli in the environment. It is also a dermatological reactive disease. It is also an excessive waste that is generated during the metabolism and cannot be discharged in time.Caused by the body.

The most basic diet for diarrhea suggests that diarrhea should be prevented like this

The most basic diet for diarrhea suggests that diarrhea should be prevented like this

Diarrhea is really a very painful thing, pulling to collapse, dehydration.

Will seriously affect our lives, then what food do we have to eat when we prevent diarrhea?

Here are the basic dietary recommendations for preventing diarrhea. I hope it will help everyone.

Dietary advice for preventing diarrhea Apple: Apple is good for constipation and diarrhea. Apple is an alkaline food. Eating apples can quickly neutralize excess acid in the body, enhancing physical strength and disease resistance.

Can be used for lack of gas, diarrhea, constipation and so on.

Lychee: Lychee is rich in nutrients, and the substances contained in it are very helpful for patients with debilitating cold and stomach cold.

Carambola: Carambola juice contains a lot of oxalic acid, citric acid, malic acid, etc., can improve the acidity of gastric acid, promote the digestion of food and achieve the effect of neutralizing digestion.

Pomegranate: Pomegranate can thirst and quench thirst.

Carrot juice: carrot juice, has the effect of spleen and digestion.

Yogurt: Lactose in yogurt has been broken down into galactose, which can be eaten by diarrhea children.

Prevent baby diarrhea from eating what to cook apple: The cooked apple has astringent effect, and one baby every day can help relieve the baby’s diarrhea.

When cooking apples, you should boil them or add some rock sugar so that your baby likes to eat.

Egg yolk meal: After the eggs are cooked, the shells and protein are cooked, and the egg yolks are placed in a small fire in the pot to make oil. One baby in the 1 year old is given a batter, divided into 2-3 times, and 3 days is a course of treatment for diarrhea.And have the effect of tonifying the spleen and stomach and stopping diarrhea.

Jiaomi soup: first grind rice flour or milk cake into powder, stir fry until the color is yellow, add appropriate amount of water and sugar, and then burn into a paste.

After the rice flour is heated, it is heated again, and its carbonized structure has better adsorption and antidiarrheal effect.

Carrot Soup: Carrot is an alkaline food. The pectin contained can degrade the stool and form bacteria and toxins on the intestinal mucosa. It is a good antidiarrheal food.

Chestnut diet: use 3-5 chestnuts, shelled and smashed, add water to boil, add sugar and seasoning, eat 2-3 times a day, with a moderate cessation effect.

In addition, there are orange jujube tea and carrot soup which have the functions of strengthening the spleen and stopping diarrhea.

