Perch fish brain gold DHA

Perch fish brain gold DHA

Everyone is no stranger to DHA. This substance, called “brain gold”, is currently recognized as a nutrient for nourishing the brain. It is also an essential nutrient that can increase intelligence, memory, and learning ability.In aquatic animals, almost no other foods such as cereals, soybeans, potatoes, livestock and poultry meat, vegetables, and fruits contain DHA.

  Many people think that only DHA is found in marine fish, but it is not.

  Researchers at the National Academy of Grains’ Scientific Research on Alaska fish oil, salmon, band fish, yellow croaker, catfish, catfish and bass, catfish, Wuchang fish, carp and grass carp and other minor muscles and viscera minorsAn analysis of the content of eicosapentaenoic acid, another essential fatty acid in the human body, often appears in conjunction with DHA, and the results show that, except for carp and grass carp, whether it is marine fish or freshwater fish, their unfortunately containNumber of EPA, DHA.

  Especially in freshwater fish, the DHA content of muscle adults is the highest among all tested samples.

In order to avoid the loss of valuable DHA in fish, it is necessary to pay attention to reasonable cooking methods.

DHA is not resistant to high heat, so for samples with DHA added, steaming or stewing is recommended, and frying is not recommended, because the high temperature of frying will greatly damage the valuable DHA.

Food is the answer to these unscientific

Food is the answer to these unscientific

Food-speaking grammar is predominantly passed on to others, unless there is a scientific basis.

  From the point of view of modern nutrition knowledge and TCM theory, although there are some defects in the combination of some foods, they generally do not cause serious consequences.

  We encourage eating all-around.

  Miscellaneous and safer The original text about food is widely spread among the people, sometimes in newspapers and on the Internet, and related books are at the forefront of life book sales rankings.

  Food grammar is a component of Chinese health culture, and it is a summary of gradual dietary health care practices and life experiences.

These claims mainly come from the ancient medical books such as “Dietary Materia Medica”, “Compendium of Materia Medica”, “Drinking and Drinking”.

  Ancient books about health care are considered classics, largely because they are ancient and rare, but this does not mean that they are scientific and authoritative.

Some food combinations have certain defects, which can be explained using modern nutrition knowledge and TCM therapies, but it is certain that the so-called food phase grams generally do not cause serious consequences.

  The following is a detailed analysis of some of the widely circulated food-related statements. Let ‘s take a look at them, which are facts.

  Pumpkin and mutton are difficult to digest with the same food, which can cause indigestion and other symptoms such as bloating.

  Scientific analysis is said to be from the Compendium of Materia Medica: “Pumpkin cannot be eaten with mutton, which is discouraging.

The reason is that pumpkin can supplement qi, mutton hot tonic, and both supplements can cause chest tightness, bloating and other symptoms.

  But according to modern nutrition, pumpkin and mutton are a good match.

Lamb is high in protein and rich in minerals and vitamins.

Pumpkin’s nutritional content is relatively complete, especially carotene, high sugar content, reduced protein and trace content, regular eating can effectively prevent high blood pressure, diabetes and high blood pressure, and improve the human immune system.

  Here, I especially recommend lamb pumpkin stuffed dumplings to friends who don’t like lamb stuffed dumplings.

After this combination, the radon of lamb in the dumpling stuffing is absorbed in the special scent of pumpkin. It has an unusually delicious taste, which is suitable for the frail elderly, children and patients with chronic diseases.

  Dog meat and garlic can be detoxified. Dog meat and garlic can be detoxified.

  Scientific analysis In the Compendium of Materia Medica, there is a statement that “dog meat and garlic are harmful to others”.

The reason is that dog meat is hot and garlic is irritating. The same food can help the fire, but garlic dog meat is a very common Korean dish. It is also often used by residents of Guizhou, Guangxi, Hunan, Guangdong and other places.Public.

  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that dog meat is a hot food, which has the effects of tonifying qi, warming the kidneys and helping the yang, strengthening strength, and nourishing the blood vessels. It can be used for the elderly’s weakness symptoms. Eating dog meat in some winters can enhance the cold resistance of the elderly.

Modern nutrition believes that the quality of protein in dog meat is excellent, and the proportion of globulin is broken, which can enhance the disease resistance and cell vitality of the human body, but also enhance the physical fitness, promote blood circulation and improve sexual function.

