Sweet talk between lovers

Sweet talk between lovers

In many TV series and books, the protagonist of Huaxin is particularly good at sweet talk, and always can speak the actress with red ears and red hearts in just a few words, and spring in the heart.

Although the process is beautiful and romantic, the results often end with the protagonist’s cheating.

  At that time, I was thinking: love is not uttered by the mouth, it does not need sweet words, but it is reflected by some details in life.

If he loves you, he will put down the phone only after he hears you hang up at the end of the call; if he loves you, he will always walk to your left, not because the man is left and right, but because he is crossing the roadHe can protect you very well; if he loves you, he will remember all your festivals and give you a romantic surprise that day; if he loves you, even if he doesn’t say he loves you,He will also make you feel he loves you.

  However, I don’t think so now.

Love still needs some sweet words to regulate the saltiness.

  Love is like a plate of seemingly delicious selectivity, and sweet words are salt.

If there is less salt, the taste is not enough. If there is more salt, the taste is too strong.

It may seem small, but it is a very important existence.

Some people don’t bother to speak sweet words and think it’s fake, just like me before.

It does not produce much for you, but it can make your partner happy for a long time.

  My lover is a stupid cow. He is not good at talking, and he is not good at sweet talk. He has a special feeling for the work of keeping silent.

Sometimes I annoyed him, he didn’t quarrel with me, he still didn’t talk, it made me want to quarrel and couldn’t quarrel.

I’m a very sensitive person, and it’s easy to make mistakes. Sometimes I have a little nervousness and I feel insecure.

But unfortunately, I encountered a stupid cow and said nothing, sometimes it can really make me ill.

In fact, I understand, because no one can be sure whether there will be results in this relationship. Commitment may become a burden.

But sometimes the short “I miss you” is also very important, it can calm the irritability and uneasiness in my heart, at least I think so.

  Please don’t yell at those short words to your couple, it’s really important.

Guide: Medicated Diet lets you eat dry air

Guide: Medicated Diet lets you “eat” dry air

Autumn and winter are the driest seasons of the year.
At this time, it can cause dry nose, dry throat, dry and cracked skin, and increased wrinkles.
For the dryness of autumn and winter seasons, traditional Chinese medicine has different types of syndromes, and according to these different syndromes, choose a “eat” out of dryness.
  The main symptoms of dryness in the lung health are fever, headache, slight cold, dry mouth and nose, cough without sputum, sore throat and dryness.
  At this time, should pay attention to Xinsanganrun diet.
If you can choose mulberry apricot drink, take 10 grams of mulberry leaves, 5 grams of almonds, 5 grams of ginseng, 15 grams of pear peel, and 3 grams of rock sugar, and replace them with tea.
  The main symptoms of dry wound and stomach dysentery are dryness, thirst, oliguria, constipation, retching, reddish tongue without moss or cracks, and thin pulses.
  At this time, should be nourishing stomach moistening food therapy.
Such as Sydney syrup: take a big sweet pear, cut into thin slices, soak in cold water for half a day, drink frequently.
Five Juice Drinks: Take pear juice, coriander juice, fresh reed root juice, winter wheat juice, coriander juice, temporarily consider the dosage, and uniformly cool clothes.
Sesame porridge: Take 6 grams of sesame kernels, 30 grams of white rice, sugar or white honey as a supplement.
First stir-fry the sesame seeds, cook another rice to make porridge, add sesame, sugar or white honey when cooked.
  The main symptoms of dryness, liver and kidney dysentery are dry and dull skin, night sweats, five-heart dryness or low fever, dry cough, bloody sputum, etc., no moss on the tongue, pale color, and weak pulses.
  Should be given at this time Ziyin Yangxue Recipe diet.
Such as Ma Ren porridge: take 20 grams of Ma Ren, 80 grams of white rice, cook porridge to eat.
Asparagus porridge: Take 30 grams of asparagus and 50 grams of white rice.
Ejiao porridge: take 30 grams of Ejiao, mash, grind and grind glutinous rice, stir the glutinous rice with Ejiao and eat.
  It should be reminded that the above diets should “eat” symptomatically, preferably under the guidance of a Chinese medicine practitioner.