4 kinds of condiments disorder medicinal effect

4 kinds of condiments “disorder” medicinal effect

Condiments are necessary adjustments to increase the “deliciousness”.
At the same time, they contain various nutrients, but improper use of condiments will make the drug “disorder” in the body, which not only affects or reduces the efficacy, but also can produce or increase toxic and side effects, Threatening health.
.hzh{display:none;}  油  食物中的油脂能降低某些抗菌的药效,如使四环素、强力霉素降低药效分别达50%和20%;缺铁性贫血病人在服用硫酸亚铁时For example, eating a large amount of fat foods can inhibit the secretion of gastric acid, thereby reducing the absorption of iron in the gastrointestinal tract; avoid taking animal oil and less vegetable oil during taking hypotensive and hypolipidemic drugs.
  Solution: When taking this kind of drugs, you need to stagger the meal time, before or after the meal.
5 hours, or in between meals.
  酱  酱一般是以大豆为原料制作的,其中含有大量的钙、镁离子,在服用四环素族抗菌药物同时吃大量食用酱时,酱中的金属离子将与四环素族抗生素结合,形成的结合物不易Absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract, reducing its antibacterial effect.
  Miso or soy sauce contains tyramine. If taken together with monoamine oxidase inhibitors (such as the antihypertensive drug Youjiangning, the antidepressant Cola Cola, etc.), it can cause nausea, vomiting, and increased blood pressure.It also aggravates the condition.
  Solution: These drugs cannot be eaten with sauce at the same time, they should be staggered for more than half an hour.
  Most of the traditional Chinese medicine decoctions in sugar soup have a bitter taste, which makes people “bitter” difficult to swallow.
Therefore, many people take sugar in the soup.
In fact, after the Chinese medicine is added with sugar, its properties will be changed and its efficacy will be reduced.
Granulated sugar (especially brown sugar) is rich in elements such as iron and calcium. After the same serving, it will be combined with the protein, tannic acid and other ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine to make some of its effective ingredients solidify, denature and precipitate, thereby affecting the efficacy of the medicine.
  In addition, the bitterness of some drugs can stimulate the digestive juices of the glands of the digestive tract to promote digestive function.
If the drug is bitter and you drink it after adding sugar, this effect will no longer exist and the effect will be affected.
  Solution: Rinse mouth with water after taking the medicine to reduce pain.
  Monosodium glutamate When heated to more than 120 ° C, monosodium glutamate will become sodium pyroglutamate, not only without umami taste, but also toxic.
Long-term ingestion of excessive monosodium glutamate will cause various neurological functions of the human body to be in a suppressed state, causing adverse reactions such as dizziness, headache and muscle spasm.
  The main component of MSG is sodium glutamate, which can be excreted from the urine in combination with zinc in the blood, so children eating more MSG can consume a lot of zinc, leading to fetal zinc deficiency, which in turn affects development.
  Solution: Avoid taking medicine at the same time as meals, especially the elderly, infants, lactating women, and patients with hypertension and kidney disease. Usually, they should eat less MSG.

The fitness pattern is still the same, so that the muscles will only increase!

The fitness pattern is still the same, so that the muscles will only increase!

During your health training, muscles will undergo a variety of changes. When you master the principles and techniques of these changes, you must be able to use the right method at the right time to allow fast muscle growth.

  Change is the key to improving the effectiveness of fitness training.

The new exercise makes the muscle work harder and stimulates it to grow again. It can correct weaknesses that are formed when you repeatedly practice the same action.

  Starting today, add changes to the movements you are familiar with.

In the following pages, three variations of 10 traditional exercises are introduced.

You just need to add some simple changes while doing these actions in accordance with traditional standards, you can create a new way to practice, and get a new physique.


Squat movements change Squat Squat puts focus on the forefoot and the heel tries to raise.

Keep your heels raised throughout the movement.

  Advantages: This exercise can not only effectively train the calf, but also can improve the weakest part of the quadriceps, which is the median femoris, in a targeted manner.

  Use your elbow to bend the barbell to hold the barbell with your elbows instead of carrying it on your shoulders.

Hold your upper arm against your chest throughout the procedure.

  Advantages: This action can not only develop the entire body, but also increase the weight of the biceps in a targeted manner, enabling you to bend and lift more weight.

  Straight arm support Squats on top of the head, straight arm supports barbell, elbows straight.

Keep this position throughout the squat.

  Pros: This exercise will help you perform better when doing standard squats.

It’s also great for sculpted body.


Dumbbell bench press movement changes The bird’s bench press movement starts from the support directly above the chest, and the palm extends.

Lower the dumbbell like a dumbbell bird, and do not bend the elbow joint until the dumbbell is lowered to half position.

At this time, replace the dumbbell to tilt and lower it like a bench press, then lower it to the lowest point and then push it up correctly.

  Pros: This exercise can withstand additional loads than dumbbell birds and stimulate retina growth.

  Rotate the bench press dumbbells with their palms facing each other at the lowest point, and slowly rotate their wrists inward until they reach the palms.

  Advantages: Rotation can reduce the participation of diabetic triceps while expanding the range of motion, and expand the pectoral muscles to show greater potential.

Usually, the upper arm can be rotated slightly, which is also one of the important functions of the pectoralis major.

  The exercise ball bench press process is exactly the same as the standard bench press, except that the exercise is performed on the exercise ball, not on the bench.