  Garlic is found in fresh garlic.

This allicin is a sulfur-containing amino acid, which can be converted into allicin after being decomposed by garlic enzyme. Allicin has various physiological functions such as sterilization, but if it is replaced in excess, it will cause adverse effects on the body, such as upset stomach or diarrhea.
The average recommended daily consumption of fresh garlic is 3?
5 grams, if eaten in large quantities, the reconstituted mucosa will stimulate, congestion and edema of blood vessels in the body.

  Because garlic’s volatile substances can inhibit gastric secretion and dog meat is hot, if you eat fresh garlic in large quantities when eating dog meat, it may cause substitution and is not conducive to the digestion and absorption of dog meat. Therefore, you will not eat large quantities of fresh garlic when eating dog meat., But if the dog is fried with garlic, garlic or garlic seedlings do not need to worry about.

  Milk and fruit juice are the best reason to drink milk and fruit juice together, the protein in milk will meet the fruit acid and vitamin C in the fruit juice and coagulate into pieces, affecting digestion and absorption, which will cause abdominal distension, abdominal pain, diarrhea, etc.symptom.
  Scientific analysis is actually not a cause for concern, because stomach acid is more acidic than fruit acid in fruit juice. If the protein will precipitate and not absorb after the acid meets, isn’t it possible that all proteins are not absorbed?

  The reason why potatoes and beef are generally different when digesting stomach acid is different, so it will prolong the residence time of food in the stomach and cause gastrointestinal disorders.

  Scientific analysis of the human body’s digestion of different foods, absorption does occur faster or slower, but this does not mean that only digesting and absorbing foods at the same time will help protect gastrointestinal function.

In fact, beef is rich in nutrients and its drawbacks are rough meat, poor taste, and more difficult to digest. Potatoes are rich in vitamins and starches, which not only make the taste better, but can supplement the indigestibility of beef, but do not eat fat.Sprouted potatoes and potato skins.

  The reason why carrots and white radishes are relatively high is that vitamin C content in white radish, but carrots contain an enzyme that can greatly destroy vitamin C.

  Scientific analysis is that most foods actually contain a variety of enzymes, which are catalysts for biochemical reactions, but enzymes are very afraid of heat and can be easily destroyed during the heating process of cooking.

  Therefore, it is not reasonable to say that the enzymes in carrots can destroy vitamin C in white radish, or that the enzymes in cucumber can destroy vitamin C in tomatoes, peppers, and citrus.

  The main function of glutinous rice is to warm the spleen and stomach, so some spleen and stomach are deficient. People who often have diarrhea can eat a good diet, but eating with chicken can cause physical discomfort.

  Scientific analysis of glutinous rice chicken is a steamed dish.

Its processing temperature is 100 ° C, so it does not generate any new harmful substances.
The glutinous rice chicken also has a protein complementation effect, so as long as it is not eaten too much or it is not clean after eating, it will not generally cause physical overcoming. However, it should be noted that glutinous rice is not easy to digest, and should be avoided after eating too much oilEat a lot of sticky rice.
  In general, if you eat fried foods and boiled fish that have been heated many times, it will easily cause repeated discomfort.

Because such foods can produce harmful peroxides.

  Reasons for boiled eggs in tea leaves The acid in tea can be combined with iron in eggs, and the long sticks stimulate the gastric mucosa and are not conducive to the absorption of iron in eggs.

  Scientific analysis of this statement is a manifestation of nutritional understanding. Although tannins in tea can be combined with minerals and proteins such as iron, to a certain extent, it can hinder the absorption of trace elements and proteins.Will cause the human body to use minerals, because eggs are not suitable for iron supplements, lean meat and animal liver.

The iron absorption rate in eggs is only 3%, because the high phosphoprotein in egg yolk prevents iron absorption, and has nothing to do with tea.

  Because food manufacturers add nitrite to processed meat products such as ham, bacon, and bacon to prevent food spoilage and botox growth.

When nitrates meet organic acids (such as lactic acid, citric acid, tartaric acid, malic acid, etc.), they will turn into carcinogenic nitrosamines.

  Scientific analysis As long as it is a qualified product, the content of nitrite added to meat products and canned foods is within a safe range, and the amount of nitrite contained in it is more than a bowl of overnight stir-fry.Less, and foods containing organic acids abound, such as oranges, grapefruits, lemons, bayberry, apples and so on.