The 0-1 year old baby will also make trouble?

The 0-1 year old baby will also make trouble?

[Introduction]Western psychologists have discovered that the first time a newborn baby takes the initiative to breathe, he already has the ability to feel angry.

By the time of 4 months, the baby can express his anger clearly.

  As he slowly learns to use more movements, expressions and language to express emotions, tantrums become a way for the baby to vent to lower emotions.

At this time, it is very important for parents to help the baby learn to control his anger.

If the baby is difficult to vent anger smoothly or anger in life, it will constitute a hidden danger of good character development.

  0-6 months At this stage, the baby’s emotions and sorrows suffer from their own physiological feelings and external stimuli. Therefore, parents ask the baby to control their own emotions, which is impossible for him.

At this time, Mom and Dad’s attention and comfort to him is the only way to help the baby control to reduce emotions.

  Tips to help your baby divert attention and help your baby get out of anger and other emotions.

For example, when he expresses dissatisfaction in a noisy environment, it is the best way to comfortably take your baby out of the noise environment as soon as possible.

  If the baby is crying because of the newborn, the mother should feed him in time.

If the mother does not breastfeed until he cries his throat and hoarse, it will cause the baby to have physiological resistance to touch due to excessive compression, which is manifested as adverse physiological reactions such as spitting milk and lethargy.

These consequences will make it difficult for him to calm down from volatility, expressing anger in a continuous, high-frequency way with crying.

  The baby at this stage of 6-12 months has learned a lot of great motor skills, such as: crawling, walking, etc., and can communicate with mom and dad through rich voices, expressions and even simple words.

At this point, the baby’s anger is beginning to be refined into uneasiness, anger and fear.

Self-avoidance and attention to the attitude of mom and dad became the main way of self-regulation of his anger.

  Tips · Mom and Dad are the people that the baby trusts, so the attitude of parents to things is affecting the baby’s mood more and more.

For example: Mom and Dad happily accompanying the baby to play a slide he has never played, will greatly reduce his inner anxiety.

  · Mom and Dad should correct the baby’s whispering and crying, etc., timely discover the baby’s complications, and help the baby to form a habit of communicating with mom and dad through the comfort of speaking and movement. This is to encourage the baby to learn to express emotions.Initial.

For example, when the baby sees lightning or crying or screaming, the mother must tell the baby: “Mom knows that the baby is afraid. When the baby is scared, hug the mother or ask the mother to come over.

At 12-24 months, the baby gradually became self-conscious.

He has a preliminary understanding of other people’s emotions and self-emotion.

Therefore, he often adjusts his emotions by observing the emotional reactions of others.

For example, the baby cries because the mother does not give him biscuits before dinner. He will observe the mother’s reaction and climb up from the hard floor, sit on the soft carpet and cry, continue to observe the mother’s reaction.

It can be said that the mother’s reaction is the main factor determining the time and extent of his crying.

  Tips When the baby exaggerates the emotions, Mom and Dad are calm and rational, and the rational attitude can help the baby learn to suppress his anger.

  · Mom and Dad can help the baby learn the social rules of emotional expression by watching the children’s picture book or game with the baby.

For example, by adding a “happy face” and an “angry face” to a character in a children’s story to understand why the baby is not happy; why the mother and father will be angry; why the mother and father will be happy together.

  After 24-36 months and 2 years old, the baby can expand from focusing on his own emotions to caring about other people’s emotions.

The positive and negative emotions of others can control the baby’s anger.

For example, the baby also began to try to comfort others when he saw that his family was unpleasant. If he saw that his mother was not happy, he would go to the side to play with his toys and no longer mess with his mother.