During the action, the head, vertical and main axis are inserted into the ball, but the lower rear end is suspended.

Always lift the ladder so that a straight line runs from the main axis to the top.

  Advantages: This exercise can focus on training the muscles that maintain balance, which are difficult to practice in traditional exercises.

As the balance muscles increase, so does the standard bench press performance.


Variations of deadlift movements Waterberg deadlifts insert the pins of the barbell rack at about the same height as the alignment and place the barbell two steps away from the barbell rack.

Start doing deadlifts, and immediately after pulling to the highest point, place the barbell on the barbell rack in two steps.

Don’t pause, then pull up the barbell, then take two steps back, then drop the barbell and return to the starting position.

  Pros: This action is very practical.

Your chest and lower limbs are well trained as you move forward and backward.

It usually improves your ability to lift heavy objects from the floor and above your knees.

  Do this with a single arm deadlift. Stand in front of the barbell instead of the normal deadlift.Squat down, hold the middle of the barbell with your right hand, and pull up firmly. The main shaft stays straight during the movement.

  Advantages: This action can exercise all the main “pull” muscles-biceps femoris, hips and biceps, and thus enhance grip.

  Use a 25-pound barbell instead of a 45-pound barbell for extended deadlift exercises.

  Advantages: This change increases the range of motion, can exercise more muscle fibers, and has a better training effect.


Variations in curls One-arm barbell curls Use the right hand to hold the barbell (this exercise is more difficult) or the middle of the curler (this exercise is easier), then perform curl exercises.

  Advantages: This action can strongly stimulate the balance muscle group and forearm through leverage, so that the biceps brachii grows rapidly.

  Towel curls Use one end of the towel to tie the dumbbells, hold the other end of the towel tight, and practice the curls.

  Advantages: This exercise can transfer the load during the movement, and apply stimulus to the slender biceps completely different from ordinary curls.

  Hold a dumbbell in each of the static curls, stop when the right arm is bent to 90 degrees of the elbow, and then use the left arm to do a normal curl.

After completing a set, exchange carbon dioxide, and use the right arm to do ordinary curls while statically insisting.

  Advantages: The elbow joint is the most difficult position in the curling at 90 degrees. At this point, static persistence can apply more intense stimulation to the biceps.

The advantage of this exercise is to break the sticking points in ordinary curls.


Changes in the movement of the supine triceps contraction At the beginning of the supine rotation triceps flexion and extension movement, a part of the straightened and raised hand is moved forward, instead of facing the palms as in ordinary movements.

The forearm rotates inwardly while the dumbbell is lowering, and the palm of the hand is facing the ear when descending to the lowest point.

  Advantages: This change provides a new way to exercise the triceps, it expands the range of motion and can exercise different parts of the triceps.

  Flex your left arm laterally and hold a dumbbell above your left shoulder.

Keep your upper arms still and lower the dumbbells forward.

Stop before the dumbbells touch the body, then return to the starting position.

  Pros: This exercise uses more weight than regular exercises to stimulate different muscle fibers and increase strength.

  The supine arm is flexed and stretched on the floor, with both hands holding the crank barbell above the head, straight.

Keep your upper arm still, lower the barbell back to the lowest point, hold it for 2 seconds, and then return to the starting position.

  Pros: It is more comfortable to lie on the floor, you can use more weight, and take care of muscle fibers that are difficult to practice.


Changes in lunge squat movement Box lunge squat stands about 6 inches (1 inch = 2).

54 cm) tall box or step two feet in front of the step, step forward with your right foot, step on the box, and start doing lunge squats.

  Advantages: This change makes it easier for you to keep the spindle straight while expanding the range of motion.

  The stepping exercise is diagonally correct, with your right foot in front, stepping on a 12-inch box, and your left foot in the back, stepping on the floor.

While keeping your right foot still, cross your chest with your left leg to complete a lunge squat.

  Advantages: The focus of this change is on the squatting stage, so that the hip muscles are also involved in exerting force. It can also improve the ability to slow down and cushion, which is the basis of many sports.