It is impossible for people to give up fruit and yogurt because of eating meat products and canned foods with added nitrite.

  Of course, pickled, wax products contain, in addition to nitrite, other excessive amounts of salt and other harmful substances, so it is best to eat less or not.

  Chicken and sesame seeds may cause death.

  Scientific analysis of chicken and sesame are nutrient nutrients and favorite foods.

Chicken and sesame with the same food will not produce any adverse reactions, and will not cause death.

  Chicken contains high-quality protein, saturated and unsaturated fatty acids.

Sesame contains plant-based unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E and rich calcium.

Consumption of sesame has a good promotion effect on the metabolism, antioxidant and fat reduction of human adults.

The famous Sesame Chicken Tenderloin, Chicken Sesame Sticks and Weird Chicken, these replacements are all examples of a good combination of chicken and sesame.

In the south of the south, there is a tradition of maternal eating sesame oil chicken while confinement, and sesame oil chicken is regarded as the best nutritional product for maternal recovery.

Punish three computer crimes to be a beautiful computer family

Punish three computer crimes to be a beautiful computer family

Most people today are more or less in contact with computers, especially OLs who work in office buildings. The first thing that comes to the company every day is to turn on the computer.

Maybe you haven’t noticed that under the radiation of the computer, your original smooth and delicate skin has slowly left you. When you wake up, your skin has been besieged by multiple skin problems.

  The three sins of the computer adult acne, pigmentation, abnormal skin dryness and unreasonable many acne, some peculiar pigmentation, sometimes even itching and peeling for several days, the face is dark . these are not healthyThe “computer skin” brings you bad effects. Therefore, computer families are often troubled by three major problems: acne, dull skin, bags under the eyes, and dark circles.

Computer damage to the skin occurs unknowingly, and once it explodes, it is relatively complicated to save it.

Therefore, computer skin care is better than cure.

  1 Fighting acne action perspective threatens the static electricity generated by the computer when it is turned on.

The surface of the fluorescent screen absorbs a lot of dust and dirt in the air. We are close to the computer. A lot of dust will also fall on the skin, making the skin dirty, pores clogged, gradually thickening, acne breeding, and attacking beautifully successfully.

  Break Through Threats * Make sure the display is clean Before you turn on the screen every day, wipe the fluorescent screen with a clean, fine flannel to reduce the dust on it.

  * After the thorough cleaning work, the first task is to cleanse, replace different series of cleansing milks according to the skin type, wash the face thoroughly with warm water and cleansing liquid, wash away the electrostatically adsorbed dirt, and apply mild skin care.Product to relax the skin.

A deep mask treatment can be done once a week to deeply cleanse and moisturize the skin.

  Say goodbye to the skin’s dullness and the threat of the computer’s static electricity. At the same time it adsorbs the dust and dirt in the air, it also adsorbs the moisture on the surface of the skin and dehydrates the epidermis.

Over time, there will be a vicious cycle of dry skin becoming more and more dry, oily skin becoming more and more dry inside, and more and more oily outside. At the same time, the emitted radiation directly irradiates the skin and penetrates face to face, easily causing skin dullness andSpots are produced.

  Breaking through the threat * moisturizing and hydrating pay attention to increasing skin moisture, ensuring sufficient drinking water every day, insisting on using moisturizing toner, to prevent water loss.

  * Skin protection You can try to use some skin care products with sun protection effect, such as whitening moisturizing barrier cream, protective milk, etc., which can isolate the skin from dust and radiation.

In addition, using a foundation with a breathable function can also build a barrier between the skin and the outside.

At the same time, you should often use skin care products with antioxidant functions, such as lotions or creams containing vitamin E, vitamin C.

  Alleviate eye problems. Perspective threatens computer-generated radiation to damage the skin and eyes. Due to repeated use of eyes, stalemate and tension, fatigue around the eyes, dryness, tingling, aging, and relaxation come one after another.The habit of staying up late makes bags under the eyes, dark circles, and fine lines around the eyes quietly develop and gradually increase.

  Break Through Threats * Relax and Rest If you don’t want the skin on your eyes to age quickly, don’t fight continuously, especially don’t stay up all night online.

“Activate” your eyeballs regularly, lift your eyes to look into the distance, and then drip eye protection with a soothing function.