  Tips Mom and Dad need to understand the baby’s anxiety and anger in a relatively equal way.

For example, the baby and the little friend are angry because they are fighting for the toy. Although the mom and dad don’t need instant conversion, they can help the baby to ease the dissatisfaction by talking with the baby’s personality, asking him to feel the feeling and happy game.

  Make a special form with your baby to express or vent your unhappiness.

For example, if your baby or mom is not happy, you can go to the sofa cushions; go to the balcony and tell the green plants about the unhappy things, or tell your favorite toys that you are not happy.

  · Open-minded mom and dad are the best examples for the baby to learn to control anger.

In daily life, mom and dad often use laughter to resolve quarrels and conflicts. The baby will realize that unhappy is not a big deal. Happy is the most important thing!

Drinking coffee may help prevent liver cancer

Drinking coffee may help prevent liver cancer

Japanese researchers have found good news about coffee: Drinking coffee may help prevent common liver cancer.

  A survey of 90,000 Japanese people showed that people who drink coffee daily or almost every day are half as likely to develop liver cancer as people who never drink coffee; drinking one or two cups of coffee a day can help prevent liver cancer, Drinking 3 to 4 cups will increase its preventive effect.

  Animal experiments have also shown that coffee has a preventive effect on liver cancer.

So a research team at the National Cancer Center in Tokyo conducted a 10-year public health survey to prove whether coffee has an effect on liver cancer.

Studies have reported that in these 10 years, people who have never drank coffee or drank less coffee have had 547 cases per 100,000 people with liver cancer.

2 cases, while the number of people who drink coffee every day is only 214 per 100,000 people.

6 cases.

  Other studies have found that the caffeine in coffee stimulates the nerves of the substitute and turns sober.

Caffeine can also worsen the symptoms of menopause or the replacement of certain antibiotics.

Drinking too much coffee will cause miscarriage.

But research has also shown that caffeine-based skin creams reduce the risk of skin cancer in mice.

How can the rising blood pressure be eaten

How can the rising blood pressure be “eaten”

If the blood pressure of hypertension patients is not well controlled, it can cause severe heart, brain and kidney damage.
According to experts, controlling blood pressure starts with controlling the diet.
For patients with hypertension, dietary requirements are very strict, especially for foods with high fat content, which should be kept away.
根据目前世界上一些国家控制高血压的研究成果,一些营养专家向高血压患者提出了把血压“吃下去”的降压方法:大蒜降压 方便简捷每天吃2-3瓣大蒜是降压的最Easy way.
Research surveys show that consuming 600-900 milligrams of garlic puree reduces blood pressure by an average of 11 millimeters of mercury.
Melon yogurt high potassium Balanced blood pressure Melon and yogurt are high in mineral potassium. Eating such foods at breakfast helps control blood pressure.
A follow-up study of 2,600 people showed that eating foods containing 1 g of potassium, such as a potato, a big banana, or 226 g of milk, reduced blood pressure by 4 mm Hg after five weeks.
Orange juice VC is rich in blood vessel expansion Orange juice is rich in vitamin C, and the higher the content of vitamin C in the blood, it helps the blood vessels to dilate and the arterial blood pressure is lower.
Therefore, drinking more orange juice is also good for lowering blood pressure.
Taking 60 mg of vitamin C tablets daily, or eating more vegetables, lemons, and other sour fruits can also do the same.

Your other half will be a profession

Your other half will be a profession

If you have an only child, would you send him to a supplementary class?

  An analysis of a violin B changing magic class C drawing class D baseball team E gifted education tuition class: you can know the ideal marriage object in your mind!

Latent psychology says that for women, sons are substitutes for husbands.

In this way, from wanting your child to be someone, it represents what your husband ‘s ideal career is.

  ★ A, the violin class violin requires exquisite technology and delicate soul, full-hearted dedication can show beautiful music, and wholehearted intervention, can’t be a bit sloppy. What you like is a person with concentration spirit.You have a sense of security and it is worth all your heart.

