Facial yoga moves without cost

Facial yoga moves without cost

You do n’t need to move the knife or pull your skin. You only need to do yoga exercises on the face to make your skin firmer and firmer.

  First warm up effect A + Open your feet with the pelvis as wide as possible, hands on hips, straighten when inhaling, lean down when exhaling, grab your feet with your hands, stay for 3 breaths, release your hands and standGet up.
  Beginners invented: People with highly stiff muscles can bend and straighten, lean down when exhaling, hold their hands on the ground, stay for 5 breaths, and then slowly get up.

  1, lion roar point: lift the entire face, neck and chest.

  Sitting in a kneeling position with your legs open, with your hips on your toes, your arms straight and your palms facing inward, with your wrists facing outwards, acting like a lion.

  After inhaling, the expression when exhaling was like a lion roar trying to open his mouth, his tongue sticking out, trying to push down to his chin, keeping 5 breaths, one morning and one night.

  2, eyes snake-like point: Let the muscle group of the law pattern pull up and lie on the ground, feet open to the same width as the pelvis, hands on both sides of the chest, arms on the body, the head adduction.

  Lift your upper body when you inhale, support your pelvis when you exhale, wrinkle your facial expressions, make your mouth a zigzag, and stay for 5 breaths, one each morning and evening.

  3, camel-style point: The action that looks like an upside down makes a lot of blood congestion on the face, promotes facial circulation, and tightens facial muscles.

Open your legs as wide as your pelvis and put your hands together on your chest.

  When inhaling, slowly push the pelvis forward. When exhaling, lean your body backwards, open your chest backwards, grasp your feet with both hands, and turn your mouth into an O-shape. Stay for 5 seconds, once in the morning and evening.

  4, fish point: strengthen facial muscles, make cheek muscles more compact.

Lie on your back, bend, bend your feet on the floor, and your elbows on the floor.

  When you inhale, push your elbows up hard, with your forehead on the ground, and your shoulders up. When you exhale, your hands are closed on your chest, your mouth curls up like a cuttlefish mouth, stay for 5 breaths, morning and evening.

  5. Twist the duck point: Stretch the tip of both sides of the face, strengthen the alignment, and avoid slackening.

Sit cross-legged, straighten your upper body, place your hands on a pair of hands, palms facing up.

  Straighten your back while inhaling, then place your left hand on the right back and your right hand on your left knee. When exhaling, stretch it toward the back, look forward and follow it, and twist it forward and backward to open your mouth.Smile, stay for 5 breaths, left and right once, morning and evening.