  * Choose eye mask or eye cream for eye care.

After work, you can take a hot bath and apply eye cream that promotes blood circulation around the eyes, such as OLAY’s focus whitening double essence eye cream, and then use the middle finger of your hands and the ring of your ring finger to massage with an area of the corner of the eye.2-3 minutes, and finally apply a 15-minute mask or eye mask, such as Inami’s gel eye mask, can effectively prevent the appearance of eye problems.

  You can also DIY some of your own care methods: slice cucumbers or potatoes, apply honey or yogurt to your eyes, and close your eyes for a few minutes to relieve eye fatigue and nourish the skin around the eyes.

  Computer family care tips * Internal adjustment l often drink green tea, the tea polyphenols in green tea have a strong antioxidant effect; often drink fresh fruit juice and lettuce juice, fresh fruit juice and lettuce juice is the “cleanser” of the human body, accelerate skinCell metabolism; 2 is important for supercomputer families to increase nutrition.

Vitamin B complex is good for mental workers.

If you sleep late and the quality of your sleep is not good, you should eat more animal livers, fresh fruits and vegetables, including vitamin B family.

If the diet is difficult to protect, it is recommended to take a multivitamin supplement one day, such as good storage.

  * External culture can replace liquid crystal displays. The radiation of liquid crystal displays is much less than that of flat-screen displays. 2 A green plant (such as a prickly pear) can be placed next to the computer to absorb radiation; 3 drink more water, which not only gives the body andThe skin replenishes moisture and makes you have to go to the bathroom at regular intervals to take advantage of your lower back; 4 exercise every 30-60 minutes, back and forth, clockwise and counterclockwise for 1-2 minutes, which can promote blood circulation in the face,Brightening the complexion can also prevent cervical spondylosis, which is easy to get for the computer family.

  Finally, we must ensure adequate sleep, happily body, proper exercise, relieve the beauty threat of the computer, and be a healthy and beautiful computer family!

Dignity is 30 newspapers

Dignity is 30 newspapers

On the way home, I don’t know when to get up, there is an extra child selling newspapers, about 10 years old, with his left leg amputated and holding a cane.

I have bought him a newspaper every day since I found him.

  One day, an old man handed over 1 yuan, asked for a day’s newspaper and turned around.

The child shouted in the back: “Grandpa, looking for your money.

“The five cents may have become a kind gift, but the child jumped on one leg and chased it a long way, pushing the money into the old man’s hand.

  When I went to buy a newspaper, the child did not directly receive my money, but looked up, and said a series of titles of the main news of the day in his mouth. He said, “Today’s supplement is the E era, and it is all about digital technology.The knowledge, uncle, do you see what you need, and come back tomorrow if you don’t need it.

“I asked him why he said that. He was sorry:” I sell newspapers here and find that some uncles, aunts, and grandparents came to buy my newspaper because they pity me.

I hope that they can see me as a normal person. The reason they buy the newspaper is because they need it, not out of sympathy for me!

“Later, a sign made of cardboard boxes was added to the child’s side, which read: Newspapers-30 copies a day.

  A few days later, I bought another newspaper.

“No money today, uncle.

“The little boy handed me the newspaper,” thank you for buying my newspaper all the time.

I will start school tomorrow without selling newspapers.

Today’s newspaper is for you.

“He turned to the brand new bicycle and said to me,” This is the new car I bought with the money I made from selling newspapers. It will be more convenient to go to school in the future. ”

“” Why didn’t the family buy it for you and let you come out and make money to buy it yourself?

“” I insisted on coming out myself, I want to buy casino cars on my own money.

Uncle, you said that buying a car from your own money means that I can do it for normal people. I read that it is called human dignity.

“I was shocked by a 10-year-old child.

  What is dignity?

For him, dignity means not relying on the charity of others, even if charity is goodwill; dignity means not realizing one’s dream without the help of others; dignity means the content of the newspaper reflected by his tender voice;Instead of selling others with more sympathy for yourself.

Skin tenderness first step to remove aging cutin

Skin tenderness first step to remove aging cutin

Want to have smooth and clean skin?

Summer is here, and the skin’s metabolism is accelerating. If the skin wastes and dirt are not cleaned in time, they will build up, and finally make the skin dull and dull.

