How can the rising blood pressure be eaten

How can the rising blood pressure be “eaten”

If the blood pressure of hypertension patients is not well controlled, it can cause severe heart, brain and kidney damage.
According to experts, controlling blood pressure starts with controlling the diet.
For patients with hypertension, dietary requirements are very strict, especially for foods with high fat content, which should be kept away.
根据目前世界上一些国家控制高血压的研究成果,一些营养专家向高血压患者提出了把血压“吃下去”的降压方法:大蒜降压 方便简捷每天吃2-3瓣大蒜是降压的最Easy way.
Research surveys show that consuming 600-900 milligrams of garlic puree reduces blood pressure by an average of 11 millimeters of mercury.
Melon yogurt high potassium Balanced blood pressure Melon and yogurt are high in mineral potassium. Eating such foods at breakfast helps control blood pressure.
A follow-up study of 2,600 people showed that eating foods containing 1 g of potassium, such as a potato, a big banana, or 226 g of milk, reduced blood pressure by 4 mm Hg after five weeks.
Orange juice VC is rich in blood vessel expansion Orange juice is rich in vitamin C, and the higher the content of vitamin C in the blood, it helps the blood vessels to dilate and the arterial blood pressure is lower.
Therefore, drinking more orange juice is also good for lowering blood pressure.
Taking 60 mg of vitamin C tablets daily, or eating more vegetables, lemons, and other sour fruits can also do the same.