In addition, the violin can be thought of as the human body.

Learning the violin can also remind people of auscultation, operation, etc., your favorite object is a doctor who performs precision surgery on the human body.

Also, your ideal marriage partner is a physician.

  ★ B. Changing the magic class Changing the magic class is a variety of happy skills, representing the combination of serving the crowd and art, full of smiles, joys, and all kinds of humor in life. They are particularly expressive and feel on the stage, Their stage is life, and experience endless fun in performance art, you need the feeling of facing the attention of the crowd, surrounded by magnesium lights from time to time; professionally, it refers to comedians and entertainers, etc.An eye-catching crowd.

Don’t you want to marry a famous artist and singer?

The life of Mrs. Star is very exciting!

  ★ C, painting class represents the longing for freedom, the pursuit of an unrestrained life, the innocence of innocence, the special sensibility of those who like painting, the keen intuition, the rich artistic cells, the taste and appreciation of beauty, elegant, elegant and elegantelegant.

Because painting can freely express what you want to do or feel, it is also a sustenance of personal emotions.

The professions we can associate with are freelance photographers, advertising designers and other professions that can freely use imagination.

In addition, people such as explorers are also ideal targets for your future.

  ★ D, baseball baseball is a very outstanding teamwork sport. Everyone must stick to his post and exert his collective strength to defeat the enemy.

Although you don’t need to highlight your personal strengths, it is important to cooperate with each other. You don’t need to be outstanding. As long as you have a relatively stable job, a plain life is what you yearn for. It is good to be happy together. There is nothing.Too much to ask.

Those who choose this answer are likely to want to marry a person who works for a white-collar civil servant or a stable class organization, and maybe a school teacher can also fall into your choice.

  ★ E, gifted education tuition classes were born in order to let children stand out in the fierce joint entrance exam war.

You potentially hope that the other half of you is a fierce figure, at least also a dragon among people, who has a prominent position in a certain business field, belongs to the role of leader, and you enjoy it at the material level of life.

In the real world, it is to take the lead and want to have a place in the society as its goal, so the most suitable choice for your marriage object is the manager or young candidate of a trading company.

Efficacy and effects of tangerine peel

Efficacy and effects of tangerine peel

Cooking: The tangerine peel is bitter and has the delicate fragrance of oranges, so it is often used to cook certain special flavor seasonings, such as “tangerine beef” and “tangerine chicken”.

Cinnamon is sweet and slightly spicy, has a strong aroma, stews meat, and puts cinnamon on the fish when it is roasted, which is delicious and fragrant.

It is also an essential condiment for processing spiced powder, spiced sunflower seeds, and boiled tea eggs.

Cinnamon has a fragrant aroma because it contains volatile oil, which can change the meat and eliminate the fishy odor. The aroma is delicious, which greatly increases appetite.

  Efficacy: Chenpi is also a commonly used traditional Chinese medicine, which has the effect of invigorating the spleen, moistening phlegm, relieving tiredness and retaining fragrance, and reducing the effect of reversing and vomiting.

Cinnamon has the effects of dispersing cold and analgesics, dissipating stasis and promoting blood circulation, and strengthening the stomach.

For chest and abdomen fullness.

Tangerine Xinxin has warm temperature, fragrant aroma, longer than qi, and can enter the spleen and lungs, so it can not only disperse the lungs and prevent qi, but also wide qi. It is used for lung stagnation, chest fullness and spleen and stomach qi, Abdominal distension and embolism.

It is often compatible with woody incense and coriander shell.

It is used for damp resistance in middle coke, abdominal distension, diarrhea, and phlegm cough.

Orange peel is bitter, warm, dry, and can strengthen the spleen and qi, so it is often used in damp resistance, middle-burning, bloating, abdominal distension, and greasy fur. It can be used in combination with Atractylodes root and Magnolia.