According to an expert from the Laser Beauty Center of the Air Force General Hospital, the first step to keep the skin smooth and soft in the hot summer is to remove the aging cuticles.

  The stratum corneum is the outermost layer of the skin and has the function of protecting the skin.

The stratum corneum of healthy skin is regularly divided and replaced on average every 28 days. However, due to external factors, old dead horny skin will adhere to the new horny skin, which will cause dry skin, dehydration and dark yellow.

This will never protect the skin, but will affect the health of the skin.

Therefore, regular removal of excess aging cutin is an important step to make the skin smooth and fair.

  Clean the face carefully before exfoliating, it is best to exfoliate before the moisture at both ends is dry.

The strength must be gentle, and slowly rubbing gently in a circle.

After the massage, rinse with water and then perform maintenance.

After exfoliating, you must pay attention to moisturizing and sun protection. Sensitive skin should also use skin care products before doing moisturizing work.

  The exfoliation of the body is performed in different regions.

You can first handle the elbows, shrink, and thicken some parts of the soles of the feet with keratin. Then apply a towel for 10-15 minutes before exfoliating.

Body exfoliating products all contain scrub particles, these particles will be dissolved in contact with water, so the dry exfoliating effect on rough parts will be better.

Other parts can be exfoliated after the body gets wet.

Most exfoliating products contain fruit acids, such as lactic acid, carbolic acid, glycolic acid, and salicylic acid. These fruit acids have the effect of softening, removing cutin, promoting the growth of collagen fibers in the body, and improving the darkening of the skin.Spots, acne, make the skin delicate and fair.

Common problems of white-collar workers in stress accumulation

Common problems of white-collar workers in stress accumulation

Often suffers from impatience, irritability, worry, and irritability.

  Poor sleep quality, insomnia, frequent yawning, and drowsiness.

  The health index is significantly elevated, often feeling uncomfortable, prone to illness, colds, headaches, stomach pains, indigestion, ulcers, memory loss, etc.

  I often experience neurotic convulsions or muscle spasms, and it is difficult to relax and back pain.

  Emotions are easily reduced, low, fluctuating, and emotionally wrong. They often feel powerless, frustrated and empty about the status quo and the future.

  Interpersonal relationships become unharmonious, easily conflicting with others, and unpleasant.

Cold words, slow speech, and a description of yourself or others that are unique.

  A person cannot be without stress. If the above judgment holds a positive majority, it is a wake-up call, and it is a manifestation of mental health under stress.

If you want to change this situation, you can take the following measures to soothe emotions and relieve accumulated stress.

  (1) Facing reality Real life is extremely complicated. Everyone has their own ideals and ambitions, and they have requirements on themselves.

However, this requirement should be established on a practical basis.

  As a result, people feel frustrated at work and life, often because they are unable to achieve their goals, and feel inferior and disappointed. Excessive expectations can only lead people to think that they are always bad luck.

  Some people are “perfectionists” who want perfection in everything.

And everything in the world cannot be perfect.

  Therefore, you should adjust your life goals, evaluate things objectively, evaluate yourself, feel proud and disappointed, and at the same time actively strive for progress, you must have a sense of openness to face success and failure in order to make yourself feel better.Comfortable.

At the same time, everyone has their own temperament, character and strengths, and others will not cater to you, just as you may not meet the requirements of others.

  As the demands of others improve, their dissatisfaction will be present.

If you have a prerequisite for someone else, then it will meet your wishes slightly, and you will be easily satisfied.

So don’t demand yourself or others.

  (2) The catharsis method The catharsis method is a method of venting the inner pressure to gradually correct the blow and destruction. By venting the depression, anger and grief in the heart, it can reduce or eliminate psychological stress, avoid causing mental breakdown and recoveringbalance.

“Emotions and anger are invisible” can aggravate the damage of bad emotions and cause certain psychosomatic diseases.

  Therefore, channeling and venting bad emotions is a good way to regulate yourself.

It was difficult for an athlete to be reprimanded by a coach, which caused stomach problems on many occasions, and the medication did not work.

Psychologists suggested that he use the ball as a coach’s face during training, and his stomach problems were much better after using this method.

This self-relieving method, which does not harm others and helps to resolve bad emotions, can overlap.

  However, this release should be reasonable.

Simply beating, screaming, yelling, angering people, finding scapegoats (husband, wife, children, colleagues), or complaining, talking strange things, etc. are not desirable.