  Support lunge squats. Hold dumbbells on your head like a dumbbell press, straighten up, and practice lunge squats while maintaining this position.

  Advantages: This exercise can exercise the lower limbs, upper limbs and waist at the same time.


Pull-up motion changes Side pull-ups hold the barbell up with the left hand at the same width as the shoulders, right hand at a pair of shoulder widths, and then pull up.

  Advantages: This action helps to eliminate the double power imbalance that is common in people.

  Alternate pull-ups first pull up to the right, the chin comes into contact with the right hand, and then pulls up to the left.

  Advantages: The load of this concentrated change is at the top, which can increase the unilateral force in a targeted manner.

  Exercise ball pull-ups Use the thighs and calves to clamp the exercise ball to the back of the knee joint and keep this position pulled up.

  Advantages: When walking, the human gluteal muscles, biceps femoris and calves naturally contract at the same time.
And this exercise can make these muscles contract synchronously through pull-ups.

Dumbbells Alternate Pressing and lifting Alternate weightlifting Hand-held double-headed cervical spine stretches into the shoulders, bends the knees moderately, squats, and straightens the left-hand dumbbells upwards while straightening your legsWeight by weight).
Restore, and then do the same with the right arm.

  Advantages: This movement can strengthen the whole body.

  Rotate the main shaft to the right while pushing up with the swivel lift, and turn the main shaft back to the original position while lowering the dumbbell.

Then practice left again in the same way.

  Advantages: The upper body’s ability to rotate is very important in the movement, and this action can just exercise this.

  The upper oblique press is lying on the upper oblique bench press, and the dumbbell is pushed upward obliquely.

  Advantages: This exercise improves the deltoid muscle while keeping the upper end always tense.


Changes in the movement of the Roman-style deadlift Narrow grip Roman-style deadlift exercises have the same grip width as the shoulder width, and slowly bend forward while the knee joint angle is unchanged, and the adjacent natural arches.

Lower the barbell until it exceeds one level.

  Advantages: This change stimulates the latissimus dorsi and biceps femoris more than ordinary movements.

  The wide grip Roman style deadlift is like a snatch, with a two-way shoulder-width grip.

  Advantages: The wider the grip, the lower the barbell to the same position, the longer the barbell needs to be moved, which increases the range of motion and muscle stimulation.

  The one-leg Roman deadlift lifted one leg and leaned behind the other.

Single leg throughout the exercise.

  Pros: This change helps eliminate the imbalance in the strength of the legs.

In addition, because you practice with one leg, you can use more weight, so the grip will not become an obstacle.


The movement of leaning over a rowing boat alternates rowing using dumbbells to do this exercise.

Keep your upper body still and pull up only the top dumbbells at a time.

  Advantages: Alternating action power The body is balanced by the rotating force.

So it’s both a good hip exercise and a good waist exercise.

  One-leg rowing raises one leg and leans behind the other.

Single leg throughout the exercise.

  Pros: It is great for improving balance.

One-leg rowing press with one foot in one foot and a dumbbell in the left hand.

The upper body posture is the same as that of ordinary rowing, the torso is parallel to the ground, and the back arches naturally.

Pull up the dumbbells while rowing, and straighten your left arm while fractured torso.

In the end position, the left arm is perpendicular to the ground.

After step by step, practice on the other side.

  Pros: This is a comprehensive exercise for the upper limbs, which can practice the waist and the entire hip.

  Of course, for a fitness program and a fitness program that is repeated throughout the year, the exerciser can easily enter the posture state, other muscles cannot be effectively exercised, and physical development is not balanced.

So it’s good to have more fitness tricks.

