Top 10 magical tricks of toilet water

Top 10 magical tricks of toilet water

Toilet water is an indispensable product in summer. The fragrance emitted by toilet water is very good and is loved by many people.

Do you know what important role toilet water can play in life?

The following editors introduce the top ten magical tricks of toilet water.


We wash our hair and take a bath. When we wash our hair, we can add a few drops of toilet water in the bath, so that we can remove the coolness and heat, refresh our body, sterilize, and eliminate itching while washing.


Hand cleaning and sterilization When we go out, we need to touch the public facilities above our hands. We can drop the toilet water on the palm of the hand and then rub it, which will help to clean.


Cleaning the phone, mobile phone and mobile phone can easily spread bacteria, so we can often use a clean paper towel with a small amount of toilet water to clean the phone or mobile phone case, handset, and key parts.


Cleaning underwear requires separate washing underwear. Before washing, you can add a few drops of toilet water in clean water, then put the underwear in, soak it for about 15 minutes, then wash it with laundry soap, rinse with water and dry it.The underwear is fresh and comfortable without odor.


Clean towels and masks Towels and masks often used can also be soaked and washed with toilet water for sterilization purposes.


Wiping the mats In the summer, we often lie on the mats to rest, and the mats stained with sweat feel very uncomfortable.

We can wipe the mat with fresh water dripped with toilet water every day to keep the mat fresh and clean.

  Note: It is best to wipe along the texture of the mat when wiping, and the deodorant water penetrates into the texture gap of the mat.


Clean bedding is easy to adhere to dust mites, so after washing, soaking the bedding in water containing toilet water for a few minutes and then drying it can effectively eliminate dust mites on the bedding and keep the room healthy.

Spray the disinfection of the room. Mix clean water and toilet water at a ratio of 40: 1 (approximately). Place the spray bottle to spray the floor of the room (especially the dead corner of the room), and then close the doors and windows for 10 minutes before opening the window for ventilation.

  Do it once in the morning and evening, if necessary, spray a few more times to make the room air clean and fresh.


Sterilization of personal belongings We can put a few drops of toilet water in the discarded perfume bottle and spray it on personal belongings such as outerwear and bags, which can prevent bacteria from being brought into the house and leave a faint fragrance.


Floor cleaning Before we wipe the floor, we can drip some toilet water into the water used to wash the mop, which can sterilize and deodorize.

  The toilet water sterilizes, and the cleaning effect is mainly derived from the raw materials for making toilet water. The lavender oil is mainly used as the main body, and the rose musk type is also used. Their alcohol concentration is 70% -75%. This ratio easily penetrates into the bacteria, so the toilet waterOnly have a certain disinfection, sterilization effect.

  The ten magical tricks of toilet water are introduced above. Have you already known them?