  Catharsis should be a civilized, elegant, and humane communication.

Some people say, “A happiness shared by two people becomes two happiness; a pain shared by two people is only half the pain.

“If you bury your worries and pain in your heart, it will only aggravate your own worries, and if you express your sorrow, worry, pain, sorrow, etc., to your relatives and friends, even if he cannot solve it for youBut with the sympathy or comfort of your friends, your worries or pain seem to be only half. At this time, your mood will feel comfortable. When you should cry, you will cry for a while, release the accumulated energy, and adjust your body.Balance, there will be clear sky after heavy rain, and the bad mood in my heart will be swept away.

  (3) The principle of attention transfer is to create a new excitement center in the cerebral cortex, which can offset or dilute the original superior excitement center (that is, the original bad emotional center) through mutual induction.

  When arguing with people, immediately leave the environment and go to play football or watch TV; when sadness and sorrow occur, avoid some kind of object first, without thinking or forgetting, you can eliminate sorrow and sorrow;At times, you can relax the tension through sports, entertainment, walking, and other activities; consciously shift the topic or do something else to distract and relieve emotional reason to ease.

  For example, Sima Qian’s “Historical Records of Historians, Lisao without Li Yun” written by the tortured palace, Goethe wrote the world-famous “Troubles of Young Witt” because of his broken love.

  We should get in touch with things that are pleasant and make people laugh.

Avoid and forget unpleasant things.

Along with “unremitting struggle and diligent pursuit”, in the end, “the belt gradually widens”, with a embarrassed face, it is better to be chic and do something happy.

  When people face contradictions and feel depressed, they cannot prevent thinking from the opposite direction. This can cause a positive change in people’s psychology and emotions. On the contrary, people can overcome them and get rid of bad emotions.

Once upon a time, an old lady frowned all day long: it didn’t rain, she missed that the eldest son who sold an umbrella had no business to do; when it rained, she was worried that the second son who opened the dyeing room could not dry.  Later, a neighbor said to her, “Why don’t you think about it the other way around?

If it rains, the older son’s business must be good; if it doesn’t rain, the second son can dry his cloth.

The old lady suddenly realized that she was no longer frowning.

This story is an excellent interpretation of reverse psychology.

  On this issue, the British writer Shaw Bernard made it clearer.

  A reporter once asked Bernard Shaw: “What is the difference between an optimist and a pessimist?

Bernard Shaw replied, “It’s very simple. Previously, there was only half of the bottle left on the table. Anyone who saw the bottle said,” It’s great, there is still half. ”

‘This is the optimist; if anyone sighs at this bottle:‘ No!

Only half left.

‘That’s pessimist.

“When we encounter difficulties, frustrations, adversity, and doom, we can use the reverse psychological adjustment to dig out the fortune from misfortune, and cause our emotions to change from” exhausting the mountains and the rivers “to” the willows and dark flowers “causing trouble.

  Stress is omnipresent. We must take psychological stress seriously, and promptly and appropriately through emotional regulation to relieve psychological stress, find an outlet for it, it will not cause too much damage to the spirit.

I hope the above methods will help you face the complex, fast-changing, and competitive society with stable emotions and healthy psychology.

Love is never poor


Love is never poor

Chun’er firmly pulled me around and left, but suddenly felt a bit sad.

The chubby fish shop owner behind him gave Chuner with a yin and yang strange phrase “rare, you will live so”, Chuner’s expression was light, but there was a flash of tears in her eyes.

  Chuner is my colleague. The two also live close to each other. After work, she often goes to the vegetable market together. She will bargain with the seller for a few cents.

In fact, in my opinion, Chuner is not a good bargainer. When the bargaining people do n’t agree, she has to turn around and leave. This is like buying a fish. Because she ca n’t talk about the 5 cents, she would rather not eat.Already.
  Chuner rarely talked to me about her family situation. Later, I also learned from others one after another. Chuner and her lover are college students from pastoral areas. Their parents are very poor. It is impossible to give them this financially.Xiaojia help.

Soon after they bought a house with a loan, Chun’er’s lover was laid off, and his monthly life was maintained by the hundreds of yuan after Chuner paid his monthly confession.