It is also good at drying dampness and reducing phlegm. It is a commonly used medicine for treating dampness, phlegm, and lungs.

For spleen deficiency diet, indigestion, and nausea and vomiting.

This product is dry and damp and can strengthen the spleen and appetite. It is suitable for spleen and stomach weakness, reduced diet, indigestion, stool diarrhea and other symptoms. It is often used in combination with ginseng, atractylodes, Poria.

Because it can not only strengthen the spleen, but also regulate the qi, it is often used to supplement the qi, which can make up without stagnation, and has the function of preventing spleen and preventing bloating.

  In addition, orange peel can be neutralized, which can cure stomach loss and nausea, nausea and vomiting. If the stomach is cold and vomiting, it can be used with ginger; stomach heat and vomiting can be used in combination with Zhuru, Huanglian and other drugs.

  Contraindications: Chenpi is warm and dry, so the tongue is red and red, saliva is less, and those with real heat should be used with caution; those with internal heat and qi deficiency, and dry cough and blood should also be avoided.

Cinnamon is hot and dry, and it is easy to damage the fetal gas. Therefore, pregnant women should not eat it;

Especially in summer, cinnamon should be avoided.

  Storage: The tangerine peel must be kept dry, dried in a sealed bottle, and stored in a dry place.

The longer the skin is, the better it is. If it is found to be wet during storage, it should be dried or baked again before storage.

Guizhou Guipi skin peeling practice guidance: dampness and turbidity, stagnation of spleen and stomach, bloating and abdominal pain, eating less stools, and more with Atractylodes, Magnolia, licorice, dryness and spleen and stomach.

  Phlegm dampness sputum, lung loss declared, and cough caused by phlegm, chest bloating and stuffiness, and more compatible with Pinellia, Poria, to dampen phlegm and cough.

  The spleen is deficient in water and wetness, limbs are swollen, and urination is unfavorable. It can be reversed from Poria, Mulberry, and Belly to improve spleen and water.

Store in a dry environment to prevent moisture from affecting the quality.

Watch out: Some bad men around

Watch out: Some bad men around

Good men are similar, for example: kindness, responsibility, love for wife and children, respect for parents, serious work, can be like a big tree, to support the wife and children, old and young, so that they are carefree and healthyLive clearly and so on.

  And bad men have their own bad ways.

  First, this type of sloppy man is quoted in ancient and modern Chinese and foreign masterpieces, like the four famous scourges in the world of literature: Sherlock in the Shakespeare comedy “The Merchant of Venice” and Morriet’s comedy “The Slap”Abagon, Balzac’s novel Eugenie.

Glan Tai in Glan Tai, and Preuchic in Gogol’s “Dead Soul”; the four wicked ghosts in the field of Chinese literature: Qian Zhongshu’s Li Meiting in Besieged City, and Xu Fuzhen’s Yiwen Qian”Lu Zhizhuang” in the Fable Story “Jiang Hehou” in Fable Story, and Yan Jiansheng in “Ru Lin Wai Shi”.

  The commonality of these men is: self-containedness. In their eyes, money is above all else. The desire for and possession of money has almost reached a morbid level: their sole purpose of living is to save money and gather wealth.

Only when you see the money will your eyes shine and you feel comfortable.

He may be embarrassed, but he dare not eat or wear, not only does he lower his standard of living to the lowest level, but even his wife, children, and children have to follow him to suffer poverty, suffering, and full of material and spiritual double-layer torture.

  Take the French writer Balzac in “Ouini?”

The scumbag-Grandai modeled in “Grand Terrace” is taken as an example.

Glan Tai is greedy for money and even has a wealth of wealth, but he still lives in a shabby, shabby old house with a lot of simple food and candles for his family every day.

After he learned that his daughter had given her savings to Shire, he thundered wildly and put her under house arrest, “without fire to keep warm, but to live on bread and water.”

When his wife couldn’t afford the illness, his first thought was to ask the doctor to spend money.