Husband’s trick, wife’s trick

Husband’s trick, wife’s trick

100% 倔 husband 必 husband’s nirvana: After a quarrel, never say the first sentence If you are not a master of cold war endurance, then you must lose a lot of points in the “Who speaks the first sentence first” section.
Normally, reading books and surfing the Internet quickly passed away. The Cold War time always passed very slowly. Even if there was only a few hours of cold air, it was a huge drain on you.
On the one hand, I resentfully recalled the quarreling process, and grievances and anger made me uncomfortable trying to scratch the wall. On the other hand, questions such as “whether he loves me or not” and “will this experience cause sequelae to our feelings”Persistent in my mind . In short, either make a loud noise or calmly discuss the problem, this suffocating silence will drive people crazy.
  Wife picks up: The small note begins to save the cold war. The small note records the convention signed by the two before the outbreak of your war. The convention stipulates that each person will take turns to speak within 24 hours after a quarrel.
Hanging it in a conspicuous position will usually increase your consciousness, and you can remind the two to act according to the rules when they really quarrel.
However, since it is a 100% puppet husband, it is not surprising that there is a case of non-compliance with the convention.
Then your note will play the role of emotional mediation ambassador. Write a letter of complaint to him, complaining that he did not quarrel without a result, it is a sullen life, and you are left alone on the battlefield.
The next challenge letter in the letter asked him to clarify the unfinished question with you, but the rule stipulating that the quarrel was not allowed to leave midway.
A man who is so embarrassed to him, since he promised to quarrel with you to the end, he will certainly fulfill his promise, and take this opportunity to exchange ideas and study solutions.
  80% 倔 husband 必 husband’s nirvana: what did you say today to give me an understanding “how can this idea be impossible?
Today, you have to tell me to understand . “Once your ideas are not realized and you cannot accept them, you must persuade others to accept their opinions, and the vigorous men can easily become nervous.
In fact, at this time, if you really tell him the truth, he may not really listen, because as a man with a stubborn index of 80%, once his ideas take shape, he is very confident in himself. At this timeLet them admit that they have a wrong idea.
  Wife picks up: You are right, but . If your husband asks you again to “speak out” with him, don’t repeat your original thoughts in silly hats.
We should start with his ideas and praise the right part. “This part is very good, I agree, but it goes on .” At this time, he unknowingly proposed his own solution and asked him to help revise it.
“You’re right” is equivalent to an introduction smeared with honey, let him calmly listen to “but .” behind you.
  60%倔老公  老公必杀技:我偏要  这样的男人,倔强中带着任性,如果他发现和你意见相左后,便会马上下决心放弃你的认同―老婆同不同意无所谓,我照样可以Do it.
For example, changing to a higher-performance camera requires more than 20,000 yuan, and the price is not cheap. Tony wants to buy it before taking a business trip to Europe next month to take a new lens.
However, Mrs. Wang Mei disagrees. Seeing that next week you will have to pay property management fees and heating fees, not a small expense. Since the old lens is good, you should use it first and make use of it . So here, TonyI didn’t say yes, and bought the lens from the equipment store the next day.
Tony’s move was not a big betrayal of the couple’s relationship, but his indifference to his wife’s opinions was mad enough.
  Wife picks up: Let ‘s go together, “Let ‘s go together”, go to the property company to pay the property fee, go to the equipment store together to buy the lens . In short, as a wife, I want to end that “I” era.
Get involved in her husband’s activities more widely and understand his psychological needs.
Whether he is “preferred” or not, take the idea with him.
When raising an objection, don’t blindly start from your own perspective, and seriously evaluate his decision, “The lens can be bought, but not necessarily in a hurry, because we currently have a lens, so the lens can be picked slowly .”.
In addition, when you go to pay the property fee, pull him together to let him know that another expense of life is also important. He also needs to participate in the distribution of money.
Allowing more things to be done “with us”, more communication and more tacit understanding can reduce the stubborn confrontation.
  40% 倔 husband 必 her husband’s nirvana: 怎么 爱 爱 爱 爱 爱 爱 爱 爱 爱 爱 爱 爱 爱 爱
For the husband of the 40% stubborn index, his stubbornness is completely within the normal index range.
For example, insist on refusing to admit that your family investment plan has failed; never bring a wallet full of your wallet to work; never refuse to borrow money from others . In short, you cannot meet a man who is absolutely and stubbornly immune.
When a man is close enough to you, his way of communication is likely to become irritable. When communication is not smooth, or when you are splashed with cold water, he is particularly easy to be anxious. “Whatever you love is what you are” can easily become了他的 “口头语”。  Wife picks up: Take turns to sit in the upper position and take turns in the upper position. If a dispute occurs between a husband and wife, you cannot always rely on one’s tolerance.
When a person’s voice is overwhelmed by another person during marriage, two situations usually occur: first, the other party is inserted into another team in order to be able to speak;Encourage. In the end, the sound talent can only wait for the degradation of step by step, and less and less love pronunciation.
Therefore, in order to maintain a good and healthy marriage relationship, do not break the balance between husband and wife. Everyone has shortcomings. Stubbornness and impatience are more common. On the contrary, if you lose these two characteristics, you may lack a vigor.
Tolerate some of his shortcomings, and pave a peaceful environment for the person you love, this is the way to a good wife’s victory.

