[Coloring Tips for Marinated Meat]_How to Make_How to Make

[Coloring Tips for Marinated Meat]_How to Make_How to Make

Many people prefer to eat stewed meat. The taste of stewed meat is very pure, and the color is particularly attractive. At the same time, the preservation time is relatively relatively. The preparation of stewed meat has certain skills, especially in coloring.If you want to achieve uniform color and good-looking colors, you must first fry sugar. As a family, frying sugar is relatively simple. Of course, red yeast rice powder can also be used. Red yeast rice powder is a natural pigment and will not affect the body.Harm to health.

Tips for coloring braised meat Generally speaking, there are two methods for coloring braised meat, one is frying sugar, and the other is using red yeast rice.

When frying the sugar, put some oil in the pan and burn the nephew 30% oil temperature. Add white sugar and fry slowly over low heat. Fry over low heat until the sugar turns old yellow and add water.

Finally, add some to the brine pot to ensure the color is beautiful, non-toxic and harmless.

Remember, the sugar color should be slightly tender, otherwise the fried sugar color will have a bitter taste.

Generally, tender sugar should be added to the brine, so that the brine will have a sweet taste.

Red yeast rice powder is a safe natural pigment, which is sold in supermarkets and Taobao.

When making braised meat, in addition to coloring, the most important thing is the preparation of braised water, which is related to whether the taste of the braised meat is delicious.

Learn about the practice of braised meat together.

Make brine 1. Divide the formula of the brine pack into two parts, and separate them into loose gauze bags and fasten the mouth of the bag with string. Ginger washes and smashed. Onions and roots must be washed and knotted.

2. Roast the large pieces of rock sugar on the fire first, then lightly crush it on a cutting board, then put it into the pot with the refined oil, and fry it with a low fire until it is dark red, stir up to 500 grams of boiling waterMix well and become sugar-colored.

3, set the pot on fire, add 5,000 grams of fresh soup, add ginger, green onions, mix with salt, monosodium glutamate and sugar color, then add spice packs, boil and use a low fire to slowly boil until the aroma overflows, ServeFresh brine.

Production of braised meat 1. Use the hind leg pork or lean skinned meat to clean it and cut it into three large pieces.

Boil it with boiling water and remove the bloody fish.

2. Put the wok on the hot fire, and at the same time pour the condensed marinade of Liao ribs into the water, boil the flavor and become the brine.

3. Add the pork to the boiled water and boil, then use a low fire to marinate the meat until the meat is fragrant, and the quality is rotten. Cut into pieces when eating, pour into soy sauce and sesame oil.