He is an authentic slave to money, with only money in his eyes and no affection.

As a result, the weak and kind wife regarded the world as hell, and also buried her daughter Ou Yani’s youth and happiness.

  Type men, the obsession with money and things are morbid, and even die, it is difficult to change.

Therefore, if a woman chooses such a man to marry, she can only give up the beautiful clothes and food and many enjoyments in her life, and strive for perfection, and live a humble, uninteresting life.

  Second, violence. Domestic violence has now attracted widespread attention from society and the media.

Violent men are found in remote and backward areas or families with low cultural levels, as well as in the families of some highly educated intellectuals.

Men with violent tendencies attack their wives at home and frequently use violence.

Through violence to vent depression and dissatisfaction, but also through violence to satisfy his macho dignity.

Violence not only hurts his wife and hurts him, but also makes his children tremble, like walking on thin ice.

  A while ago, the popular TV series “Don’t Talk to Strangers” was a TV series against penetration of domestic violence.

The play tells the story of an elegant brain surgeon An Jiahe with superb medical skills. Due to his distorted personality, he always suspected that his wife was having an affair, which caused all kinds of abuse. The hostess Mei Mei Xiangnan concealed her who had been raped because she loved her husbandIn the past, I suffered suspicion from my husband.

After being subjected to violence, she also tried to maintain the integrity of the family and looked forward to her husband’s change due to the traditional “dignity” and the love that remained deep in her heart.

As a result, she was met with deeper suspicion and more horrific violence by her husband.

Finally, she went from evasion to resistance, and began to fight for a democratic and violent marriage and maintain the dignity of life.

  Many viewers who have watched this show believe that domestic violence in real life is far more cruel and bloody than this TV series. Many women, who live in violent families, are often bruised by their husbands.The body has no skin, and lives a life without darkness.

  A violent man is a man with a distorted personality and a perverted personality. It is difficult for him to control his behavior, and his wife and children are deeply hurt and have a terrible dream-like life.

A woman must not have any illusions about a violent man. It should be said that if he is found to have violent behavior, he must decisively leave.

The sooner you leave, the less harmed.

  Third, drinking alcohol gambling drinking alcoholic alcoholic drinkers, only wine in their eyes.

  Gambling, like gambling, is all his fun.

  In order to drink alcohol and get gambling money, these men have no complaints about losing their homes and no worries about selling their wives and children.

  Alcoholics are often drunk and unconscious, or borrow alcohol to go crazy, and gamblers often lose their families and debts.

  Therefore, the drunkards and gamblers mostly annihilated their consciences and gave up their small responsibilities to their families.

They gave their souls and lives to wine and gambling. They did not belong to women at all, not to families.

  Zweig’s novel “Twenty-Four Hours in a Woman’s Life” quotes a demure and elegant Mrs. C of British nationality who came to Monte Carlosel in Monaco by accident and took aThe young man with an angelic face and a pair of expressive and emotional hands. The young man has a noble bloodline and a good education. He could have a promising future but was enchanted by CES.

  He exhausted everything, enthusiastically and desperately in the stopper, and after losing all he had, there seemed to be only a dead end.Mrs. C, who has been paying attention to him, came to the desperate young man in the heavy rain at night out of the “instinct urge to save people”.

She stuffed him with money and urged him to rest in the hotel.

But as soon as the hotel opened the door, her hands were clenched tightly by him, and she followed him into the hotel without resistance.

They spent an extraordinary night together.

That night, she gave everything she had to the avid and unconscious young man.

I hope to make this lost young man feel remorse with his noble emotion and dedication.

The young man also vowed to promise her to quit gambling and start again.

  But the next day, at CES, Mrs. C unexpectedly saw her hands again.

It turned out that this weak-willed young man couldn’t control his gambling addiction at all. He easily betrayed his promise and let the desire dominate himself again in the contest between desire and morality, betrayal and true self, and sat at the gambling table utterly forgotten.
  He is such a handsome young man!