Thirteen wonderful uses of wind oil essence

Thirteen wonderful uses of wind oil essence

Introduction: Fengyoujing has cooling, itching, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. It is a well-being medicine for home and travel in summer.

With the development and progress of science, after research and clinical verification, wind oil essence has been found to have other curative effects. The following Sina Traditional Chinese Medicine Editor will introduce the thirteen wonderful uses of wind oil essence: 1. In the water in the summer when bathingPut a few drops of wind oil essence, you will feel cool and comfortable, and the ladle on your body will gradually fade after washing a few times.

  2. Use wind oil essence to coat acupuncture points such as Sun, Yintang, etc., to prevent heat stroke and cold.

  3. When the temperature is high in summer, people often feel groggy. If you take a small amount of wind oil essence and apply it on your temple, or sniff it, you can refresh your mind and relieve fatigue.

Can also treat seasickness.

  4. In summer, when mosquitoes are outbreak, cloth strips with wind oil essence suspended in the room can drive mosquitoes and flies; if a few drops of wind oil essence are sprinkled on the mosquito coil or fan, it will enhance the mosquito repellent effect and make people feel cool.
  5. Sprinkle 2-3 drops of wind oil on the head, which can refresh and cover the sweat.

  6. For mouth ulcers or long aphthous ulcers, take Fengyoujing 3 times a day to treat the affected area for 2-3 consecutive days to cure.

If you apply it again every night before bedtime, the effect is better.

  7, 3-5 drops of inverted wind oil essence in a spoon, swallow slowly, can cure sore throat.

This method is also effective for sore throat caused by dry cough.

Applying wind oil refined coating on Tiantu points can relieve wind and cough.

  8. Insert the cotton wool dripped with wind oil essence into the nasal cavity and change it 2 to 3 times a day, but do not exceed two drops of wind oil essence on the cotton wool at a time to avoid discomfort.

  9. In summer, the climate is high, and the athlete’s foot is irritated. If you wash your feet every day, take an appropriate amount of wind oil and sprinkle it on the affected area for 5 consecutive days. It can relieve pain and itch, and treat athlete’s foot.

  10, feel the cold or unclean diet caused by abdominal pain, a few drops of wind oil essence in the navel hole, and then fixed with wound dampness pain cream, has the effect of driving cold and relieve pain.

  11. Sprinkle a few drops of wind oil essence on underwear in summer to reduce or eliminate sweat odor and underarm odor.

  12. For mild burns caused by water and fire, if you apply wind oil essence once every 2-3 hours, when the blisters break in severe cases, apply wind oil essence first, and then apply anti-inflammatory cream for 3-5 times.Days will get better.

  13. For those caused by hemorrhoids, anal fissures, etc., first wash the affected area with warm water, then use cotton wool dipped in wind oil essence, rub it around the anus, and it will work.

Baby crying is a way of self-expression

Baby crying is a way of self-expression

Crying a baby is a way of self-expression. Like other behaviors, crying a baby can only be a reflection and a response to personality.

In general, gradually increase the time of crying for newborns, 2?
4 hours.

Crying is usually a sign of “I’m hungry,” “I want to sleep,” “I need a hug,” and so on, but crying is often a way of expressing emotions.