  That day, next to the flower bed downstairs in my family’s area, I saw Chun’er’s lover, a man of Mongolia who is not a burly man with a long and slender face. He smiled at me and asked, did Chuner not come to work with you

I said she was working overtime, probably late.

Then I went upstairs and inadvertently looked down the window in the aisle, but saw that Chun’er’s lover smoked a cigarette and sat there wearily, with a disabled rickshaw parked not far away.
Presumably, he used his rickshaw to earn money to support his family when he was out of work, and after a tiring day, he just smoked his cigarette in the evening and waited for his lover.

  I saw Chuner and her lover again in the market a few days later.

Chuner admits that her daughter is sitting on a rickshaw stepped on by her lover, with a thick bundle of dry noodles, and a few unidentified types of vegetables.

The family didn’t know what was being said jokingly and jokingly, but unfortunately I could only pass them by in the truck taxi—following Chuner’s temper, passing by was probably the best way.

In fact, Chuner thought wrong. Her humble life behind her strong self-esteem didn’t make me look down on her. On the contrary, she felt a warm feeling in her heart.

I want to find a chance to tell Chuner that love is not humble.

  I once wondered how to talk about love in the humble life, or think that it should be extravagant except that many different versions of “Pepsi” should be interpreted around the bitter theme.

In any case, I believe that Chuner’s story is beautiful. Two people support each other along the way. There is always an intoxicating sweetness in the bitterness.

  Chuner still often goes shopping with me now, but when I bargain, I have one more helper, which is me.

Occasionally, when I met a boss who didn’t know how to talk about the price and turned away, the two of us would smile at each other and be attentive. At least I know that Chuner’s lover has found a new one in this small cityWork, without having to step on the car every day, which is exactly what I expected.

  I think it’s no longer necessary to say something that has been looking for a chance to tell Chuner.

However, I still miss such a scene. I miss a man sitting silently at dusk waiting for his lover to come home.

4 tips to remove facial scars_1

4 tips to remove facial scars

It is inevitable that everyone bumps from small to large. It is also common to leave small scars on the arms, face, and other parts.

Even surgical methods are not necessarily completely removed.

However, the most common are local scars that are small or not very damaged.

Such scars don’t necessarily have to be removed by surgery. With some tips, you can easily remove scars.

  The first trick: massage to remove scars can promote blood circulation, clearing bones and bones, and it is good for many aspects of the body, and it is no exception to scars.

Massage is a good choice for the newly created scars that have just taken off the blood clots.

Massage is simple and easy, does not cost money, and works well.

Specific operation method: Gently rub the scar on the root of the palm 3 times a day for about 10 minutes each time.

  The second trick: slice ginger to remove the fresh ginger, gently wipe the scar with the ginger slice, then apply the ginger slice to the scar for a while, then remove and replace one, repeat two or three times.

You can do this once or twice a day and stick to it to eliminate scars.

Because ginger has the effect of inhibiting the growth of granulation tissue, thereby weakening the formation and growth of scar marks.

  The third trick: eat more vitamins Vitamin C has a good whitening effect.

If the scar is dark in color, try applying vitamin C powder to the scar, which can effectively reduce the pigmentation of the scar, promote whitening, and gradually restore the color of healthy skin.

Vitamin e has an emollient effect, can enhance the elasticity of the skin, and easily penetrates the skin into the skin. It is also a good medicine to remove scars.

Specific usage: Vitamin e is usually a golden yellow soft capsule. The capsule is punctured with a needle, and the medicine solution is taken out and applied to the scar. Gently rub it for about ten minutes twice a day, and it can effectively remove scars.

  The fourth trick: Lavender scar removal Lavender is not only good-looking, but also has good beauty effects, expanding a wide range of cosmetics and beauty fields.

Lavender oil has been widely recognized to reduce scars.

Lavender essential oil is more effective in forming scars for 1-2 years. Be careful not to touch healthy skin during use.

Good recipes for constipation

Good recipes for constipation

Although constipation is not a serious illness, it can also make you distressed and make your small belly stand out.

Generally, constipation is related to diet, and it can also be adjusted by diet.

Some foods can relieve constipation, not everyone is suitable.

Constipation should also be “divided.”