His regret was so sincere!

However, gambling addiction completely controlled him, making him unable to live and think normally, and ultimately did not escape the tragic fate of committing suicide after gambling.

  This novel reminds us that gambling addiction is as difficult as it is difficult to quit.

If you don’t want your life to be destroyed with alcoholic and gambling ghosts, the best option is not to provoke them and ignore them.

  Fourth, the heart-shaped man has been around since ancient times. From the Tang suit written by Byron to Ximen Qing, Chu Liuxiang, and Duan Zhengchun shaped by Jin Yong in “The Eight Dragons”, their common characteristics are: talented, gracefulPinacious, arrogant, proud and self-conscious.

They are easy to be emotional for women, and it is easy for them to fall, but they are rude and unruly everywhere.

  Take the example of Duan Zhengchun in “The Eight Dragons”.

  Duan Zhengchungui is the master of Dali. He is talented, gentle, elegant, and elegant.

What’s more, he is born with a passion, but he is infatuated with love, but is not lascivious, but he is not indecent. For every sloppy beauty, he cherishes his affection to the fullest. In addition, he knows the heart of a woman and can devote himself to it.Well, gentle words, treasure treasure, so Qin Hongmian, Baby Gan, A Luo, Dao Baifeng, and Ruan Xingzhu are all obsessed with him. They are obsessed with him for life, and calculate for each other.Until willingly to die for him.

  Duan Zhengchun is a downright genius.

He attracted sincerity to every relationship.

But he did not admit that love is selfish and exclusive. He can love many women at the same time. He is very focused and true, but those women are unwilling to share him with other women.

Therefore, the result of his ruthless and unruly behavior everywhere was to turn those beautiful and amorous women into Zhang Fuyu’s sorrowful women. In order to get him to blame each other, they even became angry and sullen and many innocent people.

His daughters, who are as beautiful as flowers, cannot grow up in normal families and normal fatherly love.

  The most unbearable harm to a woman should be from emotional infidelity and deception. In this sense, a man with a heart-shaped heart has the greatest lethality to a woman, and can make a woman fall into the abyss of despair because of love and hatred.
It is a nightmare that a woman cannot believe in her life.

  ”A man is not bad, a woman does not love”, I think this “bad” should be within the limits that a woman can bear.

And the serious bad men listed above, their badness exceeds the limit that women can bear. Women want to realize the dreams of husbands and wives, live a warm and beautiful worldly life, still have to be smart, stay away from these kinds of typicalMore extreme bad men.

Facial yoga moves without cost

Facial yoga moves without cost

You do n’t need to move the knife or pull your skin. You only need to do yoga exercises on the face to make your skin firmer and firmer.

  First warm up effect A + Open your feet with the pelvis as wide as possible, hands on hips, straighten when inhaling, lean down when exhaling, grab your feet with your hands, stay for 3 breaths, release your hands and standGet up.
  Beginners invented: People with highly stiff muscles can bend and straighten, lean down when exhaling, hold their hands on the ground, stay for 5 breaths, and then slowly get up.

  1, lion roar point: lift the entire face, neck and chest.

  Sitting in a kneeling position with your legs open, with your hips on your toes, your arms straight and your palms facing inward, with your wrists facing outwards, acting like a lion.

  After inhaling, the expression when exhaling was like a lion roar trying to open his mouth, his tongue sticking out, trying to push down to his chin, keeping 5 breaths, one morning and one night.

  2, eyes snake-like point: Let the muscle group of the law pattern pull up and lie on the ground, feet open to the same width as the pelvis, hands on both sides of the chest, arms on the body, the head adduction.

  Lift your upper body when you inhale, support your pelvis when you exhale, wrinkle your facial expressions, make your mouth a zigzag, and stay for 5 breaths, one each morning and evening.

  3, camel-style point: The action that looks like an upside down makes a lot of blood congestion on the face, promotes facial circulation, and tightens facial muscles.