When your baby is crying, sometimes you can calm him or her quickly, but sometimes it takes half an hour or even until.

Some babies cry so much that parents feel that he or she does not cry.

  Crying your baby is one of the most urgent ways to communicate, because crying immediately catches your attention.

No matter if he (she) is hungry, tired, uncomfortable, angry or bored, I hope you can pay attention to him (her), and also need you to recognize his (her) environment to adapt to him (her)).

When he or she cries, you will know that you like it a little, some do n’t like it, some can tolerate it, some feel tired, and how much he or she values your love and care.

If he (she) wants a sense of security, it will attract your attention alternately, and if he or she goes well someday, he will be satisfied with the people and things around him, and will move by touchingBody and eyes communicate.

  Over time you can recognize the different crying sounds of your baby.

The baby can make 5 tones in one tune, the piano can make 10 tones, and he or she will have a “reserved show”.

According to different needs, such as food, play, hug, etc., there will be different pauses and intensity of crying, and the size of crying will also be different.

For example, if he or she is bored and the crying is intermittent, crying for a while will stop and see if you come to accompany him or her.

But the baby’s cry does not necessarily convey negative meanings. He (she) may just want to express his emotions. In the 6 months after birth, crying is the most common thing he (she) can emit.And plenty of sound.

  Learning to understand your baby’s language has always been a task, but you will often be embarrassed by your baby’s new expressions.

Whimpers and constant crying that you are unfamiliar with often make you feel overwhelmed (most parents do).

When you have this kind of worry, just look at the watch, you think it has been up to 1 hour, it may actually only be 5 minutes.

Check out the tips below to see if something is right for your baby.

If you are still uneasy or think your baby is sick, you can go to the doctor and ask for their advice.

If you are worried or upset and think your baby’s cry may suggest something went wrong, you can respond quickly and seek help from others immediately.

  When the baby becomes more comfortable, he will cry less and less.

Although sometimes (daytime, or at night) may cry more than usual, it is venting emotions and can quickly burst into tears: he (she) may cry in your arms for 20 minutes, but DadPicking it up from you, he or she started laughing, or just laughing on the small blanket, frowning in the blink of an eye and started crying.

Sore throat can help

Sore throat can help

People with pharyngitis can eat a little bit more in daily life.

  Specific method: Patients with pharyngitis can wash the fresh ravioli, peel it, shred it, and take cold juice, every 150 grams, without quantitative integration; you can also eat ravioli after cooking with water, twice a day, each timeJust eat 5-6.

  Daily Attention: Be careful with your diet and avoid spicy irritation.

Eat more fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C, as well as collagen and elastin, such as trotters, fish, milk, beans, animal livers, lean meat, etc.

Rinse your mouth with fresh saline sooner or later. After rinsing, you may drink another glass of fresh saline to sterilize, clean and moisten the throat, improve the environment of the throat, and prevent bacterial infections.

If you persist for half a year to one year, chronic pharyngitis can get very effective control.

Healthy eating network: foodwang.

com special tips-Pharyngitis needs to be checked for stomach life tips: If your throat is itchy, dry, has a burning sensation or keeps clearing your throat, try hot fumigation therapy.

Hot fumigation therapy refers to opening the mouth at a suitable interval and facing the cup of hot gas, taking care that the water temperature does not exceed 50 ° C, and it is advisable to feel comfortable in the throat. The hot gas released by excessive water temperature will damage the oral mucosa.
Generally speaking, hot fumigation therapy 2?
After 3 days (twice every day, about 20 minutes each time), the symptoms of nose and throat prevention and dryness of the oral mucosa can quickly disappear or be greatly relieved.

If the symptoms cannot be alleviated or there is a tendency to worsen, then acute respiratory inflammation may have formed, it is best to seek professional doctors for treatment as soon as possible.

In addition, you can drink chrysanthemum tea, rock sugar pear water, raw radish juice and other drinks in your daily life, because they all have the effect of clearing throat and moistening the lungs.