  Constipation is also divided into “virtual” and “real” physicians. In addition to the constipation caused by the initial variable itself, the formation of constipation is mainly related to the following factors: First, partial eclipse, do not like vegetables, occupy volume fiber, and form less stool;The second is sedentary and sedentary movements, resulting in less bowel movements; the third is bowel movements or irregular life, do not sleep at night, do not get up in the morning, miss the best time to defecate; the fourth is usually do not like drinking water; the fifth is the elderlyDeficiency, slow movement of the large intestine.

The traditional medicine of the motherland generally divides stools into two categories: real secrets and deficiency secrets. Among them, secret secrets can be divided into heat secrets and Qi secrets, and deficiency secrets can be divided into Qi deficiency secrets, blood deficiency secrets, yin deficiency secrets, and Yang deficiency secrets.

  People with hot secretions eat more cool foods. Hu Yunlian said that the main symptoms of hot secretions are dry stools, short red urine, upset or dry mouth, bad breath, full stomach, pain, and red tongue and yellow fur.

This type of patients should avoid spicy and thick flavors, such as pepper, ginger, mutton, dog meat, chicken, fish, wine, etc., because such foods are more “helping the fire evil”, “consuming the true yin”, so that the fluid is less deficient, and the stool is dryKnot.

But you should eat more cool and smooth foods, such as pears, cucumbers, bitter gourds, radishes, celery, lettuce and so on.

Qi constipation manifests as difficulty in defecation, flatulence and even pain. Such patients should eat less astringent foods such as ginkgo, lotus seeds, coriander seeds, chestnuts, pomegranates, etc., and eat more foods that can qi, soften and moisturize the intestines, such as oranges., Banana, kelp, bamboo shoots, etc.

The Yu Liren porridge in the “Food Doctor Gold Book” is enough for qi secrets and quite effective.

You can use 10-15 grams of Yu Liren and 100 grams of previous rice, mash the Yu Li and mash it with the previous rice, and take it on behalf of breakfast.

  People with qi deficiency should eat yam and lentils. In the constipation, qi deficiency is characterized by difficulty in bowel movements, but when you press hard, you will have short sweat and shortness of breath, and you will feel tired afterwards. Yang deficiency will mainly manifest as dry or non-dry stools to avoid trouble., Abdominal pain.

The two types of people should eat foods that have smoothing effects, such as bergamot, radish, almonds, mustard, oranges, etc .; eat more spleen, Qi, and intestinal foods, such as yam, lentils, figs, walnuts, taro, etc.
Porridge with carrot, atractylodes and sweet potato is not only a sweet and delicious meal, but also a good product for nourishing qi and intestines.

  Those who have blood deficiency eat more sesame and peanut. Blood deficiency is characterized by dry stools, lacklustre complexion, and palpitations and dizziness; Yin deficiency and constipation is manifested by dry stools like sheep feces, weight loss, dizziness, tinnitus, upset and sleeplessness, night sweats and other symptoms.

Patients with blood deficiency and yin deficiency should avoid pepper, mutton, spice seasoning, etc., so as not to aggravate constipation; it should be used to nourish yin and nourish blood and moisturize things such as mulberry, honey, sesame, peanuts, etc.

The black sesame and peanuts are mashed and served with millet for porridge, which not only increases the flavor of the gruel, but also achieves the purpose of nourishing and moisturizing.

Grind black sesame seeds, pine nuts, walnuts, and white honey.

What exactly is love?

What exactly is love?

Medical experts say: those with high blood pressure are not suitable, and love is high, and hypertension is high; those with high fear are not suitable, and love causes dizziness.

Love is a cold, and people infected with love viruses can neither hide themselves nor others.

  Historians say: the love of primitive society is born as a totem, “you live for me”; the medieval love frame is a knight to save the beauty, “I die for you”; the love model in feudal society is talented, affectionate,We die together “; the label of modern love is” As long as I love, whether you have an object or not, whether you are married or not.

  The writer said: I urge my friends to write a love letter rather than take a bit of trouble to write “love”, there is “heart” in it, love cannot be without heart, simplified words I do not know why “heart” is simplifiedYes, but fortunately there is a “friend”.

  Archeologists say: Love is like water, and it is difficult to cover the ground; love is like porcelain, broken and difficult to recover; love is like unearthed cultural relics, old and fresh.

  Meteorologists say: Love is not afraid of darkness, the darker corners of the park are, the more lovers go there; love is not afraid of heat, sometimes even 40 ° C, lovers have to post it together; love is not afraid of cold, lovers still date outdoors.