Sweet talk between lovers

Sweet talk between lovers

In many TV series and books, the protagonist of Huaxin is particularly good at sweet talk, and always can speak the actress with red ears and red hearts in just a few words, and spring in the heart.

Although the process is beautiful and romantic, the results often end with the protagonist’s cheating.

  At that time, I was thinking: love is not uttered by the mouth, it does not need sweet words, but it is reflected by some details in life.

If he loves you, he will put down the phone only after he hears you hang up at the end of the call; if he loves you, he will always walk to your left, not because the man is left and right, but because he is crossing the roadHe can protect you very well; if he loves you, he will remember all your festivals and give you a romantic surprise that day; if he loves you, even if he doesn’t say he loves you,He will also make you feel he loves you.

  However, I don’t think so now.

Love still needs some sweet words to regulate the saltiness.

  Love is like a plate of seemingly delicious selectivity, and sweet words are salt.

If there is less salt, the taste is not enough. If there is more salt, the taste is too strong.

It may seem small, but it is a very important existence.

Some people don’t bother to speak sweet words and think it’s fake, just like me before.

It does not produce much for you, but it can make your partner happy for a long time.

  My lover is a stupid cow. He is not good at talking, and he is not good at sweet talk. He has a special feeling for the work of keeping silent.

Sometimes I annoyed him, he didn’t quarrel with me, he still didn’t talk, it made me want to quarrel and couldn’t quarrel.

I’m a very sensitive person, and it’s easy to make mistakes. Sometimes I have a little nervousness and I feel insecure.

But unfortunately, I encountered a stupid cow and said nothing, sometimes it can really make me ill.

In fact, I understand, because no one can be sure whether there will be results in this relationship. Commitment may become a burden.

But sometimes the short “I miss you” is also very important, it can calm the irritability and uneasiness in my heart, at least I think so.

  Please don’t yell at those short words to your couple, it’s really important.