Open your legs as wide as your pelvis and put your hands together on your chest.

  When inhaling, slowly push the pelvis forward. When exhaling, lean your body backwards, open your chest backwards, grasp your feet with both hands, and turn your mouth into an O-shape. Stay for 5 seconds, once in the morning and evening.

  4, fish point: strengthen facial muscles, make cheek muscles more compact.

Lie on your back, bend, bend your feet on the floor, and your elbows on the floor.

  When you inhale, push your elbows up hard, with your forehead on the ground, and your shoulders up. When you exhale, your hands are closed on your chest, your mouth curls up like a cuttlefish mouth, stay for 5 breaths, morning and evening.

  5. Twist the duck point: Stretch the tip of both sides of the face, strengthen the alignment, and avoid slackening.

Sit cross-legged, straighten your upper body, place your hands on a pair of hands, palms facing up.

  Straighten your back while inhaling, then place your left hand on the right back and your right hand on your left knee. When exhaling, stretch it toward the back, look forward and follow it, and twist it forward and backward to open your mouth.Smile, stay for 5 breaths, left and right once, morning and evening.

Top 10 magical tricks of toilet water

Top 10 magical tricks of toilet water

Toilet water is an indispensable product in summer. The fragrance emitted by toilet water is very good and is loved by many people.

Do you know what important role toilet water can play in life?

The following editors introduce the top ten magical tricks of toilet water.


We wash our hair and take a bath. When we wash our hair, we can add a few drops of toilet water in the bath, so that we can remove the coolness and heat, refresh our body, sterilize, and eliminate itching while washing.


Hand cleaning and sterilization When we go out, we need to touch the public facilities above our hands. We can drop the toilet water on the palm of the hand and then rub it, which will help to clean.


Cleaning the phone, mobile phone and mobile phone can easily spread bacteria, so we can often use a clean paper towel with a small amount of toilet water to clean the phone or mobile phone case, handset, and key parts.


Cleaning underwear requires separate washing underwear. Before washing, you can add a few drops of toilet water in clean water, then put the underwear in, soak it for about 15 minutes, then wash it with laundry soap, rinse with water and dry it.The underwear is fresh and comfortable without odor.


Clean towels and masks Towels and masks often used can also be soaked and washed with toilet water for sterilization purposes.


Wiping the mats In the summer, we often lie on the mats to rest, and the mats stained with sweat feel very uncomfortable.

We can wipe the mat with fresh water dripped with toilet water every day to keep the mat fresh and clean.

  Note: It is best to wipe along the texture of the mat when wiping, and the deodorant water penetrates into the texture gap of the mat.


Clean bedding is easy to adhere to dust mites, so after washing, soaking the bedding in water containing toilet water for a few minutes and then drying it can effectively eliminate dust mites on the bedding and keep the room healthy.

Spray the disinfection of the room. Mix clean water and toilet water at a ratio of 40: 1 (approximately). Place the spray bottle to spray the floor of the room (especially the dead corner of the room), and then close the doors and windows for 10 minutes before opening the window for ventilation.

  Do it once in the morning and evening, if necessary, spray a few more times to make the room air clean and fresh.


Sterilization of personal belongings We can put a few drops of toilet water in the discarded perfume bottle and spray it on personal belongings such as outerwear and bags, which can prevent bacteria from being brought into the house and leave a faint fragrance.


Floor cleaning Before we wipe the floor, we can drip some toilet water into the water used to wash the mop, which can sterilize and deodorize.

  The toilet water sterilizes, and the cleaning effect is mainly derived from the raw materials for making toilet water. The lavender oil is mainly used as the main body, and the rose musk type is also used. Their alcohol concentration is 70% -75%. This ratio easily penetrates into the bacteria, so the toilet waterOnly have a certain disinfection, sterilization effect.

  The ten magical tricks of toilet water are introduced above. Have you already known them?